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2d modelling code

Rishav Mallick
Code for 2-d modelling of the Shillong-Bhutan GPS data

Block Model outputs and scripts

Mallick Rishav
This folder contains the scripts needed to run "Blocks" and the relevant results from the software used in the paper. The Blocks_*.m scripts should be added in the directory where your Blocks.m file is.

Replication Data for: Ionic-Liquid Doping Enables High Transconductance, Fast Response Time, and High Ion Sensitivity in Organic Electrochemical Transistors

, , , Oliver Filonik, Eva M. Herzig, Peter Müller‐Buschbaum & Wei Lin Leong
This dataset contain the raw data fo the publication.

Ordered Words, Ordered Dictionaries, All Words, Master Dictionary, and Sorted Master Dictionary

Siew Ann Cheong
npy files for the ordered words, ordered dictionaries, all words, master dictionary, sorted master dictionary for the Reuters news corpus.

Replication Data for: A strong connection to nature increases a person’s care for animals when made to feel lonely

Kenichi Ito
This data is collected for Pei Xuan Sew's FYP thesis. The data is used in the manuscript entitled "A strong connection to nature increases a person’s care for animals when made to feel lonely."

Related Data for: Influence of shoe midsole hardness on plantar pressure distribution in four basketball-related movements

Wing Kai Lam, Wei Xuan Ng & Pui Wah Kong
This study examined how shoe midsole hardness influenced plantar pressure in basketball-related movements. Twenty male university basketball players wore customized shoes with hard and soft midsoles (60 and 50 Shore C) to perform four movements: running, maximal forward sprinting, maximal 45° cutting and layup. Plantar loading was recorded using an in-shoe pressure measuring system, with peak pressure (PP) and pressure time integral (PTI) extracted from 10 plantar regions. Compared with hard shoes, subjects exhibited lower...

Maine airport network in January 2018

Frederique Elise Oggier, Silivanxay Phetsouvanh & Anwitaman Datta
This dataset contains a network of Maine airports, for the month of January 2018. It got extracted from https://www.transtats.bts.gov/DL_SelectFields.asp? Table_ID=292 using the option passengers only. Nodes are airports, and there is a directed edge between them if there is a flight from one to the other (at least one of them is located in Maine). The weight is the number of passengers.

Replication Data for: Why do cosmopolitan individuals tend to be more pro-environmentally committed?

Kenichi Ito
Past research offered evidence that cosmopolitan individuals behave more pro-environmentally. The current study systematically examined two mechanisms explaining why. One the one hand, cosmopolitan individuals acquire knowledge about global challenges concerning environmental crises and become aware of mitigating strategies. On the other hand, cosmopolitan individuals extend their prosociality beyond humankind and develop an emotional affinity toward the natural environment. We set out to provide the first empirical support for these cognitive and emotive pathways accounting...

Replication Data for: Holism and pro-environmental commitment: An examination on the mediating roles of affective and cognitive determinants

Kenichi Ito
To advance the understanding of great individual variations in pro-environmental tendencies, the current research examined the role of holistic versus analytic thinking, which is non-specific to environmental issues, and explored the underlying mechanisms via both affective and cognitive determinants, i.e., affective affinity toward nature and awareness of risk to nature, respectively. Study 1 found that stronger holistic (vs. analytic) thinking predicted greater pro-environmental commitment, and this relation was explained by greater affective affinity toward nature...

Raw and processed infrasound data including RX6 presets.

Ross Adrian Williams

Replication Data for: Asperidine B

Roderick Wayland Bates
Files are numbered according to the compound numbering scheme in the corresponding paper

Replication Data for: Development of engineering tools and design guidelines for FRP strengthened RC walls subject to near field blast loading

Qingjun Yu
Data of GFRP tension test and shear test ANN Matlab m file and analytical tools LS-DYNA input files for typical mass run cases

Replication data for: Northern Sangtam phonetics, phonology and word list (Dataset AC4-20110704_NSA1)

Alexander R. Coupe
This dataset (AC4-20110704_NSA1) contains transcribed word lists and accompanying sound files in Northern Sangtam (ISO 639–3: nsa), an Aoic language spoken in central Nagaland, Northeast India. The word list is based on the elicited data of a 66-year-old native speaker and constitutes the replication data for Coupe, Alexander R. (2020) Northern Sangtam phonetics, phonology and word list, Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 43:1, pp. 148–189. This paper presents a comprehensive phonetic and phonological description of...


Gianluca Esposito


Gianluca Esposito


Gianluca Esposito


Gianluca Esposito


Gianluca Esposito


Fransiskus Xaverius Ivan
Description of methods and steps taken for collecting VI2VI datasets.


Fransiskus Xaverius Ivan
Initial VI2VI datasets collected from literature.


Fransiskus Xaverius Ivan
Cleaned VI2VI dataset that provide virulence information of influenza viruses (mouse strains were ignored and most virulent information was considered for virulence label).


Fransiskus Xaverius Ivan
Metadata of influenza virus genomes that were collected.


Gianluca Esposito


Gianluca Esposito

Settling velocity of porous particles.

Adel Emadzadeh
Measured terminal settling velocity of Porous and solid particles.

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