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Related Data for: Socioeconomic status, home mathematics environment and math achievement in kindergarten: A mediation analysis

Jose David Munez Mendez, Rebecca Bull & Kerry Lee
Growing evidence suggests that parents’ practices contribute to their children's cognitive development and that such practices may reflect SES disparities. This study investigated longitudinal interrelations between home mathematics environment (HME), children's math achievement, and two facets of SES (mother's educational attainment and household income—subsidy status) during the first year in kindergarten (n = 500 children; Mage at T1 = 57.3 months, SD = 3.8). Results revealed that these facets of SES operated through different mechanisms...

Related Data for: Contingency theory of adaptive practices through the lens of eye trackers

Tang Wee Teo & Tan Seng Chee
In this paper, we report on a study of adaptive practices, as revealed by a teacher’s eye gazes, in response to the contingencies that arose during a lesson. According to Mannikko Husu (2009), there are four categories of adaptive practices, namely, adaptive recognitions, adaptive anticipations, adaptive deliberations, and adaptive insights. In this study, eye tracking technologies are positioned as a mediator between the contingencies that arise in the classroom and the adaptive practices undertaken by...

Related Data for: Acquiring expertise in precision sport – What can we learn from an elite snooker player?

Pui Wah Kong, Jing Wen Pan, Danny P. K. Chu, Pak Ming Cheung & Patrick Wing Chung Lau
Snooker can be an attractive life-long physical activity, given its popularity across all age groups in Asia and Europe. However, scientific research on the cueing movement is limited. This case study presented the biomechanical profiles of the cueing movement in an elite male snooker player (age 37 years old, height 173 cm, body mass 70 kg). Kinematics of the upper limb and cue stick, were examined in five selected snooker tasks (warm-up, stun, top spin,...

Risk Perception of Covid-19 in Jakarta

Sulfikar Amir
This dataset contains the results of large-scale surveys on risk perception of Covid-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia conducted in June 2020.

Constructing an Adaptive Heterojunction as a Highly Active Catalyst for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Xiao Ren
Electrochemical water splitting is of prime importance to green energy technology. Particularly, the reaction at the anode side, namely the oxygen evolution reaction (OER), requires a high overpotential associated with OO bond formation, which dominates the energy-efficiency of the whole process. Activating the anionic redox chemistry of oxygen in metal oxides, which involves the formation of superoxo/peroxo-like (O2)n−, commonly occurs in most highly active catalysts during the OER process. In this study, a highly active...

Replication Data for: Surface lattice resonances in THz metamaterials

, Eric Plum & Ranjan Singh
Secondary data for review paper

Replication Data for: Phonon features in terahertz photoconductivity spectra due to data analysis artifact: A case study on organometallic halide perovskites

Chan La-O-Vorakiat, Liang Cheng, Teddy Salim, Rudolph A. Marcus, Maria-Elisabeth Michel-Beyerle, Yeng Ming Lam & Elbert E. M. Chia
Replication data for this paper published in Appl. Phys. Lett. including raw data, processed data and figures. DOI: 10.1063/1.4978688

Related data for: Chalcogenide Phase Change Material for Active Terahertz Photonics

Prakash Pitchappa, , , , & Ranjan Singh
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Related data for: Volatile Ultrafast Switching at Multilevel Nonvolatile States of Phase Change Material for Active Flexible Terahertz Metadevices

Prakash Pitchappa, , , , , , , , Nan Wang & Ranjan Singh
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Recent progress in metasurfaces based on Ge-Sb-Te phase-change materials

Yun Meng
Recently, metasurfaces based on phase-change materials (PCMs) have attracted increasing attention due to the dramatic optical properties contrast between amorphous and crystalline state. The chalcogenide PCMs can be reversibly switched by electrical or optical pulses, offering tunability and reconfigurability for the metasurfaces. In this review, the latest achievements and ongoing development in reconfigurable metasurfaces based on chalcogenide PCMs are presented, including the applications in nonlinear optics, anapole control, beam steering, perfect absorber and polariton. The...

