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Fabrication and characterization of a double-ring negative-curvature hollow-core fiber

Yuxi Wang
This dataset contains the data used for the paper “Fabrication and characterization of a double-ring negative-curvature hollow-core fiber”

Related Data for: Productivity and photosynthetic characteristics of the facultative halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown indoors with LED lighting under different salinities

Jie He & Lin Qin
The facultative halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum (ice plant) has high nutritional values. In Singapore, we have successfully grown M. crystallinum indoors under different LED-lightings using freshwater. Since halophytes are capable of tolerating a wide range of salinities, it provides a basis for cultivating them as vegetables using saline water. This study aimed to investigate the impacts of different NaCl concentrations on productivity and photosynthesis of M. crystallinum. All plants were grown under different salinities by adding...

Related Data for: Impacts of reduced nitrate supply on nitrogen metabolism, photosynthetic light-use efficiency, and nutritional values of edible mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Jie He & Lin Qin
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum (common ice plant), as a nutritious ready-to-eat salad in Singapore, has become popular in recent years. However, basic data about the impacts of NO₃⁻ supply on its NO₃⁻ accumulation and nutritional quality are lacking. In this study, all plants were first grown indoor hydroponically in 10% artificial seawater (ASW) with modified full-strength Netherlands Standard Composition nutrient solution for 11 days, before transferring them to different reduced NO₃⁻ solutions. All plants grew well and...

Related Data for: Drought does not induce crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) but regulates photosynthesis and enhances nutritional quality of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum.

Jie He, Ee Lyn Chua & Lin Qin
Physiology and nutritional quality of a facultative CAM plant Mesembryanthemum crystallinum under drought stress alone are poorly understood. To induce drought, M. crystallinum was cultured aeroponically with different nutrient spraying intervals such as 5, 30, 60 and 240 min. The long spraying interval such as 240 min resulted in lower mass of root and shoot, shorter total root length with less tips and smaller surface area, compared to short interval of 5 min. Grown under...

Data for Additive Manufacturing Technology Primer

Wai Yee Yeong
This dataset contains the file of tech primer

Replication Data for: Spotlight on Hot Carriers in Halide Perovskite Luminescence

Jia Wei Melvin Lim
Harnessing hot carriers’ (HC) excess energy is an attractive approach to surpass the Shockley-Queisser limit. Halide perovskites possess desirable slow HC cooling properties for developing next-generation solar cells. Their HC cooling properties on the ultrafast timescale are well-reported using a myriad of techniques. However, there remains a significant gap between the manifestations of such ultrafast phenomena into the steady state, which is crucial towards translation into real-world efficiency enhancements. Here, we illuminate the connection between...

Related Data for: “I expect boredom”: Students' experiences and expectations of multiliteracies learning

Victor Fei Lim, Csilla Weninger &
Multiliteracies has been incorporated in the curriculum of many education systems around the world. Beyond the broadening of focus in literacy to include multimodal meaning-making, multiliteracies pedagogies are also associated with certain pedagogical shifts, such as a focus on bridging the students' out-of-school literacy practices with what and how they are learning in school. This often involves appropriating social media as well as introducing popular culture topics in the classroom. This article discusses the students'...

Replication Data for: Negative emotional reactions to criticism: Perceived criticism and source affects extent of hurt and relational distancing

Michelle Jin Yee Neoh & Gianluca Esposito
Criticism is commonly perceived as hurtful and individuals may respond differently to criticism originating from different sources. However, the influence of an individual’s perception of criticism in their social relationships on negative emotional reactions to criticism has not been examined across different relational contexts. The present study investigated the influence of perceived criticism and relational contexts – mother, father, romantic partner, and workplace supervisor – on the feelings of hurt and relational distancing experienced upon...

Facet-Dependent Catalytic Performance of Au Nanocrystals for Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction

Weiqing Zhang & Peng Chen
Nanostructured metal catalysts have attracted great interest due to their extraordinary performance for electrocatalysis including electrochemical nitrogen reduction (ENRR). However, their working mechanisms for ENRR are still not fully understood. Herein, seven monofaceted polyhedral Au nanocrystals were synthesized and systemically compared to elucidate the relation between Au crystal facets and NRR performance. It is found that polyhedra with high-index facets catalytically outperform those with low-index facets. Specifically, Au nanostars enclosed with (321) facets show a...

Replication Data for: Atmospheric Chemistry of Organic Aerosols: A Singapore Case Study

Liudongqing Yang
This dataset contains chemical and optical measurements of PM2.5 aerosols collected in Singapore. This dataset is part of a PhD thesis submitted to NTU.

Geometrical scaling of antiresonant hollow-core fibers for mid-infrared beam delivery

Ang Deng
This Dataset contains data obtained for the various website used for analysis for the paper ‘Geometrical scaling of antiresonant hollow-core fibers for mid-infrared beam delivery’

Replication Data for: \"Reconstructing Quantum States With Quantum Reservoir Networks\"

Timothy Chi Hin Liew
Replication Data for: "Reconstructing Quantum States With Quantum Reservoir Networks"

Coupling between Exciton-Polariton Corner Modes through Edge States

Rimi Banerjee
Plot the variables inside the mat files to reproduce the figures.

