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Transcending the ages of men: Rodrigo as the male exemplar of the of the Mocedades de Rodrigo

For a long time, scholars regarded Mocedade's Rodrigo as a roguish youth, a far cry from the exemplary behavior embodied by the Cid of the Cantar. However, of late some studies have focused on Mocedades as embodying the typical rite of passage a young man must undertake from one age to another. Medieval writers thought that a man's life naturally divides into separate stages of development, with each stage having an appropriate mode of behavior....

Sophisticated lessons from simple organisms: appreciating the value of curiosity-driven research

Long before scientists learned to grow miniature organs from human cells in a dish, biological research was performed using organisms that were accessible: garden peas, sea urchins collected at low tide, newt eggs, and flies circling rotten fruit. These organisms help us to understand the world around us, attracting and inspiring each new generation of scientists with the promise of mystery and discovery. Subsequent studies repeatedly showed that fundamental biological mechanisms discovered in such simple...

Control of T lymphocyte morphology by the GTPase Rho

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Abstract Background Rho family GTPase regulation of the actin cytoskeleton governs a variety of cell responses. In this report, we have analyzed the role of the GTPase Rho in maintenance of the T lymphocyte actin cytoskeleton. Results Inactivation of the GTPase Rho in the human T lymphocytic cell line HPB-ALL does not inhibit constitutively high adhesion to the integrin β1 substrate fibronectin. It did however result in the aberrant extension of finger-like dendritic processes on...

Validation of a Brief Questionnaire Against Direct Observation to Assess Adolescents' School Lunchtime Beverage Consumption

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Beverage consumption is an important determinant of youth health outcomes. Beverage interventions often occur in schools, yet no brief validated questionnaires exist to assess whether these efforts improve in-school beverage consumption. This study validated a brief questionnaire to assess beverage consumption during school lunch.Researchers observed middle school students' (n = 25) beverage consumption during school lunchtime using a standardized tool. After lunch, students completed questionnaires regarding their lunchtime beverage consumption. Kappa statistics compared self-reported with...

Do Genetic Markers of Inflammation Modify the Relationship between Periodontitis and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease? Findings from the SHIP Study

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An association between periodontitis and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has been reported by experimental animal and epidemiologic studies. This study investigated whether circulating levels of serum C-reactive protein (CRP) and a weighted genetic CRP score representing markers of inflammatory burden modify the association between periodontitis and NAFLD. Data came from 2,481 participants of the Study of Health in Pomerania who attended baseline examination that occurred between 1997 and 2001. Periodontitis was defined as the...

Improving Estimation of Fiber Orientations in Diffusion MRI Using Inter-Subject Information Sharing

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Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging is widely used to investigate diffusion patterns of water molecules in the human brain. It provides information that is useful for tracing axonal bundles and inferring brain connectivity. Diffusion axonal tracing, namely tractography, relies on local directional information provided by the orientation distribution functions (ODFs) estimated at each voxel. To accurately estimate ODFs, data of good signal-to-noise ratio and sufficient angular samples are desired. This is however not always available in...

Community pharmacists as vaccine providers

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Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to describe the history of pharmacist involvement as vaccine providers in the USA and discuss examples of growing interests in other parts of the world. Design/methodology/approach - Literature searches were performed in PubMed as well as pharmacy-related journals. Findings - Pharmacists have been involved with the storage and management of vaccines for more than a century. Based on the unmet needs in meeting national goals for vaccination...

Testbot: A Chatbot-Based Interactive Interview Preparation Application

Chatbots are programs that mimic human conversation using Artificial Intelligence. It has become particularly popular to serve as an ultimate virtual assistant, helping one to complete tasks with answering questions and solving problems. In this paper, I designed an efficient and accurate chatbot, Testbot, which is integrated with a web application to help students prepare interviews for data science. To meet this usability requirement, I deployed and customized an open-source chatbot framework Rasa and set...

Effects of headache on clinical measures of neuropsychological function and postural stability

Our purpose was to compare the recovery patterns of athletes reporting headache at baseline (PAH) and athletes reporting posttraumatic headache (PTH) following concussion. The study involved two separate analyses of concussed high school and collegiate athletes classified based on baseline headache scores and another by headache scores at twenty-four hours postinjury. All subjects completed a graded symptom checklist. A subset of subjects completed the Standardized Assessment of Concussion (SAC) and the Balance Error Scoring System...