Replication Data for: Nonlinear THz-Nano Metasurfaces

Tian Dong, Shaoxian Li, Manjappa , Peidi Yang, Jiangping Zhou, Deyin Kong, Baogang Quan, Xieyu Chen, Chen Ouyang, Fei Dai Dai, Jiaguang Han, Chunmei Ouyang, Xueqian Zhang, Junjie Li, Jungang Miao, Yutong Li, Li Wang, Ranjan Singh, Weili Zhang & Xiaojun Wu
Extreme terahertz (THz) science and technologies, the next disruptive frontier in nonlinear optics, provide multifaceted capabilities for exploring strong light-matter interactions in a variety of physical systems. However, current techniques involve the need for an extremely high-field free space THz source that is difficult to generate and has limited investigations to a rather weak and linear regime of light-matter interactions. Therefore, new approaches are being sought for the tight confinement of THz waves that can...

Related Data for: A motivation profile analysis of Malay students in Singapore

Woon Chia Liu, Chee Keng John Wang, Heon Jin Kang & Ying Hwa Kee
This study aims to examine the motivational profiles of Malay students in Singapore-based self-regulated learning framework (Pintrich De Groot, 1990) and self-determination theory (SDT; Deci Ryan, 1985). The sample consisted of 740 secondary school students from 24 tuition centres for Malay students only. The students were from three academic streams in Singapore (Express, Normal-academic, and Normal-technical). Using cluster analysis, five different clusters of students were found based on their unique characteristics on self-regulation and learning...

Related data for: Implicit theories of intelligence and achievement goals: A look at students’ intrinsic motivation and achievement in mathematics

Woon Chia Liu
The present research seeks to utilize Implicit Theories of Intelligence (mindsets) and Achievement Goal Theory to understand students’ intrinsic motivation and academic performance in mathematics in Singapore. 1,201 lower-progress stream students (596 males, 580 females, 25 missing data), ages ranged from 13 to 17 years (M = 14.68 years old, SD = 0.57), from 17 secondary schools in Singapore took part in the study. Using structural equation modeling, results confirmed hypotheses that incremental mindset predicted...

Related Data for: Validity and reliability of an English translation of the Teacher Metacognition Inventory (TMI) with mathematics teachers in Singapore

Lee Yong Tay, Liang See Tan, Jing Yi Tan, , Woei Ling Monica Ong, Christina Lim-Ratnam & Puay Huat Chua
The purpose of the study was to examine the validity of an English translation of the Teacher Metacognition Inventory (TMI) originally developed by Jiang et al. Teaching and Teacher Education, 59, 403-413, (2016) in China with a sample of mathematics teacher in Singapore. A total of 436 valid responses were collected from primary and secondary female and male mathematics teachers with various degrees of experience. This inventory measures teachers’ metacognitive knowledge about self and pedagogy,...

Related Data for: Air pistol shooting: Upper limb muscle activation between training and simulated competition

Suan Kheng Loh, Jolene Ziyuan Lim, Jing Wen Pan, Luqman Aziz, Marcus Lee & Pui Wah Kong
Heightened stress during air pistol competitions may impair shooters’ abilities to maintain gun stability, resulting in inferior performance. This study aimed to compare the pre-trigger muscle activation levels of upper muscles in 10-m air pistol shooters between training and simulated competition conditions. Seven sub-elite shooters from the Singapore National Youth Air Pistol Team shot 30 shots in a training versus simulated competition condition in randomised orders on separate days. Muscle activation for the forearm and...

Related Data for: Basic psychological need profiles and correlates in physical activity participation: A person-centered approach

Chunxiao Li, Chee Keng John Wang, Koon Teck Koh, Kwang San Steven Tan, Shern Meng Tan, Wee Boon Ang, Liang Han Wong & Huat Neo Connie Yeo
Guided by Basic Psychological Need Theory, we investigated the combined associations between need satisfaction and need frustration (i.e., need profiles) and their relations with theoretically relevant correlates including mindfulness, physical literacy, physical activity enjoyment, and physical activity. The participants were Singapore based school students (N = 844, Mage = 12.45, SDage = 1.99, boys = 53.1%) who completed a cross-sectional survey. The results of the latent profile analysis identified four distinct need profiles: profile 1–average...

