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Replication Data for: Room temperature long-range coherent exciton polariton condensate flow in lead halide perovskites

Rui Su
Source data for publication of "Room temperature long-range coherent exciton polariton condensate flow in lead halide perovskites"

Related Data for: Predicting how well adolescents get along with peers and teachers: A machine learning approach

Farhan Ali & Rebecca P. Ang
How well adolescents get along with others such as peers and teachers is an important aspect of adolescent development. Current research on adolescent relationship with peers and teachers is limited by classical methods that lack explicit test of predictive performance and cannot efficiently discover complex associations with potential non-linearity and higher-order interactions among a large set of predictors. Here, a transparently reported machine learning approach is utilized to overcome these limitations in concurrently predicting how...

Related Data for: High salinity reduces plant growth and photosynthetic performance but enhances certain nutritional quality of C4 halophyte Portulaca oleracea L. grown hydroponically under LED lighting

Jie He, Xueli You & Lin Qin
Portulaca oleracea L. (known as purslane) is one of the most nutritious leafy vegetables owing to its high content of antioxidants. In this study, all plants were grown indoors hydroponically with different NaCl salinities. Photosynthetic photo flux density (PPFD) at 200 μmol m−2 s−1 (12 h) was provided to all plants by LED with red:blue ratio of 2.2. Thirty days after transplanting, plants grown with100 mM NaCl had the highest productivity and the fastest leaf...

The source codes of ADL Python

Andri Ashfahani & Mahardhika Pratama
the source code of ADL " Autonomous Deep Learning: Continual Learning Approach for Dynamic Environments "

Replication Data for Digital manufacturing of a microfluidic platform as alternative cell-based testing models

Wai Yee Yeong
This data set contains experimental data collected for this project, and related paper Functionally Skin-Integrated Microfluidic Device: Coupling of bioprinting and 3D printing for alternative testing model" ( paper was submitted in June 2022)

Related Data for: Unpacking the teachers’ multimodal pedagogies in the primary English language classroom in Singapore

Victor Fei Lim, Philip Towndrow & Jia Min Tan
The ‘multimodal turn’ has led many education systems around the world to incorporate aspects of multimodality into their language curriculum as a response to the contemporary communication environment and new literacy practices of students. In this article, we present and examine findings from a study of the enactment of multimodal pedagogies by two primary level English language teachers in Singapore. Classroom data were collected, transcribed, and analysed in this case study research. We observed eight...

Replication Data for: Ultrasensitive exhaled breath sensors based on anti‐resonant hollow core fiber with in situ grown ZnO‐Bi2O3 nanosheets

Lei Wei
Ultrasensitive exhaled breath sensors based on anti‐resonant hollow core fiber with in situ grown ZnO‐Bi2O3 nanosheets

Perceptual And Cognitive Effects Of Eye Blinks

Jit Wei Ang & Gerrit Maus
We blink our eyes more often than necessary to keep our cornea adequately lubricated. Blink rates are known to fluctuate depending on the task at hand. It is known that eye blinks do modulate activity between two large scale brain networks involving the way attention is being directed. This raises the question whether there are perceptual or cognitive consequences of eye blinks that could justify the high blink rates? This research first assessed the perceptual...

Mental State Events in the Talk Together Study: T1

Weilin Tay, Rachel MY Wee & Suzy J Styles
This dataset contains all Mental State Events identified by two coders in the speech of parents narrating the wordless storybook 'What a Scary Storm!' during the Talk together study to their toddlers and preschool aged children, in Singapore. The coded data are derived from the following version of the collected transcriptions from the Talk Together Study: BLIP-TTS-VCST_Prelim-T1-Transcripts_v0.0.1 (Corpus of transcriptions currently under embargo while research is ongoing) The full collection was then split into two...

Replication Data for: Photoswitchable Anapole Metasurfaces

Wenhao Wang, Yogesh Kumar Srivastava, Manoj Gupta, Zhiming Wang & Ranjan Singh
Nonradiating charge-current configurations have attracted attention in photonics for the efficient localization of the electromagnetic fields. Anapole mode is a unique nonradiating state of light induced by the interference of electric and toroidal dipole that possesses rich physics with potential applications in micro-nanophotonics. Active control of an anapole is essential for design and realization of tunable low energy photonic devices. Here, we experimentally demonstrate an active anapole metamaterial device as a switch for the terahertz...

Replication Data for: Temporal loss boundary engineered photonic cavity

Cong Longqing, Jiaguang Han, Weili Zhang & Ranjan Singh
Losses are ubiquitous and unavoidable in nature inhibiting the performance of most optical processes. Manipulating losses to adjust the dissipation of photons is analogous to braking a running car that is as important as populating photons via a gain medium. Here, we introduce the transient loss boundary into a photon populated cavity that functions as a ‘photon brake’ and probe photon dynamics by engineering the ‘brake timing’ and ‘brake strength’. Coupled cavity photons can be...

Sulphate-dependant microbially induced corrosion of mild steel in the deep-sea: a 10-year environmental study

Pauliina Rajala, Dong-Qiang Cheng, Scott Rice & Federico Lauro
Metal corrosion in seawater has been well studied in surface and shallow waters. However, infrastructure is increasingly being installed in deep-sea environments, where extremes of temperature, salinity and high hydrostatic pressure increase costs and logistical challenges of monitoring corrosion on structures and equipment. To improve the understanding of the performance of materials in the deep-sea, the corrosion, the composition and the functional capacity of the microbial community on the surface of mooring chain links deployed...