Obstacles and Opportunities in Africa for the Ratification of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families

On December 18, 1990, the United Nations adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families (ICMWR), effectively establishing the principle of equal treatment and extending social and economic human rights to all regular and irregular migrant workers. Despite the Convention’s landmark capability to serve as a legal instrument for the protection of undocumented workers’ rights, as of 2017 only forty-six countries have agreed to...

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Hindustani ceremonial tabla drumming, a long-established genre with roots in northern India, remains a cherished and important component for the New York City-based Indo-Guyanese community’s religious services. Through religious Hindustani tabla instruction, repertoire, and performance, members of this immigrant group maintain and construct new cultural links that identify the particular circumstances of their diasporic setting in New York City. What are the socio-musical dynamics that condition those trajectories? Through interviews with students and teachers of...

The call for America: German-American relations and the European crisis, 1921-1924/25

This study examines German-American relations during the European general crisis of 1921-1924/5. After World War I, Germany's primary foreign policy goal was to engage the United States, whose assistance was seen as essential for the economic and diplomatic rehabilitation of Germany. America recognized that the rehabilitation of Germany was necessary for its long range goal of aiding peaceful European reconstruction through private loans and investments. Having failed to ratify the Treaty of Versailles, America had...

Fire Dances II for clarinet Quintet

The Contribution of Fibrinogen and Red Blood Cells to Arterial Thrombosis

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. This dissertation explores the role of the clotting factor fibrinogen and red blood cells (RBCs) to arterial thrombosis. Elevated plasma fibrinogen is associated with arterial thrombosis in humans and directly promotes thrombosis in mice, but the contribution of the γA/γ′ fibrinogen isoform to thrombosis is controversial. To determine if γA/γ′ is prothrombotic, we separated γA/γA and γA/γ′ from human plasma and determined the effects...

The genetics of obesity-related traits and lipoproteins in Filipino women

The underlying genetic component of risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) is not well understood. Recently, advances in high-throughput genotyping, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) discovery, and the development of databases such as the International Haplotype Map (HapMap) have provided scientists with tools to complete a genetic analysis of complex diseases such as CVD. Research presented in this dissertation aims to further understand the genetics of obesity-related traits and lipoprotein levels and identify variants that are...


This dissertation is an exploration of protest and its management in Mexico. It seeks to understand not only the factors that increase the likelihood of protest success, but also those that increase violence - either on the part of state actors in the form of protest event repression or on the part of protesters in the form of protest violence. The central argument is that state capacity plays a key role in shaping protest and...

Access to Health Care: Refugee Women's Perspective

To investigate access to health services among refugee women in Melbourne, a GIS go-along study was conducted with six Arabic speaking women. To present the findings from this innovative, hybrid data collection method, a Story Map Journal was created on ArcGIS Online Software. A Story Map Journal is an interactive web page used to display GIS data. This Story Map Journal incorporates GIS maps from the study, voice recordings from the interviews, photos as well...

Tradition and Change In A Coastal Fishing Village

Today the population of Harkers Island is 1651, and the old fishing and boat-building traditions are in trouble. Says Jim Sabella, an anthropologist at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington: "If you go to Harkers Island with the notion that you're going to find this quaint, old-timey fishing village, forget it. It's just not there. It's only when you've lived there for a while, and you get to know the families, that you see...

Unearthly Bodies (detail)

Contextual Analysis of Variation and Quality in Human-curated Gene Ontology Annotations

Two prospective randomized controlled studies of scientific curators of model organism databases (MODs) were conducted using common document collections to investigate the origins, nature, and extent of variation in curators' Gene Ontology (GO) annotations. Additional contextual data about curators' backgrounds, experience, personal annotation behaviors, and work practices were also collected to provide additional means of explaining variation. A corpus of nearly 4,000 new GO annotations covering 5 organisms was generated by 31 curators and analyzed...

Setting the table straight: a profile of food assistance users in Orange County, North Carolina

Founded around the New Hope Chapel, a small Anglican “chapel of ease,” the town of Chapel Hill has come to embody its nickname, the “Southern Part of Heaven” in many ways. Home to the University of North Carolina and renowned for its highly educated, progressive residents, Chapel Hill is “a community where a diversity of ideas, people, and opportunities converge.” Nestled within the town’s stone walls and historic oaks, however, sits a small historic building...

Recognizing Resegregation: The Divisive Intent and Implications of School District Transportation Policies

The American education system has a history of failing to provide adequate services and funding to low-income students and students of color. This study looks in depth at the transportation policies and redistricting process of three high and low-poverty school district pairs who share a geographic border. Through analyzing school district finance allocation data and conducting interviews with school district officials, I find that financing student transportation is a complicated and political issue. I find...

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