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3-D Attenuation Model of Sierra Negra Volcano, Galapagos

Rebecca Rodd

Notated FY 2013-2018 USFWS Species Listing Work Plan

Todd BenDor

Dipeptidyl-peptidase-4 inhibitors and pancreatic cancer: a cohort study

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Aims—Dipeptidyl-peptidase-4 inhibitors (DPP-4i) have been implicated with an increased pancreatic cancer risk. We therefore compared pancreatic cancer incidence and diagnostic work-up among initiators of DPP-4i versus sulfonylureas (SU) and thiazolidinediones (TZD). Methods—Medicare claims data were examined in a new-user active-comparator cohort study. Patients >65 years with no prescriptions for DPP-4i, SU or TZD at baseline were included if they had at least two claims for the same drug within 180 days. Using an as-treated approach...

Obesity prevention and the primary care pediatricianʼs office

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Purpose of review—The obesity epidemic confronts the pediatrician every day in the office. Pediatricians should help curb the epidemic through prevention and the usual pediatric primary care tasks of screening, communication and anticipatory counseling. This review highlights findings from recent literature to guide office-based prevention of obesity in children. Recent findings—More and more, children and society feel the effects of the obesity epidemic; prevention efforts need to begin earlier. Pediatricians’ efforts to screen help identify...

RGS Proteins and Septins Cooperate to Promote Chemotropism by Regulating Polar Cap Mobility

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Background—Septins are well known to form a boundary between mother and daughter cells in mitosis, but their role in other morphogenic states is poorly understood. Results—Using microfluidics and live cell microscopy, coupled with new computational methods for image analysis, we investigated septin function during pheromone-dependent chemotropic growth in yeast. We show that septins colocalize with the regulator of G-protein signaling (RGS) Sst2, a GTPase-activating protein that dampens pheromone receptor signaling. We show further that the...

Frequency of anti-bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein (BPI) and anti-azurocidin in patients with renal disease

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The major subtypes of anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA) detected by indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) are P-ANCA and C-ANCA. In patients with vasculitis, myeloperoxidase (MPO) is the major P-ANCA antigen and proteinase 3 (PR3) is the major C-ANCA antigen. BPI and azurocidin, which are also called 57-kD cationic antimicrobial protein (CAP 57) and 37-kD cationic antimicrobial protein (CAP 37), respectively, have been proposed as less frequent target antigens for C-ANCA and P-ANCA. In patients with renal...

Salvia miltiorrhiza water-soluble extract, but not its constituent salvianolic acid B, abrogates LPS-induced NF-kappaB signalling in intestinal epithelial cells

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Herbal medicine has become an increasing popular therapeutic alternative among patients suffering from various inflammatory disorders. The Salvia miltiorrhizae water-soluble extract (SME) have been shown to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in vitro. However, the mechanism of action and impact of SME on LPS-induced gene expression is still unknown. We report that SME significantly abrogated LPS-induced IκB phosphorylation/degradation, NF-κB transcriptional activity and ICAM-1 gene expression in rat IEC-18 cells. Chromatin immunoprecipitation assay demonstrated that LPS-induced...

Anti-myeloperoxidase autoantibodies react with native but not denatured myeloperoxidase

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We wondered whether anti-myeloperoxidase (MPO) autoantibodies (MPO-ANCA) found in patients with systemic vasculitis react with a conformational epitope or epitopes on the MPO molecule. Sera from 15 human MPO-ANCA, and a polyclonal and a monoclonal anti-MPO antibodies were reacted with MPO in native and denatured states. Human MPO-ANCA and mouse monoclonal anti-MPO reacted with native MPO, and a 120-kD band representing the MPO hologenzyme, but not with denatured MPO fragments; however, MPO-ANCA and mouse anti-MPO...

Reduced ratio of protective versus proinflammatory cytokine responses to commensal bacteria in HLA-B27 transgenic rats

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Germ-free HLA-B27 transgenic (TG) rats do not develop colitis, but colonization with specific pathogen-free (SPF) bacteria induces colitis accompanied by immune activation. To study host-dependent immune responses to commensal caecal bacteria we investigated cytokine profiles in mesenteric lymph node (MLN) cells from HLA-B27 TG versus nontransgenic (non-TG) littermates after in vitro stimulation with caecal bacterial lysates (CBL). Supernatants from CBL-stimulated unseparated T- or B- cell-depleted MLN cells from HLA-B27 TG and non-TG littermates were analysed...

Antibody response to streptococcal cell wall antigens associated with experimental arthritis in rats.

