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Replication Data for: Assessing the perceived indoor acoustic environment quality across building occupants in a tertiary-care public hospital in Singapore

Bhan Lam, Esther Monica Peijin Fan, Kenneth Ooi, Zhen-Ting Ong, Joo Young Hong & Shin Yuh Ang
This dataset contains survey data collected from Nov 2020 to Jan 2021 to access the perceived indoor acoustic environment quality across building occupants in a tertiary-care public hospital in Singapore

Dataset for Maduo Earthquake rupture imaging

Shengji Wei
This dataset includes: 1. teleseismic broadband waveform, 2. regional broadband waveforms 3. InSAR/SAR 4. 3D surface deformation data for the 2021 Mw7.4 Maduo earthquake in China

Animation of the tsunami propagation in the Lombok Strait, Indonesia

Raquel Felix
The animation shows the 1-hour propagation of the tsunami generated by a 5m coseismic slip in the 45-km wide (downdip) ramp of the Flores back-arc thrust.

Tsunami inundation in Mataram, Lombok

Raquel Felix
Tsunami inundation in Mataram, Lombok for a 5 m fault slip (Mw 7.9) in the Flores backarc thrust.

Spring-Village Picture Cards for alveolar/retroflex minimal pairs in Mandarin Chinese

Hannah L Goh, Fei Ting Woon & Suzy J Styles
Different varieties of Chinese spoken around the world are known to differ in the way they pronounce certain words. The Spring Village Picture Cards is a set of stimuli designed to depict words in Mandarin Chinese that differ only in a single phoneme (minimal pairs). 6 minimal pairs were constructed differing only in the place of articulation of the onset consonant (e.g., 村/cūn [tsʰuən1] 'village' and 春/chūn [ʈʂʰuən1] 'spring (season)'). All words feature Tone 1...

Replication Data for Analysis And Design Of On-Demand Transport Service Platforms With Sharing Option

Geoffrey Bryan Ang Chua
These are the data files needed to reproduce the research output.

Replication Data for: iMAD: An In-Memory Accelerator for AdderNet with Efficient 8-bit Addition and Subtraction Operations

Shien Zhu, Shiqing Li & Weichen Liu
The simulation code, experiment results, and graphs used in the GLSVLSI 2022 paper: iMAD: An In-Memory Accelerator for AdderNet with Efficient 8-bit Addition and Subtraction Operations

SM2: Eruption Frequency-Magnitude

Susanna Jenkins
SM2 is an Excel file containing the calculated annual probability of occurrence for eruptions of VEI [3, 4, 5] for each volcano, as estimated by the method of Hayes et al. (in prep.). For each VEI, the 10%, 50% and 90% probabilities of the distribution are shown. The estimates relate to the paper 'Evaluating and ranking Southeast Asia's exposure to explosive volcanic hazards'.

Related Data for: Influence of combat boot types on in-shoe forces and perceived comfort during unloaded and loaded walking

Eunice Xiao Si Yeo, Kritika Chhabra & Pui Wah Kong
Introduction Combat boots are essential protective gear for military personnel. The purposes of the present study were to examine (1) the influence of combat boot type on ground reaction force (GRF) variables and perceived comfort during unloaded and loaded walking and (2) the relationship between comfort and biomechanical measurements. Methods Four types of combat boots with different physical features (eg, mass, thickness) and mechanical properties (eg, cushioning, rigidity) were compared across 61 male participants with...

Related Data for: Importance of leisure nostalgia on life satisfaction and leisure participation

Hee Tae Cho
Nostalgia plays a crucial role in individuals’ psychological and behavioral responses. To identify the influence of nostalgia on leisure participants’ life, this study examined how individuals’ leisure nostalgia influenced their life satisfaction, thereby reinforcing their leisure participation intention. 417 responses were collected from leisure participants and analyzed in this study. Results showed that leisure nostalgia positively affected life satisfaction and leisure participation intention. In addition, life satisfaction had a significant effect on leisure participation intention....

Related Data for: The impacts of leisure nostalgia on well-being and turnover intention: The mediating roles of leisure satisfaction and work commitment

Hee Tae Cho
Teaching is one of the most stressful professions, and school teachers show a high turnover rate. Although it is an important issue in society, the work-life balance of teachers has not been extensively addressed in the context of leisure. Therefore, given the critical role of leisure in life, this study examined the relationships among school teachers’ leisure nostalgia, leisure satisfaction, work commitment, turnover intention, and well-being. A total of 489 responses were collected from school...

Related Data for: LED spectral quality and NaCl salinity interact to affect growth, photosynthesis and phytochemical production of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Jie He, Dominic Jing Qun Koh & Lin Qin
The edible halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L. was grown at different NaCl salinities under different combined red and blue light-emitting diode (LED) light treatments. High salinity (500 mM NaCl) decreased biomass, leaf growth, and leaf water content. Interactions between LED ratio and salinity were detected for shoot biomass and leaf growth. All plants had Fv/Fm ratios close to 0.8 in dark-adapted leaves, suggesting that they were all healthy with similar maximal efficiency of PSII photochemistry. However,...

Related Data for: LED quality impacts on plant growth and photosynthetic light use efficiency of halophyte vegetable Mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown under two saline conditions

Jie He & Lin Qin
There is very little study on the effects of LED quality on Mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown under different salinities. In this study, M. crystallinum was grown under red/blue (R/B) LED ratios of 0.9, 1.6. 2.0 and 2.8 with 100 and 500 mM NaCl and exposed to the same level of photosynthetic photon flux density, PPFD (290 µmol m‑2 s‑1, 12 h photoperiod). Fourteen days after transplanting, plants with 100 mM NaCl had significantly higher values of...

