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Occupational heat stress and perceptions of thermal comfort of street vendors in Jakarta, Indonesia

Sulfikar Amir, Anindrya Nastiti, Brianna Salsabila Bermanda, Rifda Marwa Ufaira, Efi Yuliati Yovi & Siska WD Kusumah
Aside from climate change, growing urbanization has considerably increased heat exposure due to the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. Thus, the effect of the temperature change will be most noted in urban areas. In urban areas, many inhabitants are working outdoor, especially those in the service sector. Street vendors are a critical component of urban economies worldwide, providing convenient access to a diverse range of goods and services in public locations. Street vendors often work...

Replication Data for: Observation of exciton polariton condensation in a perovskite lattice at room temperature

Rui Su
Data for Figure 2, Figure 3 and Figure 4.

Partial Nitridation‐Induced Electrochemistry Enhancement of Ternary Oxide Nanosheets for Fiber Energy Storage Device

Hua Tan
Herein, fiber‐shaped all‐solid‐state asymmetric energy storage devices are fabricated based on a partially nitridized NiCo2O4 hybrid nanostructures on graphite fibers (GFs). The surface nitridation leads to a 3D “pearled‐veil” network structure, in which Ni–Co–N nanospheres are mounted on NiCo2O4 nanosheets' electrode. It is demonstrated that the hybrid materials are more potent than the pure NiCo2O4 in energy storage applications due to a cooperative effect between the constituents. The Ni–Co–N segments augment the pristine oxide nanosheets...

Replication Data for: Electric Field Modulation of 2D Perovskite Excitonics

Qiannan Zhang, Tanjung Krisnanda, David Giovanni, Kevin Dini, Senyun Ye, Minjun Feng, Timothy C. H. Liew & Tze Chien Sum
Raw data for Electric Field Modulation of 2D Perovskite Excitonics

Preregistration for kinship terms of address and reference for grandparents in Singapore

Kelly SN Choo & Suzy J Styles
Preregistration Documents. The use of kinship terms of address and reference reflects the concept of language socialization. Kinship terms use can be referred to as child-centred, when an adult uses the word a child would normally use to label a person, when talking to the child. The language context of Singapore may be described as a contact language environment subject to rapid intergenerational change. The main question being investigated in this study is how Singaporean...

Replication Data for: Does Speech Rate Influence Intertemporal Decisions? An Experimental Investigation

Josie I Chen, Tai-Sen He & Hsin-Ya Liao
This paper experimentally examines the effect of speech rate on intertemporal decisions. In a delay-discounting task, subjects made a series of intertemporal choices between smaller-sooner and larger-delayed rewards and were asked to listen to a voice recording verbalizing the information for payoff options. We manipulated the speech rate of the voice recordings and administered two treatment conditions: Slow and Fast. We did not find an overall treatment effect in the acoustic manipulation.

Hypothesis-driven Synthesis of Capacity-Enhanced Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion

Paul Wen Liu
Dataset for MOE AcRF Tier 1 project RG112/18

Preprocessed Sleep-EDF-78 dataset

Emadeldeen Eldele
Preprocessed files of Sleep-EDF-78 dataset used in AttnSleep work https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9417097

Spring Village Corpus of minimal pairs in Mandarin Chinese - Singaporean Adults

Hannah L Goh, Fei Ting Woon & Suzy J Styles
This corpus contains audio recordings released by participants under the terms of the Growing Collection. To access this audio, you must agree to the terms of use. TBC (brief description drawn from Corpus Doc)

Preprocessed Epilepsy dataset

Emadeldeen Eldele
Preprocessed files of Epilepsy dataset used in IJCAI-21 work "TS-TCC"

UCI HAR Dataset Processed

Mohamed Ragab & Emadeldeen Eldele
UCIHAR is one of the most widely used datasets to evaluate performance on time series data. It contains three different sensors namely, accelerometer, gyroscope, and body sensors. These sensors have been used to collect data from 30 different persons. In our experiments, we treat each subject as a separate domain. Due to the large number of cross-domain combinations, we randomly selected five cross domain scenarios,

Preprocessed HAR dataset

Emadeldeen Eldele
Preprocessed files of HAR dataset used in IJCAI-21 work "TS-TCC"

ARAUS: A Large-Scale Dataset and Baseline Models of Affective Responses to Augmented Urban Soundscapes

Kenneth Ooi, Zhen-Ting Ong, Karn N. Watcharasupat, Bhan Lam, Joo Young Hong & Woon-Seng Gan
This repository contains the ARAUS dataset, a publicly-available dataset (comprising a 5-fold training/validation set and an independent test set) of 25,440 unique subjective perceptual responses to augmented soundscapes presented as audio-visual stimuli. Each augmented soundscape is made by digitally adding "maskers" (bird, water, wind, traffic, construction, or silence) to urban soundscape recordings at fixed soundscape-to-masker ratios. This mimics a real-life soundscape augmentation system, whereby a speaker (or some other sound source) is used to add...