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The antibody response to group A streptococcal cell wall components was measured in rats during the development of chronic, remittent experimental arthritis. The arthritis was induced by a single intraperitoneal injection of an aqueous suspension of group A streptococcal cell wall fragments and antibodies were measured by a radioactive antigen-binding assay. Antibodies in serum against both peptidoglycan and A polysaccharide reached maximum levels at 1 or 2 weeks and declined to preimmunization levels by day...

Spontaneous antiidiotypic antibodies to the NZB Coombs autoantibody.

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We have further investigated the phenomenon of spontaneous anti-(Coombs) antiidiotypic antibodies in the Fl hybrids of New Zealand black (NZB) and CBA mice. These mice show an age-related increase in incidence of such antiidiotype during the first year of life. There is no difference between males and females in the occurrence of antiidiotype. Reciprocal hybrids are both affected, so that maternal influence from the NZB strain is not critical. The antiidiotype also occurs in spite...

Metabolite data of mouse hearts in the early stages of the cardiac fuel switch

Jonathan Schisler

Scripts for large-scale analysis of Bacillus bacterial genomes

Elizabeth Shank

Constructing Weights to Use in Analyzing Pairs of Individuals from Add Health Data

Kim Chantala

Community Advantage Panel Survey

Roberto Quercia

Attention-Following and Initiating Joint Attention Protocol

Linda Watson

Metabolomics datasets from CHIP null mice with pressure overload

Jonathan Schisler


In the early nineteenth century, the sexual division of labor in education established women as teachers and men as leaders. With the Common Schools movement and as Taylorism was applied to the process of schooling, the position of superintendent was firmly established by the late 1800s. As women gained suffrage, they launched successful campaigns for elected superintendencies, and in 1930, women held nearly 11% of all superintendencies. In response, powerful men superintendents led successful attacks...

Molecular dosimetry of 1,2 guanine-guanine intrastrand cross links of cisplatin by ultra performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

Cisplatin has been extensively studied as an antitumor agent since the late 1960s. However the mode of action for the efficacy and adverse effects of cisplatin are poorly understood. It was previously believed that the cisplatin1,2 intrastrand guanine-guanine [CP-d(GpG)] cross link was likely responsible for much of the cytotoxic actions of the compound. But current techniques prevented accurate and specific adduct quantification using pharmacologically relevant concentrations of cisplatin. Therefore, the development of a highly sensitive...

Mechanism and timing effects on the kinematics and kinetics of the running and cutting motion

This study examines the lower extremity biomechanics, kinematics and kinetics during cutting maneuvers performed by recreational athletes by comparing the effects of anticipation, gender and training on the biomechanics of the cutting maneuver. Ankle, knee and hip injuries are thought to most likely to occur when performing such cutting maneuver. Understanding the dynamics of motions during cutting is the first step to prevent such injuries. Previous studies have compared the cutting maneuver to a straight-ahead...

Fish assemblages of Caribbean coral reefs: Effects of overfishing on coral communities under climate change

Coral reefs are threatened worldwide due to local stressors such as overfishing, pollution, and diseases outbreaks, as well as global impacts such as ocean warming. The persistence of this ecosystem will depend, in part, on addressing local impacts since humanity is failing to control climate change. However, we need a better understanding of how protection from local stressors decreases the susceptibility of reef corals to the effects of climate change across large-spatial scales. My dissertation...

The role of NF-κB in BCR-ABL-driven oncogenic transformation and in hematopoiesis

Chronic myeloid leukemia is a malignant clonal disorder of hematopoietic stem cells that results in increased and deregulated growth of myeloid cells. About 95% of CML cases arise from the formation of the Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome, resulting in the expression of BCR-ABL, an oncoprotein with constitutive tyrosine kinase activity that drives oncogenesis. Current therapeutics for CML includes the BCR-ABL inhibitor, imatinib, which results in molecular remission in only 4% of patients. Drug resistance also occurs...

Obesity and the timing of cohabitation and marriage

The prevalence of adult overweight and obesity has increased substantially in the United States over the past few decades. Besides the health consequences of obesity, it also has social and psychological consequences. As a social marker, it influences individuals' positions or status in a various social contexts and thereby contributes to social stratification. Using The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) data, this paper analyzes the effect of obesity on the likelihood and...

Mammography maintenance: a longitudinal, population-based study of insured women

Early detection through mammography screening is an effective way to control breast cancer. Rates of mammography screening have increased dramatically over the last decade although recent data suggest that rates may now be declining. To reduce their risk of breast cancer morbidity and mortality, women should maintain regular on-schedule mammography use (i.e., mammography maintenance). Repeat use is a necessary step towards that goal. Many variables have been examined as predictors or correlates of repeat mammography...

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