Related Data for: Managing student behaviours and maintaining positive learning environment

Seng Chee Tan, Aik Ling Tan, Vwen Yen Alwyn Lee & Choon Lang Gwendoline Quek
This paper reports an empirical study on the use of a teacher noticing approach to investigate how two teachers managed students’ classroom behaviours. We examined the integration of data from an eye-tracking device and video cameras, focusing on what the teachers paid attention to in classrooms with their corresponding managing practices. Our findings show that the experienced teacher was able to advise her students calmly and smoothly resume the lesson to preserve the welcoming environment...

Related Data for: “I'd still prefer to read the hard copy”: Adolescents’ print and digital reading habits

Chin Ee Loh & Baoqi Sun
Does print still matter in this digital age? What is the role of technology in reading? Do adolescents who enjoy reading view the reading of print and digital material differently from those who do not enjoy reading? Drawing on survey data from 6,005 students and focus group data with 96 students across six secondary schools, the authors conducted a mixed‐methods study to examine adolescents’ print and digital reading habits in Singapore. Findings show that adolescents...

Related Data for: Four minutes of sprint interval training had no acute effect on improving alertness, mood, and memory of female primary school children and secondary school adolescents: A randomized controlled trial

Terence Buan Kiong Chua, Abdul Rashid Aziz & Michael Chia
We investigated whether a 4-min sprint interval training (SIT) protocol had an acute effect (15 min after) on improving alertness, mood, and memory recall in female students. Sixty-three children and 131 adolescents were randomly assigned to either a SIT or control (CON) group by the class Physical Education (PE) teachers. The SIT intervention was delivered twice a week for 3 weeks. SIT participants performed three, 20-s ‘all-out’ effort sprints interspersed with 60-s intervals of walking...

Related data for: Low biodegradability of dissolved organic matter from Southeast Asian peat-draining rivers

Nichols Robert Scott & Patrick Martin
Full data used for the research paper "Dissolved organic carbon from peatlands in Southeast Asia is resistant to microbial remineralization"

Related data for: Metamaterial enhancement of metal-halide perovskite luminescence

Giorgio Adamo, Harish N. S. Krishnamoorthy, Daniele Cortecchia, , Venkatram Nalla, Nikolay Zheludev & Cesare Soci
Data for figures v1.xlsx contains experimental and simulated data; .mph files are COMSOL files that allow to replicate the simuations.

DOC NTU Climatology Trends

Nivedita Sanwlani
Source Codes, satellite-derived output files, output stats, and associated time-series data in excel and .txt for MODIS-derived DOC Climatology and Trends analysis from 2002-2021.

Replication Data for: Remotely assessing tephra fall building damage and vulnerability: Kelud Volcano, Indonesia

Williams George Thomas
R Markdown file and raw data used to produce vulnerability models within the paper: Remotely assessing tephra fall building damage and vulnerability: Kelud Volcano, Indonesia

Related data for: Biogeochemical responses of tropical coastal plankton to short-term pCO2 and nutrient enrichment in different monsoon seasons

Nichols Robert Scott, Patrick Martin & Alex J. Poulton
Data sets used in the publication of ""Nichols R.S., Poulton A. J., Martin P. (2021). Biogeochemical responses of tropical coastal plankton to short-term pCO2 and nutrient enrichment in different monsoon seasons"

Replication Data for: Deeply Sub-Wavelength Non-Contact Optical Metrology of Sub-Wavelength Objects

Carolina Rendón-Barraza, Eng Aik Chan, Guanghui Yuan, Giorgio Adamo, Tanchao Pu & Nikolay I. Zheludev
This dataset contains the experimental data for the paper: Deeply Sub-Wavelength Non-Contact Optical Metrology of Sub-Wavelength Objects.

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