Replication Data for: Perceived Sexism and Criticism in Familial, Workplace and Intimate Relationship Interactions

Michelle Jin Yee Neoh, Jia Hui Teng & Gianluca Esposito
Sexism is a widespread form of gender discrimination, which can take the form of criticism towards women based on gender stereotypes. However, little is known about how perceived criticism and sexism shape one’s construal of criticism from various interpersonal sources. The present study investigated whether perceived criticism, perceived sexism and the source of criticism (mother, father, workplace supervisor, romantic partner) interact to influence upset levels in response to criticism. 178 participants completed Perceived Criticism (PC)...

Replication Data for: Environmental calibration of coral luminescence as a proxy for terrigenous dissolved organic carbon concentration in tropical coastal oceans

Patrick Martin
Data of seawater chemistry and coral core chemical composition for environmental palaeoproxy calibration study.

Replication Data for: Deadline-constrained Multi-resource Task Mapping and Allocation for Edge-Cloud Systems

Chuanchao Gao, Aryaman Shaan & Arvind Easwaran
experiment data for paper "Deadline-constrained Multi-resource Task Mapping and Allocation for Edge-Cloud Systems"

Replication Data for on the possibility of a terahertz light emitting diode based on a dressed quantum well

Mandal Subhaskar, Kevin Dini, Oleg Kibis & Timothy C. H. Liew
We consider theoretically the realization of a tunable terahertz light emitting diode from a quantum well with dressed electrons placed in a highly doped p-n junction. in the considered system the strong resonant dressing field forms dynamic Stark gaps in the valence and conduction bands and the electric field inside the p-n junction makes the QW asymmetric. It is shown that the electrons transiting through the light induced Stark gaps in the conduction band emit...

Related Data for: Let's play together: Ways of parent-child digital co-play for learning. Interactive Learning Environments

Weimin Toh & Victor Fei Lim
In light of the growing phenomenon of parent–child digital co-play of online games, we conducted a study to understand the different ways of digital co-play and how they can offer opportunities for the child’s learning. We analyse four cases of parent–child digital co-play on Let’s Play gaming videos with Roblox on YouTube. Our research method adopts a netnography research approach and multimodal discourse analysis to examine the data. We identify three ways of digital co-play,...

Related Data for: \"In the shoes of another\": Immersive technology for social and emotional learning

Marcus Cheng Chye Tan, Stefanie Yen Leng Chye & Kylin Shu Min Teng
There has been increasing use of interactive technologies in the classroom today and a rising popularity of employing virtual environments as a means to engage students in sensorially rich contexts for more embodied forms of experiential learning. In particular, virtual reality (VR) or immersive virtual environments (IVEs) facilitated by head-mounted displays (HMDs) have been used in the teaching of subject content such as history, geography and science. This article presents the findings of an exploratory...

Related Data for: Development and psychometric properties of a culturally adapted video version of strange stories as a measure of advanced theory of mind in youths

Yong Hwee Nah & Mo Chen
This study described the development of a culturally adapted video version of Strange Stories test as a measure of advanced theory of mind for youths in an Asian country (i.e. Singapore), the Y-ToM, and to provide preliminary psychometric properties. Participants were 170 youths (82 male, 88 female) aged from 13 to 16 years old (M = 14.77, SD = 1.16) in Singapore. The youths completed the Y-ToM, an abbreviated IQ test and the Happé’s Strange...

Related data for: Can’t fight seeing sadness in tears: Measuring the implicit association between tears and sadness

Chew Wei Ong
Research on emotion perception has shown that visible tears can enhance the perception of sadness. However, it is unclear whether the perception of sadness from visible tears can happen automatically. We used the Implicit Association Test (IAT), a measure based on reaction time, to test the implicit association of tears and sadness in two studies. Study 1 (N = 58) measured the association using sadness (negative affect) or non-sadness (positive affect) words and images of...

Related Data for: Investigating pupils’ cognitive engagement in Augmented reality-supported second language learning classrooms

Yun Wen & Sin Yee Lau
Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the promising technologies that has been used in the educational field. It helps to increase learners’ motivation, establish links with real-life experiences, and create contextual awareness. Yet current research in AR for education is still in its infancy and there are few studies regarding the integration of AR in language learning classroom. This study is part of an on-going pedagogical innovation project on AR-enhanced creating and sharing activities for...

Replication Supplementary Data for: Cataloguing Tephra Fall Building Damage and Vulnerability Using Remotely Obtained Data: 2020 Taal Eruption, Philippines (3)

Jee Hon Oh
"DS HIM V10" contains the damage states and associated tephra thicknesses The R code produces fragility curves with confidence intervals from the csv file

Replication Supplementary Data for: Cataloguing Tephra Fall Building Damage and Vulnerability Using Remotely Obtained Data: 2020 Taal Eruption, Philippines (2)

Jee Hon Oh
The tephra-fall data obtained from the remotely obtained data (total ashfall v10) and the interpolated tephra thickness assigned to each surveyed building.

Replication Supplementary Data for: Cataloguing Tephra Fall Building Damage and Vulnerability Using Remotely Obtained Data: 2020 Taal Eruption, Philippines (1)

Jee Hon Oh
The Twitter API csv. files contains information on tweets posted from 12 Jan 2020 0414H PHT to 30-Jan-2020 1800H PHT within the Philippines geobox. The R code is used to filter the tweets by language and words.

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