Enhancing Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction of Ru Nanowire by Atomic Decoration of Pt

Weiqing Zhang & Peng Chen
Achieving efficient electrochemical nitrogen reduction (ENRR) remains as a great challenge. Therefore, it is demanded to develop new strategy for ENRR catalyst engineering. Herein, we demonstrate largely improved ENRR by controllably engineering Ru nanowires with atomic decoration of Pt. Specifically, the readily synthesized Ru88Pt12 nanowire exhibits a high NH3 production rate of 47.1 μg h-1 mgcat-1 and Faradaic efficiency of 8.9% at -0.2 V, which are 5.3 and 14.6 times higher than those from Ru...

SM3: Exposure results

Susanna Jenkins
SM3 is a table containing the results of the exposure analysis serving as raw data for all figures and tables presented in the associated paper: Jenkins, S.F., Biass, S., Williams, G.T., Hayes, J.L., Tennant, E., Yang, Q., Burgos, V., Meredith, E.S., Lerner, G.A., Syarifuddin, M., Verolino, A., 2022. Evaluating and ranking Southeast Asia's exposure to explosive volcanic hazards. Natural Hazards and Earth Systems Science. 'Evaluating and ranking Southeast Asia’s exposure to explosive volcanic hazards' ....

Related data for: Investigating the inner controls on explosive eruptions using textural analyses and petrology

Bernard Olivier Patrick Paul
Files to support the thesis "Investigating the inner controls on explosive eruption using textural analyses and petrology"

Replication Data for: Surface Dyakonov-Cherenkov radiation

Hao Hu & Yu Luo
The files contain the source code to produce the field distribution of surface Dyakonov-Cherenkov radiation.

Replication Data for: Corporate Environmental Risk and the Customer-Supplier Relationship

Xin Chang
This dataset contains data for the paper "Corporate Environmental Risk and the Customer-Supplier Relationship", which stems from the project "Stakeholder Orientation And Cost Of Debt".

Replication Data for: Observation of weyl point pair annihilation in a gyromagnetic photonic crystal

Guigeng Liu
Replication Data for: Observation of weyl point pair annihilation in a gyromagnetic photonic crystal

Replication Data for: Deterministic generation of entanglement in a quantum network by coherent absorption of a single photon

Anton Vetlugin
Data for the paper "Deterministic generation of entanglement in a quantum network by coherent absorption of a single photon"

Related data for: Assessing volcanic hazard and exposure to lava flows at remote volcanic fields: A case study from the Bolaven Volcanic Field, Laos

Andrea Verolino, Susanna Jenkins, Kerry Sieh, Jason Herrin, Dayana Schonwalder-Angel, Vanpheng Sihavong & Jee Hon Oh
This dataset includes an interactive geological map (.ai and .pdf formats) of the Bolaven Volcanic Field in Laos, and related field notes collected between 2014 and 2019.

Enhancing Bifunctionality of CoN Nanowires by Mn Doping for Long-lasting Zn-Air Batteries

Yongqi Zhang
In this work, we deploy the effective strategy of Mn doping to improve both OER and ORR activity of CoN nanowires as the cathode material for ZAB

Related Data for Thesis/Dissertation: The influence of rigid/ritualistic behavioural profiles in students with autism spectrum disorder on special education teachers' perceptions of their readiness for supported employment

Hui Min Neo
This study investigated the effects of rigid/ritualistic behaviours in ASD, the student’s age and teacher-related variables on special education teachers’ perceptions of a student’s readiness for supported employment. A total of 111 (23 male, 86 female, two genders unreported; mean age = 33.71 years) teachers were randomly assigned to one of three conditions where as a result of their rigid/ritualistic profile, the student in the vignettes has: (1) a major negative reaction leading to a...

Replication Data for: Terahertz Spintronic Magnetometer (TSM)

Agarwal Piyush, Yang Yingshu, Lourembam James, Medwal Rohit, Battiato Marco & Singh Ranjan
A ferromagnetic metal consists of localized electrons and conduction electrons coupled through strong exchange interaction. Together, these localized electrons contribute to the magnetization of the system, while conduction electrons lead to the formation of spin and charge current. Femtosecond out of equilibrium photoexcitation of ferromagnetic thin films generates a transient spin current at ultrafast timescales that have opened a route to probe magnetism offered by the conduction electrons. In the presence of a neighboring heavy...

Related data for: Perovskite metasurfaces with large superstructural chirality

Long Guankui, Giorgio Adamo, Tian Jingyi, Klein Maciej, N. S. Krishnamoorthy Harish, Elena Feltri, Hebin Wang & Cesare Soci
Data for: Perovskite metasurfaces with large superstructural chirality

Related Data for: Frame shifting as a challenge to integrating computational thinking in secondary mathematics education

Wendy Huang, Shiau Wei Chan & Chee-Kit Looi
In this study, we adapted the notion of framing, a theoretical construct that refers to a person’s expectations about social spaces (Goffman, 1974), to investigate whether teachers viewed computational thinking (CT) according to subject-specific frames. This case study aimed to understand how teachers make connections between CT and subjects targeted for integration. Epistemological framing contributed new insights on why teachers connected CT in different ways to different subjects: frame shifting focused teachers’ attention on goals...

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