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Crash Course in Sensory Psycholinguistics: Session 2

Additive Manufacturing Of Fractal Antenna For Electronics Applications

The Current Status Of 3D Bioprinting For Neural Tissue Models

Markus encoded 抱朴子內篇

Markus encoded 道跡靈仙記

Markus encoded 靈寶無量度人上品妙經

Markus encoded 列仙傳

Markus encoded 紫陽真人內傳

Markus encoded 洞真太上紫度炎光神元變經

Chinese Drug Term List, 2grams and higher.

Markus encoded 太清金液神氣經

Markus encoded 洞真太上紫度炎光神元變經

Hybridization Of Materials And Processes By Additive Manufacturing

Comprehensive Index to the Daoist Canon

Michael Stanley-Baker
The most comprehensive index of the Kanripo Daoist texts available. This includes dates, attributions, DZ 道藏 numbers, Daozang jiyao 道藏集要 parallel editions, as well as a total index of all the subsections within all the scriptures divided according to the original structure of the Zhengtong DZ 正統道藏. Compiled into a single file. All the *.txt files for the Kanripo Daoist texts can be downloaded from GitHub created by Chris Wittern as part of the Kanseki...

Data Processing For Multi-materials 3D Bioprinting

Preregistration Documents: Rest and learning for novel words

& Suzy J Styles
Samsudin S Styles SJ (2018). Preregistration Documents: Rest and learning for novel words. DR-NTU (Data).

Markus encoded 道門定制

Markus encoded 道門科範大全集

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