The source codes of DEVDAN Matlab

Andri Ashfahani, Mahardhika Pratama, Edwin Lughofer & Yew-Soon Ong
the source code of DEVDAN " DEVDAN: Deep evolving denoising autoencoder "

Related Data for: Impacts of LED spectral quality on leafy vegetables: Productivity closely linked to photosynthetic performance or associated with leaf traits?

Jie He, Lin Qin & Wah Soon Chow
The success of growing vegetables indoors requires the most appropriate selection of lighting spectrum. This mini review discusses the impacts of LED spectral quality on different leafy vegetables with a focus on the studies of Chinese broccoli (Brassica alboglabra), ice plants (Mesembryanthem crystallinum) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. cv. Canasta). For each species, plants exposed to different spectral LED lights were all under the same light intensity and same photoperiod. Chinese broccoli grown under red(R):blue(B)-LED...

Related Data for: Validation of the Perception Neuron system for full-body motion capture

Corliss Zhi Yi Choo, Jia Yi Chow & John Komar
Recent advancements in Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) offers the possibility of its use as a cost effective and portable alternative to traditional optoelectronic motion capture systems in analyzing biomechanical performance. One such commercially available IMU is the Perception Neuron motion capture system (PNS). The accuracy of the PNS had been tested and was reported to be a valid method for assessing the upper body range of motion to within 5° RMSE. However, testing of the...

Related Data for: Measuring upper limb kinematics of forehand and backhand topspin drives with IMU sensors in wheelchair and able-bodied table tennis players

Jia Wen Yam, Jing Wen Pan & Pui Wah Kong
To better understand the biomechanics of para-table tennis players, this study compared the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joint kinematics among able-bodied (AB) and wheelchair players in different classifications. Nineteen participants (AB, n = 9; classification 1 (C1), n = 3; C2, n = 3; C3, n = 4) executed 10 forehand and backhand topspin drives. Shoulder abduction/adduction, elbow flexion/extension, wrist extension/flexion, respective range of motion (ROM), and joint patterns were obtained using inertial measurement unit...

Related Data for: Inter-unit consistency and validity of 10-Hz GNSS units in straight-line sprint running

, Jolene Ziyuan Lim, Jing Wen Pan & Pui Wah Kong
The present study aimed to investigate the inter-unit consistency and validity of multiple 10-Hz Catapult Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) units in measuring straight-line sprint distances and speeds. A total of 13 participants performed one 45.72-m linear sprint at maximum effort while wearing all eight GNSS units at once. Total run distance and peak speed recorded using GNSS units during the sprint duration were extracted for analysis. Sprint time and peak speed were also obtained...

Related Data for: The impact of technology use on adolescents' leisure reading preferences

Chin Ee Loh & Baoqi Sun
There is worldwide concern about the decline in children and adolescent enjoyment of reading as documented by international and national surveys, with smartphones and other technologies often blamed for the decline. Yet, with recent rapid improvements in technologies for reading, the accelerated adoption of devices for learning during the pandemic and increased access to e-books through the public library system in Singapore, the relationship between adolescent technology use and reading may be more complex than...

Related Data for: Weekday breakfast habits and mood at the start of the school morning

Masato Kawabata, Stephen Francis Burns, Hui-Cheng Choo & Kerry Lee
Background Good nutrition, regular physical activity, and adequate sleep are important for promoting health. However, it is not well characterized how these lifestyle behaviours are associated with mood at the start of school days. Aim To identify the weekday health-related behaviours (breakfast intake, physical activity, and sleep) of Singaporean adolescents and explore their associations with mood at the beginning of the school morning. Methods 365 adolescents (52.3% boys, 47.7% girls) aged 14–19 years (M =...

Related Data for Thesis/Dissertation: Predicting individual and collective flow : an examination of secondary band students' achievement goals, grit, commitment, and expectancy-value

Hui Xing Sin
The purpose of this study was to determine the predictors of individual and collective flow experienced by Secondary school students while they engaged in band. More specifically, it aimed to test Sawyer’s (2006) theorisation that collective flow predicts individual flow, and also to ascertain if grit directly predicts flow in instrumental contexts (Miksza Tan, 2015). Participants were 83 band students from two Secondary school bands in Singapore. Data were collected using two questionnaires that measured...

Related data for:Optimized Data Reuse via Reordering for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on FPGAs

Shiqing Li
This dataset is related to our ICCAD work "Optimized Data Reuse via Reordering for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on FPGAs".

Related Data for: Improving Environmental Sustainability through Energy Efficient Driving: Eco-driving of Autonomous Electric Vehicle Platoons

Lyu Chen & Xing Yang
Related Data for our project: Improving Environmental Sustainability through Energy Efficient Driving: Eco-driving of Autonomous Electric Vehicle Platoons

The source codes of DEVFNN

Mahardhika Pratama, Witold Pedrycz & Geoffrey I. Webb
the source code of DEVFNN " An Incremental Construction of Deep Neuro Fuzzy System for Continual Learning of Nonstationary Data Streams "

Replication Data for: Ultra-Subminiature DC-DC Converter for Next-Generation Internet-of-Things with Integrated Batteries

Victor Adrian
This dataset contains data obtained from the measurement results of a custom DC-DC converter IC with an integrated battery.

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