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Genetically predicted longer telomere length is associated with increased risk of B-cell lymphoma subtypes

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Evidence from a small number of studies suggests that longer telomere length measured in peripheral leukocytes is associated with an increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). However, these studies may be biased by reverse causation, confounded by unmeasured environmental exposures and might miss time points for which prospective telomere measurement would best reveal a relationship between telomere length and NHL risk. We performed an analysis of genetically inferred telomere length and NHL risk in a...

On the combinatorics of minimal non-gatherable triples in classical affine root systems

Minimal non-gatherable triples are combinatorially interesting objects found in the inversion sets of words in some affinne and non-afiine Weyl groups. This dissertation continues the work of our two papers with professor Cherednik. The goal of this paper is the complete description of minimal non-gatherable triangle triples in the lambda-sequences for the ane classical root systems. After a brief introduction, we will accomplish this by describing all such objects in the twisted B-case and showing...

Structural connectomics of anxious arousal in early adolescence: Translating clinical and ethological findings

Etiological explanations of clinical anxiety can be advanced through understanding the neural mechanisms associated with anxiety in youth prior to the emergence of psychopathology. In this vein, the present study sought to investigate how trait anxiety is related to features of the structural connectome in early adolescence. 40 adolescents (21 female, mean age = 13.49 years) underwent a diffusion-weighted imaging scan. We hypothesized that the strength of several a priori defined structural connections would vary...

Local delivery of checkpoints antibodies

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Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) based cancer immunotherapy has recently attracted considerable interest in the field of cancer therapy. The relevant immunotherapeutic agents do not directly attack the tumor, but boost the body's immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells. In this commentary, recent efforts utilizing immunoengineering for local delivery of these immune checkpoint antibodies are introduced. Future opportunities and challenges in this research theme are also commented.

Hispanic Safety in the Workplace: Higher Fatality and Injury Rates Among Hispanic Population

The purpose of this paper is to review the higher fatality and injury rate in the Hispanic population in the United States (US) whether legal immigrants, citizens, or illegal immigrants; to review the current government and private industry regulations and safety programs; to propose additional legislation or programs; and to describe the role of the occupational and environmental health nurse in reducing injuries and fatalities in this population. This paper will review recommendations from unions...

Structural insights into the extracellular recognition of the human serotonin 2B receptor by an antibody

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Highly selective monoclonal antibodies recognizing the extracellular 3D epitope of G protein-coupled receptors represent valuable tools for elucidating receptor function and localization in the cell and show promise for a range of therapeutic applications. Here we present the structure of a complex between the human serotonin 2B receptor, captured in an active-like state, and an antibody Fab fragment, bound to the extracellular side of the receptor. The structure uncovers the mechanisms of receptor activation and...

A Systematic Review of Antiretroviral Therapy Program Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti

Research Questions: 1. Do antiretroviral treatment programs for the treatment of HIV-infection reduce AIDS-related mortality and improve immunovirologic markers in HIV-infected adults in Haiti and the countries of sub-Saharan Africa? 2. What factors contribute to the improvement of health outcomes in antiretroviral treatment programs for HIV-infected individuals in sub- Saharan Africa and Haiti?

Nonnative SOD1 trimer is toxic to motor neurons in a model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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Protein aggregation is a hallmark of neurodegenerative disease and is hypothesized to cause neuron death. Despite extensive study of disease-associated aggregating proteins, mechanisms of neuron death remain a mystery, and no cures or effective treatments yet exist. Here, we demonstrate the toxicity of a small aggregate of the Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase (SOD1) protein, associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We present an experimentally verified structural model of this toxic species and show that SOD1 mutants...

\"Let's Talk About It\" Mobile Application for Teen Pregnancy and STI Prevention, mHealth Implementation Plan

Currently, numerous mobile health (mHealth) interventions are being developed across the globe to help improve public health outcomes. Earlier this year, our three-person team of Masters of Public Health students came up with a teen pregnancy prevention and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) protection mobile application (app) idea and presented it at the 2013 University of North Carolina (UNC) Science Expo event in Chapel Hill. Based on a review of evidence-based mHealth interventions, theories for changing...

A method for estimating treatment effects in clinical data associated with personalized medicine: a replication study

In this text, the methodology developed by Tian et al. is verified by the author via a number of numerical simulations: an arbitrary collection of random variables are generated to represent baseline covariates, and “true” treatment effect for each subject is calculated using a preset formula. By coding the treatment variable as ±1 and fitting the products of the treatment variable and baseline covariates (which essentially are treatment/covariate interaction terms) in a LASSO regression model,...

Science and Engineering-based Federal Library Web Sites and Public Accessibility of Information and Resources

This study depicts an assessment of public accessibility of information and resources in science and engineering-oriented federal libraries via library Web sites. Federal libraries often play a large role in amassing information and resources and creating some type of access for both federal employees and the general public. This evaluation was performed to assess and compare, among federal libraries, the current state of information resources as they relate to public accessibility. Twenty federal library Web...

A case study in the organizational development of a digital library: SunSITE - MetaLab - Ibiblio

July 2002, SunSITE-MetaLab-ibiblio will celebrate ten years of existence. It has been an exciting decade, full of innovation and experimentation. During this time, the pendulum of information organization has swung from being driven by the technology to savoring the liberation of the new medium--back and forth, never lingering long. Usability, visual interest and technology have led the dance of the development of the digital archive. This paper is a case study of the SunSITE-MetaLab-ibiblio archive...

