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Replication Data for: When and where do elections matter? A global test of the democratization by elections hypothesis, 1900-2010

Amanda B. Edgell
Successive multiparty elections in sub-Saharan Africa are associated with incremental democratization. Yet tests in other regions are less than encouraging. Non-significant findings on Latin America and post-communist Eurasia, as well as, conceptual criticism regarding the theory’s application in the contemporary Middle East, suggest that this may be a case of African exceptionalism. This article moves these debates forward by posing a comprehensive, global set of tests on the democratizing effect of elections. We seek to...

MC MTloc from Maastricht

Frecuencias y análisis (Política)

D.C. Market Manager Relationships: De-Identified Transcript Participant 5

Sara Policastro

D.C. Market Manager Relationships: De-Identified Transcript Participant 7

Sara Policastro

D.C. Market Manager Relationships: De-Identified Transcript Participant 9

Sara Policastro

Trade Openness and the Illegal Ivory Trade

Diana Schoder
This paper examines how the illegal ivory trade|including poaching, smuggling, and stockpiling|responds to increases in trade openness. When a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement promotes legal trade between an ivory-exporting country and the United States, the impact on illegal ivory is unclear. Predictions about poaching activ- ity and smuggling diverge, and the option to stockpile further complicates this scenario. A dierence-in-dierences estimation using a panel regression with synthetic controls and unique tests to analyze shifting...

CCES 2014 Team Module of MIZ

CCES 2014, Team Module of Brigham Young University (BYU)

Unshrouding: Evidence from Bank Overdrafts in Turkey

Sule Alan, Mehmet Cemalciclar, Dean Karlan & Jonathan Zinman
Lower prices produce higher demand… or do they? A bank’s direct marketing to holders of “free” checking accounts show that a large discount on 60% APR overdrafts reduces overdraft usage, especially when bundled with a discount on debit card or auto-debit transactions. In contrast, messages mentioning overdraft availability without mentioning price increase usage. Neither change persists long after messages stop. These results do not square easily with classical models of consumer choice and firm competition....

CCES 2014, Team Module of Yale University (YAL)

Alan Gerber

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