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Influence of substitutional defects in ZIF-8 membranes on reverse osmosis desalination: A molecular dynamics study

Terence Hong Zhi Xiang
In this study, molecular dynamics simulation is used to investigate the effects of water-based substitutional defects in Zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIF)-8 membranes on their reverse osmosis (RO) desalination performance. ZIF-8 unit cells containing up to three defect sites are used to construct the ZIF-8 membranes. These substitutional defects can either be Zn defects or linker defects. The RO performance of the membranes is tested in terms of the water flux and ion rejection rate. The...

Replication Data for: Monsoon-driven biogeochemical dynamics in an equatorial shelf sea: time-series observations in the Singapore Strait

Patrick Martin
This dataset is used for the paper: Patrick Martin, Molly A. Moynihan, Shuang Chen, Oon Yee Woo, Yongli Zhou, Robert S. Nichols, Kristy Y.W. Chang, Ashleen S.Y. Tan, Ying-Hsuan Chen, Haojia Ren, Mengli Chen (2022). Monsoon-driven biogeochemical dynamics in an equatorial shelf sea: Time-series observations in the Singapore Strait. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 270, 107855, doi: 10.1016/j.ecss.2022.107855. The dataset contains marine biogeochemical data collected as a multi-year time series in the Singapore Strait.

Replication Data for: An fNIRS Investigation of Masculinity, Femininity, and Sex on Nonparents’ Empathic Response to Infant Cries

Giulio Gabrieli, Xinyao Ng & Gianluca Esposito
According to societal stereotypes, the female sex and people who are more feminine have been considered to be more empathic than males and people who are more masculine. Therefore, females and feminine individuals are expected to respond more empathically to an infant’s cries. While this hypothesis was tested using self-report scales, it has not been explored thoroughly in terms of prefrontal cortex (PFC) activity which may be a more objective means of measuring empathy. Specifically,...

Replication Data for: Non-Hermitian topological end breathers

Li-Jun Lang, Shi-Liang Zhu & Yidong Chong
Octave/Matlab code for numerical simulations of a nonlinear non-Hermitian lattice exhibiting topological end breathers.

Replication Data for: Microbial predation accelerates granulation and modulates microbial community composition

Muhammad Hafiz Ismail, Scott Rice & Siew Herng Chan
Data for the figures presented in the manuscript. Includes raw reads, images and abundance matrices that were used to generate the figures.

Replication Data for: Extended Bound States in the Continuum with Symmetry- Broken Terahertz Dielectric Metasurfaces

Song Han, Prakash Pitchappa, , Yogesh Kumar Srivastava, Mikhail V. Rybin & Ranjan Singh
Excitation of the non-radiative eigenmodes in photonics and metamaterials above their light cone, that is, the bound states in the continuum (BICs), has drawn fundamental and technological interest. However, the current studies on photonic BICs are mainly restricted to the characterization of the eigenmodes with fixed point group. Here, a fourfold rotationally symmetric (C4v) array of silicon resonators in a square lattice is investigated that reveals the traditional symmetry-protected (Γ-state) and accidental (off-Γ) BICs in...

Replication Data for: Electrically and Thermally Tunable Smooth Silicon Metasurfaces for Broadband Terahertz Antireflection

Lu Ding, Xianshu Luo, Liang Cheng, Maung Thway, Junfeng Song, Soo Jin Chua, Elbert E. M. Chia & Jinghua Teng
Replication data for this paper published in Adv. Optical Mater. including raw data, processed data and figures. DOI: 10.1002/adom.201800928

Replication Data for: Terahertz topological photonics for on-chip communication

Yihao Yang, Yuichiro Yamagami, Xiongbin Yu, Prakash Pitchappa, Julian Webber, Baile Zhang, Masayuki Fujita, Tadao Nagatsuma & Ranjan Singh
Realisation of integrated, low-cost, and efficient solutions for high-speed, on-chip communication requires terahertz waveguides and holds tremendous potential in future information and communication technologies, including terahertz wireless communication, terahertz integrated circuits, and terahertz interconnects for intra-/inter-chip communication. However, conventional approaches to terahertz waveguiding suffer from sensitivity to defects and considerable bending losses at sharp bends. Here, building on the topological phase of light, we experimentally demonstrate robust terahertz topological valley transport on low-loss, all-silicon chip....

Related Data for: Argument and information structures in sociology research papers: Analysis of the abstract and introduction sections

Christopher Soo Guan Khoo & Wei-Ning Cheng
The XML tagging resources provided here support discourse analysis of research papers using the Information-Argument-Rhetorical Structure framework used in Dr Wei-Ning Cheng's thesis. The Information-Argument-Rhetorical Structure framework specifies 3 layers of discourse analysis: 1. Information structure analysis 2. Argument structure analysis 3. Rhetorical structure analysis The framework was derived from an analysis of the Abstract, Introduction and Literature Review sections of 30 sociology, mechanical engineering and bioscience research papers (10 each). The framework was applied...

Boosting the Photocatalytic Ability of Cu2O Nanowires for CO2 Conversion by MXene Quantum Dots

Zhiping Zeng
Boosting the Photocatalytic Ability of Cu2O Nanowires for CO2 Conversion by MXene Quantum Dots

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