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Non-Response in Wave IV of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health

Naomi Brownstein, William D. Kalsbeek, Joyce Tabor, Pamela Entzel, Eric Daza & Kathleen Mullan Harris

Add Health Wave V Documentation: Cardiovascular Measures

Eric A. Whistsel, Robert Angel, Rick O'Hara, Lixin Qu, Kathryn Carrier & Kathleen Mullan Harris
This document summarizes the rationale, equipment, measurement, protocol and data cleaning procedures for each of the cardiovascular measures collected at the Wave V home exam. It also documents how constructed variables were derived from the cardiovascular measures collected in the field. Whenever possible, data collection and methods in Wave V mirrored those of Wave IV to ensure comparability of data between waves. This document is one in a set of Wave V user guides. User...

Latinos in Sampson County, North Carolina : an action-oriented community diagnosis

Rebecca Cashman, Katie Cravens, Amy Hobbie, Tanya Montoya, Serene Myers & Sarah O'Brien
The following document is a detailed report of an Action Oriented Community Diagnosis (AOCD) conducted by a team of six students from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, School of Public Health, Department of Health Behavior and Health Educations in collaboration with the Sampson County Health Department. The AOCD was conducted in order to understand the cultural, social, economic, and health experiences of Latinos living in or accessing services in Sampson County. Throughout the...

Spanish-speaking community of Asheboro, Randolph County, North Carolina : an action oriented community diagnosis : findings and recommendations for future action

Kelley De Leeuw, Carrie Fesperman, Mariana Garrettson, Matthew Griffith, Heather Hart & Ann Krier
Asheboro, a small textile-manufacturing city in the southern Piedmont region of North Carolina, is considered a desirable place to live by most of its adult residents. However, the small city has been struggling to keep up with rapid population growth due in part to an influx of Latino immigrants. From 1990 to 2000 the Asheboro Latino population increased by well over 2,000%. This rapid growth has put a strain on social services in the region,...

The Hispanic/Latino community in the Fox Ridge Manor Apartments, Wake County, North Carolina : an action-oriented community diagnosis : findings and next steps of action

Carolyn Gray, Tasseli McKay, Kisha Merchant, Amanda Phillips-Martinez & Kristin Schaible
During the 2002-2003 academic year, five students from the University of North Carolina’s School of Public Health conducted a community diagnosis for Hispanic/Latino residents of Fox Ridge Manor, an apartment complex in Southeast Raleigh. The AOCD process is used to help understand the many sides of a community, including its norms, values, culture, power structure, history, and patterns of communication (Eng and Blanchard, 1991). The goal is to develop an insider’s view and understanding of...

Annual Physician Assistant Studies Program Capstone Projects

Enslaved Scholars

Mbaye Lo & Carl Ernst

UNC-Chapel Hill Coronavirus Research

On the Books

Faculty Engaged Scholarship: Setting Standards and Building Conceptual Clarity

Lynn Blanchard & Andrew Furco

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fluxes from Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments in a High-Altitude Tropical Catchment

Diego Riveros-Iregui, Andrew Murray, Keridwen Whitmore, Chloe Schneider, Megan Raisle & Maribel Herrara

Annual Speech and Hearing Sciences Student Research Day

Annual Occupational Therapy Student Poster Day

Langa 18-39y Diet Survey: Taxed and Untaxed Beverages Replication Dataset

Michael Essman

The Latino community of Carrboro, Orange County, NC : an action-oriented community diagnosis : a participatory assessment of the Latino community of Carrboro

Erica Childs, Stephanie Etienne, Shaina Gross, Kristen Stoimenoff & Nina Yamanis
Carrboro is located adjacent to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and prides itself on being an open and welcoming community. Since 1990 the Latino population of Carrboro has grown 936%, and currently represents 12% of the community. The significant growth of the Latino community of Carrboro has contributed to the town’s diversity and has led to many changes in service delivery. An Action-Oriented Community Diagnosis of the Latino community of Carrboro was conducted by five graduate...

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