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A Rapid Design Exploration Framework Under Additive Manufacturing Process Uncertainty

David William Rosen

Comparison Of Existing 3D Food Printers

Markus encoded 重陽分梨十化集

Markus encoded 淨明忠孝全書

Annealing of Selective Laser Melted NiTi Shape Memory Alloy

A Preliminary Investigation On Crossfoldable Design In 4D Printing

3D Printing Of Polymeric Optical Components By Two-Photon Polymerization

Laser Induced Hydrophobicity On The Ti6Al4V Additive Manufacturing Parts

\"How Magmatic Storage Regions Attract and Repel Propagating Dikes\" Experiment 7 (Exp 6 in publication)

Stephen Gregory Pansino
The is data for experiment 7 (Internal numbering), A.K.A. experiment 6 in the publication.

Crash Course in Sensory Psycholinguistics: Session 6

Suzy J Styles
Crash Course in Sensory Psycholinguistics (Styles 2018 Ed. 2.2). A self-guided tour through the mysterious workings of our mouths, our ears and our brains and how our senses work together to shape how we experience the world. Session 6. "Between the sheets of sensation"

\"How Magmatic Storage Regions Attract and Repel Propagating Dikes\" Experiment 9 (Exp 7 in publication)

Stephen Gregory Pansino
This is data for experiment 9 (internal numbering), A.K.A. experiment 7 in the publication.

PEBBLES: Perceptual Experience Battery - BaseLine Experiment Screener

Suzy J Styles
The PEBBLES is a simple questionnaire that allows people to describe their sensory experience of the world in a standardized way, including any current prescriptions or devices they use day-to-day. The questionnaire was developed at the Brain, Language and Intersensory Perception Lab (BLIP Lab) at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2017, for use in a variety of studies on multisensory perception and links between the senses. The PEBBLES includes simple questions about people's eyesight,...

Markus encoded 公孫龍子

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