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Mingjie Li, , , , Natalia Yantara, Michael Gra¨Tzel, , &

Formal long-term care: Informal caregivers’ subjective well-being and service utilization

Wayne Freeman Chong Weien
This dissertation was primarily motivated by the twin phenomena of falling formal long-term care service (LTCS) demand and unrelenting deleterious effects on informal caregivers’ subjective well-being across urban societies. These phenomena run counter to the needs of ageing populations, that presents challenges of a rise in chronic degenerative illnesses and long-term disabilities, and associated crowding at acute treatment facilities. The limited effectiveness of increasing formal LTCS supply to meet these challenges has led to transformation...

2d modeling code for MIBB transects

Rishav Mallick
This repository contains code used to do 2d analysis for the MIBB 2019 paper (Mallick et al., 2019). This was published in the supplementary of the paper.

Block Model runs

Rishav Mallick
Block model runs used in Mallick et al., (2019) 151-165 -> Block models with no internal strain 166-181 -> Block models with uniform internal strain rate in Indo-Burman Wedge Data is stored in 1**.mat files. Use calc_ABIC_blockmodels.m to evaluate ABIC value for each model to test for 'best' models that can fit the data and satisfy apriori constraints.

SATA Biliteracy

Sagarika Bhattacharjee, Rajan Kashyap, Brenda Rapp, Kenichi Oishi, John E Desmond & S. H. Annabel Chen
Systematic Approach for tDCS Analysis- Software Manual.

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