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Multiplex Plasmonic Anti-counterfeiting Security Labels Based on Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering

Xing-Yi Ling
Multiplex Plasmonic Anti-counterfeiting Security Labels Based on Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering

Additive Manufacturing Of Fractal Antenna For Electronics Applications

The Current Status Of 3D Bioprinting For Neural Tissue Models

Hybridization Of Materials And Processes By Additive Manufacturing

Data Processing For Multi-materials 3D Bioprinting

Small Satellites – Big Solutions

Related Data for: Socioeconomic status, home mathematics environment and math achievement in kindergarten: A mediation analysis

Jose David Munez Mendez, Rebecca Bull & Kerry Lee
Growing evidence suggests that parents’ practices contribute to their children's cognitive development and that such practices may reflect SES disparities. This study investigated longitudinal interrelations between home mathematics environment (HME), children's math achievement, and two facets of SES (mother's educational attainment and household income—subsidy status) during the first year in kindergarten (n = 500 children; Mage at T1 = 57.3 months, SD = 3.8). Results revealed that these facets of SES operated through different mechanisms...

Related Data for: Contingency theory of adaptive practices through the lens of eye trackers

Tang Wee Teo & Tan Seng Chee
In this paper, we report on a study of adaptive practices, as revealed by a teacher’s eye gazes, in response to the contingencies that arose during a lesson. According to Mannikko Husu (2009), there are four categories of adaptive practices, namely, adaptive recognitions, adaptive anticipations, adaptive deliberations, and adaptive insights. In this study, eye tracking technologies are positioned as a mediator between the contingencies that arise in the classroom and the adaptive practices undertaken by...

Related Data for: Acquiring expertise in precision sport – What can we learn from an elite snooker player?

Pui Wah Kong, Jing Wen Pan, Danny P. K. Chu, Pak Ming Cheung & Patrick Wing Chung Lau
Snooker can be an attractive life-long physical activity, given its popularity across all age groups in Asia and Europe. However, scientific research on the cueing movement is limited. This case study presented the biomechanical profiles of the cueing movement in an elite male snooker player (age 37 years old, height 173 cm, body mass 70 kg). Kinematics of the upper limb and cue stick, were examined in five selected snooker tasks (warm-up, stun, top spin,...

Reasons for Primary Medication Non-Adherence

Shan Qi Lee, Aravind Sesagiri Raamkumar, Jinhui Li, Yuanyuan Cao, Kanokkorn Witedwittayanusat, Luxi Chen & Yin-Leng Theng
This data set contains the papers reviewed in the systematic review "Reasons for Primary Medication Non-Adherence: A Systematic Review and Metric Analysis".

tobi 20180223 salt 3.75uM CrLS EPYC.tif

Oliver Martin Mueller-Cajar

tobi 20180219 valency compare 1rE.tif

Oliver Martin Mueller-Cajar

tobi 20180219 valency compare 2rE.tif

Oliver Martin Mueller-Cajar

tobi 20180807 3rE valency.tif

Oliver Martin Mueller-Cajar

tobi 20180207 temp.tif

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tobi 20180730 2step assay control.tif

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tobi 20180404 6301L survival samples crops.tif

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tobi 20180827 4rE vs CrLS valency black.tif

Oliver Martin Mueller-Cajar

tobi 20180913 valency 3rE vs CrLS.tif

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tobi 20180913 valency 4rE vs CrLS.tif.tif

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