The Speech-Language Pathologist’s Role in Concussion Management: A Systematic Review

Traumatic brain injury (or TBI) is a an injury gaining widespread notoriety due to its deadly reputation among professional athletes and military personnel. But according to the CDC, “most TBIs that occur each year are mild, commonly called concussions.” In the past decade, the rate of medical treatment required from sport and recreation-related injuries has doubled in those under age 18. Symptoms of a concussion included headaches, dizziness, amnesia, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting,...

Wilhelm Waiblinger in Italy

This study traces the importance of Italy as a source of literary inspiration in the work of the Swabian poet Wilhelm Waiblinger (1804-1830), who spent the last four years of his life, the most prolific of his career, living and traveling in Italy. Drawing on Waiblinger's poems, travel accounts, letters and diaries, Thompson compiles and analyzes Waiblinger's thoughts on and engagement with Italian art, literature, music, people and landscapes as well as the themes of...

Common Planning and the Flexible Schedule: A Case Study of Change

The purpose of this study was to explore the participation of core middle school teachers in the change process as their schools adopted common planning structures. The study followed Oakwood Middle School and Mountain Creek Middle School throughout the initiation and implementation of required common planning times for core content area teachers. The change process was a complex and multi-faceted operation that required school leaders to build the local capacity of organizations involved. This qualitative...

Isolating involuntary attention hold: a study of distraction

Distraction occurs when voluntary focus is disrupted by bottom-up influences on attention and must be reoriented back to task-relevant goals. Human neuroimaging studies suggest that the right temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) plays a critical role in the reorienting of attention following distraction. However, the neural processes by which distraction affects perception and subsequent actions are unclear. Here, we investigated the neural mechanisms of distraction when attention is differentially captured by a distracting stimulus; specifically, when attention...

Straddling the Threshold of Two Worlds: The Culture of American Soldiers in the Vietnam War, 1965-1973

The Vietnam War is often portrayed in postwar popular culture as a conflict fought primarily by reluctant draftees who, donning peace symbols, listening to Rock, and smoking marijuana, held values incompatible with achieving military success there. These generalizations point to the entanglement of societal and soldier culture during the Vietnam War. This dissertation argues that rapid communications and travel collapsed the timeframe for people, news, cultural trends, and popular culture to reach the war zone...

Examination of Cortical/Thalamic-Striatal Circuitry in Modulating Sensitivity to Alcohol and Relapse

All drugs of abuse produce unique interoceptive/subjective (i.e., discriminative stimulus) effects that can impact drug-taking, seeking, and relapse in both clinical and pre-clinical studies. However, the neural circuitry modulating the interoceptive effects of alcohol has yet to be established. The nucleus accumbens core (AcbC), a region known to modulate alcohol-related behaviors, also plays a central role in modulating the discriminative stimulus effects of alcohol. Thus, by investigating the insular cortex (IC) and rhomboid thalamic nucleus...

Defining Modern European Regional Identities through Italy and the United Kingdom

The following thesis defines regional identity and describes the historical development of regional identity in Italy and the United Kingdom. Case studies of those nations (Piedmont, Calabria, Scotland, and England) are used to illustrate different components of regional identity and compared. This study is guided by how the concepts of regional identity challenge their nation’s political-administrative and socio-economic centrality as relating to factors including history of both the nation and region, religious affiliation and importance,...

Essays on International Financial Regulation

The first chapter of this dissertation examines the incentives of national regulators to coordinate regulatory policies in the presence of systemic risk in global financial markets. In a two-country and three-period model, correlated asset fire sales by banks generate systemic risk across national financial markets. Relaxing regulatory standards in one country increases both the cost and the severity of crises for both countries in this framework. In the absence of coordination independent regulators choose inefficiently...

The U.S. Coast Guard public affairs officer: roles, perceptions, and culture – a communication excellence study

U.S. Coast Guard missions have grown considerably since it transferred to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Using "best practices" from the excellence theory of public relations and high reliability organizational theory, this study examines whether the current structure of the U.S. Coast Guard public affairs program is sufficient to effectively provide a full spectrum of public affairs services over the range of activities that the service has been engaged in since transferring to DHS....

Enrollment and Stopping Rules for Managing Toxicity in Phase II Oncology Trials with Delayed Outcome

Stopping rules for toxicity are routinely used in phase II oncology trials. If the follow-up for toxicity is long, it is desirable to have a stopping rule that uses all toxicity information available, not only information from patients with full follow-up. Further, to prevent excessive toxicity in such trials, an enrollment rule is needed. The enrollment rule informs an investigator about the maximum number of patients that can be enrolled depending on the current enrollment...

B3800 Final Report and Notes 2006

The effects of augmented feedback on knee valgus angles and muscle activity during a jump landing task

Objective: To investigate effects of augmented feedback on knee valgus angles and hip muscle activity. Design: Repeated measures pre-test – post-test design to determine the effects of augmented feedback on knee kinematics and muscle activity. Setting: Research Laboratory Subjects: 32 healthy, recreationally active females (age= 20.3±1.3 yrs, height= 166.5±7.4cm, mass= 66.6± 12.4 kg) displaying visual knee valgus. Intervention: Intervention subjects were given video and verbal feedback regarding their landing technique. Statistical Analysis: Mixed model repeated...

Parenting & privilege: race, social class and the intergenerational transmission of social inequality

Drawing on data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics' Childhood Developmental Supplement, I employed structural equation modeling to test four hypotheses derived from Annette Lareau's concerted cultivation theory of the social reproduction of inequality: 1) that an underlying construct, which Lareau labels concerted cultivation, manifests itself across a number of interrelated parenting practices; 2) that concerted cultivation is tied to social class, with middle-class parents providing more concerted cultivation than working-class and poor parents,...

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