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Histogram of Agreements Between TFIDF and RAKE for ACM-TWEB Corpus

Siew Ann Cheong
Python script to plot the histogram comparing the word-based agreement between TFIDF and RAKE for the ACM-TWEB corpus.

Little Orangutan: What a Scary Storm!

Suzy J Styles
Styles, SJ (2020) 'Little Orangutan: What a Scary Storm! A Picture Story'. Part of the SESAME collection of research tools: Speech Elicitation for Spectral Analysis in a Multilingual Environment, developed by the BLIP Lab at NTU in Singapore. "This picture story has no written words - only pictures! You can tell the story in any language!" Wordless picture books are a well-known tool for eliciting naturalistic speech. When a story is presented in pictures, each...

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