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CSV files for GLMM and BRT analysis

Ser Huay Janice Teresa Lee
CSV files for conducting GLMM analysis using regencies as units and BRT analysis using pixels (1km) as units.

Crash Course in Sensory Psycholinguistics: Session 1

Suzy J Styles
Crash Course in Sensory Psycholinguistics Edition 2.2 (2018) Suzy J Styles A self-guided tour through the mysterious workings of our mouths, our ears and our brains and how our senses work together to shape how we experience the world. Session 1. "Language & how we do it"


Santiago E Montesdeoca
MNPR is an expressive non-photorealistic rendering framework for real-time, filter-based stylization pipelines within Maya. It extends the Maya API and simplifies the creation of Viewport 2.0 render overrides, while still preserving all the low-level options that the Maya API provides. The framework was originally created by Santiago E. Montesdeoca during his PhD studies at the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), as a product of his conducted research in: Real-Time Watercolor Rendering of 3D Objects and Animation...

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Data for:Strong Electronic Interaction in Dual‐Cation‐Incorporated NiSe2 Nanosheets with Lattice Distortion for Highly Efficient Overall Water Splitting

Kun Xu
Exploring highly efficient and low‐cost electrocatalysts for electrochemical water splitting is of importance for the conversion of intermediate energy. Herein, the synthesis of dual‐cation (Fe, Co)‐incorporated NiSe2 nanosheets (Fe, Co‐NiSe2) and systematical investigation of their electrocatalytic performance for water splitting as a function of the composition are reported. The dual‐cation incorporation can distort the lattice and induce stronger electronic interaction, leading to increased active site exposure and optimized adsorption energy of reaction intermediates compared to...

Related data for: Ezh2 Controls Skin Tolerance through Distinct Mechanisms in Different Subsets of Skin Dendritic Cells

I-Hsin Su
RNA-seq data related to publication "Ezh2 Controls Skin Tolerance through Distinct Mechanisms in Different Subsets of Skin Dendritic Cells"

Singapore Illness Narratives

Graham John Matthews, Sophia Hyder & April Thant Aung
This is a dataset of illness narratives published in Singapore. The texts are categorised according to genre, language, year of publication, type of illness, ethnicity, and religious interest. Sub-categories include plays and poetry.

Markus encoded 易林上下經(焦氏易林)

Markus encoded 太上老君中經

Markus encoded 太上飛行九晨玉經

Markus encoded 長春真人西遊記

Markus encoded 葛仙翁肘後備急方

Michael Stanley-Baker, Ruei-Ming Wu, Chao-Jan Chang & Xu Duoduo
This dataset contains the Markus encoded text file of 葛仙翁肘後備急方(Ge xianweng zhouhou beiji fang). Most of the metadata are based on information obtained from Schipper & Verellen’s Daoist Canon (published in 2004), unless stated otherwise. Where a date range is listed as one half of a century, e.g. "late fourth century BCE,” this is listed as a 50-year range, i.e. between -350 and -300. The text in Version 1 was marked up by Wu, Ruei-Ming...

\"How Magmatic Storage Regions Attract and Repel Propagating Dikes\" Matlab scripts

Stephen Gregory Pansino
This contains Matlab scripts to achieve the results from the publication.

Markus encoded 清和真人北遊語錄

Prof Primate's Zoo Observation Guide

Suzy J Styles
This Guide was developed for ‘An Ape’s Guide to Human Language,’ first taught by Dr Suzy J Styles in S1 2017-18 at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The first public version was developed from the class activity guide in 2018. Dear Apes, Your goal is to conduct an observation of primates at your local Zoo, and take detailed notes about the way they function in their environment, for a short period of time. After the...

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