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Ag Bio Project Baseline Socio-economic and Farm Diversity Raw Data

Ken Njogu, Mary Ngendo, Eric Ngethe, Rose Nankya & Stepha McMullin
Ag Bio Baseline Raw Data - Socio-economic and Farm Diversity Data

Townsend Thai Project Household Annual Resurvey, 2016 (Rural)

Robert M. Townsend



Incentives for Accurate Diagnosis: Improving Health Care Quality in Mali

Anja Sautmann & Simone Schaner
This data on doctor-patient interactions and malaria treatment was collected for the project "Incentives for Accurate Diagnosis: Improving Health Care Quality in Mali" funded by DfiD/ESRC Development Frontier Award ES/N00583X/1.

Viking-Age Bead Classification System (Callmer 1977)

Diccionario de Política Partidaria

Nodos en Política Partidaria

Introduction and Background Information

Dieter Scholz
Harvard Dataverse => Digital Library - Projects & Theses - Prof. Dr. Scholz ----- Introduction and background information to "Digital Library - Projects & Theses - Prof. Dr. Scholz". The URL of the dataverse: http://dataverse.harvard.edu/dataverse/LibraryProfScholz The URL of this (introduction) dataset: http://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/R33RS9 YOU MAY HAVE BEEN DIRECTED HERE, BECAUSE THE CALLING PAGE HAS NO OTHER ENTRY POINT (with DOI) INTO THIS DATAVERSE. Click on the title of this page to reach the start page of...

Summary fMRI and physiology data from Valsalva maneuver in female and male healthy subjects

Paul Macey
This dataset includes summary physiology and MRI data used in a publication identifying sex differences in insular organization to an autonomic challenge, the Valsalva maneuver. The protocol consisted of healthy participants performing a series of four 18-second Valsalva maneuvers one minute apart, with baseline and recovery periods. Continuous fMRI whole-brain scans were collected at 2 s intervals, and concurrent pulse oximetry data were acquired. The data include the SaO2 levels and continuous heart rate derived...

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