Preregistration for parental use of mental state terms with pre-school children in Singapore

Rachel MY Wee & Suzy J Styles
Preregistration documents. This study will investigate parental use of mental state descriptions in Singaporean parents' speech to preschoolers - with a focus on describing internal mental states such as 'knowing' 'wanting' and 'thinking'. Past studies on child directed descriptions of mental state terms have been mostly conducted in Western populations where Standard English is the norm. This study will investigate parental use of mental state descriptions in the highly multilingual context of Singapore, for parents...

Replication Data for: A Brewster route to Cherenkov detectors

Hao Hu & Yu Luo
The files contain the source code to generate the field distribution

Related data for: The late Holocene history of Lake Cahuilla: Two thousand years of repeated fillings within the Salton Trough, Imperial Valley, California

Thomas K. Rockwell, Aron Jeffrey Meltzner, Erik C. Haaker & Danielle Madugo
Geochronology data (original radiocarbon lab reports, where available) for compiled radiocarbon dates from Lake Cahuilla.

The Brain Mechanisms Behind Multiculturalism in Singapore: fMRI data and MRI data

Gianluca Esposito
Multiculturalism, in Singapore and all over the world, is one of the challenges of modern society and industrial civilization. Strong exposure to other ethnic groups living in the same country can promote the development of a common culture as well as psychosocial stress between ethnic majority and minority. Interestingly, the distinction between in-group and out-group is becoming not only defined by ethnicity but also by cultural belonging. Culture defines the identity of a group as...

Occupational heat exposure and its impact among informal workers in Jakarta, Indonesia

Sulfikar Amir, Anindrya Nastiti, Asyifa Laksmi Nurulita, Rifda Marwa Ufaira & Siska WD Kusumah
Rising global temperature imposes risks to public health, including outdoor workers. The risk of heat-related injuries or illness for outdoor workers is more prevalent for informal workers working outdoors such as street vendors, due to the lack of protection for those working in an informal setting. This research aims to assess the exposure to heat and the risks of heat-related illness among informal workers in Jakarta, Indonesia. Participants in this study were 68 informal street...

Replication Data for: Tailoring the Energy Manifold of Quasi-2D Perovskites for Efficient Carrier Extraction

Sankaran Ramesh
Harvesting the excess energy from absorbed above bandgap photons is a promising approach to overcome the detailed balance limit for higher solar cell efficiencies. However, this remains very challenging for 2D layered halide perovskites as the fast excess energy loss competes effectively with charge extraction. Herein, the authors engineer the energy cascade manifold of quantum well (QW) states in quasi-2D Ruddlesden–Popper perovskites by facile tuning of the organic spacer to decelerate the energy loss. The...

Green Grass Park Picture Description Corpus - Singapore Mandarin Adults

Lei Pan & Suzy J Styles
This corpus contains audio recordings released by participants under the terms of the Growing Collection. To access this audio, you must agree to the terms of use. This Corpus contains audio recordings and associated information created using the Green Grass Park (Mandarin Chinese) speech elicitation tool (Pan, Fong & Styles, 2020), which highlights the /y/ vowel. 50 young adult speakers (25 male, 25 female) were recorded, speaking for 2-7 minutes each. In the current release,...

Replication Data for: Rate and extent of fault creep along the Aceh segment of the Sumatran Fault Zone inferred from ALOS-2 InSAR observations

Rino Salman, Lujia Feng, Kyle Bradley, Qiu Qiang, Cunren Liang, Eric Lindsey & Emma Hill
This repository contains the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Line-Of-Sight (LOS) velocities, spatial distribution of serpentinite rock, and daily GPS time series.

Replication Data for Antichiral edge states in an exciton polariton strip

Mandal Subhaskar, Rongchun Ge & Timothy C. H. Liew
We present a scheme to obtain antichiral edge states in an exciton-polariton honeycomb lattice with strip geometry, where the modes corresponding to both edges propagate in the same direction. Under resonant pumping the effect of a polariton condensate with nonzero velocity in one linear polarization is predicted to tilt the dispersion of polaritons in the other, which results in an energy shift between two Dirac cones, and the otherwise flat edge states become tilted. Our...

Yin-Yang Harmony: Metal and Non-metal Dual-Doping Boosts Electrocatalytic Activity for Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution

Kun Xu
In this work, we take CoP as the model material and demonstrate that a metal and nonmetal dual-doping strategy can achieve simultaneous modulation of these three parameters by inducing lattice irregularity and optimizing the electronic configuration in CoP nanomaterials.

C‐Plasma of Hierarchical Graphene Survives SnS Bundles for Ultrastable and High Volumetric Na‐Ion Storage

Dongliang Chao
Here, an elegant and versatile strategy is developed to significantly extend the lifespan and rate capability of tin sulfide nanobelt electrodes while maintaining high areal and volumetric capacities. In this strategy, in situ bundles of robust hierarchical graphene (hG) are grown uniformly on tin sulfide nanobelt networks through a rapid (5 min) carbon‐plasma method with sustainable oil as the carbon source and the partially reduced Sn as the catalyst. The nucleation of graphene, CN (with...

A High‐Rate and Stable Quasi‐Solid‐State Zinc‐Ion Battery with Novel 2D Layered Zinc Orthovanadate Array

Dongliang Chao
Herein, the first paradigm of a high‐rate and ultrastable flexible quasi‐solid‐state zinc‐ion battery is constructed from a novel 2D ultrathin layered zinc orthovanadate array cathode, a Zn array anode supported by a conductive porous graphene foam, and a gel electrolyte.

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