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Lipidomic Analysis of Oxidized Fatty Acids in Plant and Algae Oils

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Linoleic acid (LA) and α-linolenic acid (ALA) in plant or algae oils are precursors to oxidized fatty acid metabolites known as oxylipins. Liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry was used to quantify oxylipins in soybean, corn, olive, canola, and four high-oleic acid algae oils at room temperature or after heating for 10 min at 100 °C. Flaxseed oil oxylipin concentrations were determined in a follow-up experiment that compared it to soybean, canola, corn, and olive oil....

Partition identities and quiver representations

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The Drama of German Expressionism: A German-English Bibliography

Originally published in 1960, this bibliography with more than five thousand items provided an indispensable tool for those interested in the German expressionist plays. The volume contains a general bibliography on German expressionistic drama and as well as sixteen leading German playwrights: Barlach, Brecht, Bronnen, Goering, Hasenclever, Jahnn, Johst, Kaiser, Kokoschka, Kornfeld, Rubiner, Sorge, Sternheim, Toller, Unruh, and Werfel.

Studies in Goethe's Lyric Cycles

The book presents a series of interpretive readings of the "Römische Elegien", "Sonette", "Chinesisch-deutsche Jarhes- und Tageszeiten", several trilogies, and the shorter cycles of 1821, taking into account the variety of literary devices Goethe employs to link poems together into a cycle. The author examines Goethe's role in the history of the lyric cycle and, in stressing structural design, urges a reevaluation of the cycle's emergence as a standard poetic device.

Music of the Minnesinger and Early Meistersinger: A Bibliography

Originally published in 1962, this complete bibliography of the music of the Minnesinger provided an essential tool for scholars of medieval German literature. The songs are listed in alphabetical order by composer along with information on the manuscript and folio, ascription, and publication. A list of manuscripts organized by library as well as the chief books and articles dealing with this material is included.

The Laxdœla Saga: Its Structural Patterns

This study is an unorthodox approach to the origin, historicity, and authorship of the anonymous Icelandic sagas. Following the publication of her translation of the "Laxdœla Saga", in this volume Madelung uses her deep knowledge of the text to demonstrate the literary quality and aesthetic structure of the work, especially the function of repetition. She shows that the Saga contains a historical-political analogy between the period in which the story is set (the eleventh century)...

Theodor Storm’s Novellen: Essays on Literary Technique

These six essays elucidate some of the more significant aspects of Storm's literary technique. The treatments of some of Storm's "Novellen", including "Am Kamin", "Aquis Submersus" and two versions of "Immensee", show how Storm used structure, symbolism, elements of tragedy and other narrative devices in his prodigious body of works of German Realism.

Studies in German Literature of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Festschrift for Frederic E. Coenen

Twenty-one distinguished American Germanists pay tribute to F. E. Coenen, previous longtime editor (1952-1968) of UNC Press' Studies in Germanic Languages and Literatures series. Their essays—reflecting a variety of approaches—deal with many major (Goethe, Kleist, Droste-Hülshoff, Keller, Nietsche, Rilke, Kafka, Hesse, Brecht, Thomas Mann, Musil) and some minor figures who have influenced the literary scene after 1800 and add significantly to both scholarship in and interpretation of modern German literature.

The Nibelungenlied Today: Its Substance, Essence, and Significance

This thorough study of the moral values of the "Nibelungen" and of their paradoxical behavior posits the work as an indictment of a society that results time and again in collective human tragedy. Told with tragic insight, yet sympathetically, the epic may well be described as the story of man, the victim of himself. Mueller analyzes the work in three chapters, focused on substance, essence and significance, in order to make the epic poem relevant...

The Intervention of Philology: Gender, Learning, and Power in Lohenstein's Roman Plays

This book examines the interplay of history, textuality, dramaturgy, and politics in the school dramas of Daniel Casper von Lohenstein (1635–1683). The plays are based on well-known episodes from classical Roman history and were staged in Breslau by students at two all-male humanistic gymnasia. Organized exclusively around stories of such female protagonists as Agrippina, Cleopatra, Epicharis, and Sophonisbe, these productions required that the young actors dress as women to play roles that routinely involved scenes...

Friedrich Nietzsche's Impact on Modern German Literature: Five Essays

These previously published essays discuss Nietzsche's influence on Arthur Schnitzler, Carl Sternheim, Georg Kaiser, Robert Musil, and Hermann Hesse. As a "Festschrift", it also contains a tribute to Herbert W. Reichert and a bibliography of his writings.

Literary Paternity, Literary Friendship: Essays in Honor of Stanley Corngold

The twenty-one original essays in this volume offer a rigorous reconsideration of modern forms of paternity and friendship as they emerge in works by writers and philosophers from the eighteenth through the twentieth century. Exploring various models of these twin themes, contributors examine writings of canonical figures such as Goethe, Schiller, Hölderlin, Kleist, and Brentano, as well as Kafka, Benjamin, and Arendt. Together, the essays combine an emphasis on the German literary-philosophical tradition with comparative...

Realism and Reality: Studies in the German Novelle of Poetic Realism

In this 1954 study of poetic realism and the "Novelle" form, Silz examines nine "Novellen" by Brentano, Arnim, Droste-Hülshoff, Stifter, Grillsparzer, Keller, Meyer, Storm and Hauptmann. Through his textual interpretation of each of these works Silz draws the threads of the transition from Romanticism to Naturalism as well as the development of the "Novelle" form.

Exile: The Writer's Experience

This work is a collection of twenty-four fundamental essays on the many-sided topic of German exile literature during and after Hitler's Third Reich. Exile literature, which emerged in the 1980s as a special field of critical investigation within German Studies, embraced the diverse works of writers who were scattered from Hollywood to Moscow but were related by the common bond of exile from Germany. Leading American and European specialists in the field are contributors to...

Clinical Decision-Making Following Disasters: Efficient Identification of PTSD Risk in Adolescents

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The present study aimed to utilize a Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) approach in order to improve clinical decision-making for adolescents at risk for the development of psychopathology in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Specifically we assessed theoretically-driven individual, interpersonal, and event-related vulnerability factors to determine which indices were most accurate in forecasting PTSD. Furthermore, we aimed to translate these etiological findings by identifying clinical cut-off recommendations for relevant vulnerability factors. Our study consisted of...

The Informational Role of the Media in Private Lending

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ABSTRACT We investigate whether a borrower's media coverage influences the syndicated loan origination and participation decisions of informationally disadvantaged lenders, loan syndicate structures, and interest spreads. In syndicated loan deals, information asymmetries can exist between lenders that have a relationship with a borrower and less informed, nonrelationship lenders competing to serve as lead arranger on a syndicated loan, and also between lead arrangers and less informed syndicate participants. Theory suggests that the aggressiveness with which...

Maternal Exposure to Occupational Asthmagens During Pregnancy and Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Study to Explore Early Development

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Abstract Maternal immune activity has been linked to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We examined maternal occupational exposure to asthma-causing agents during pregnancy in relation to ASD risk. Our sample included 463 ASD cases and 710 general population controls from the Study to Explore Early Development whose mothers reported at least one job during pregnancy. Asthmagen exposure was estimated from a published job-exposure matrix. The adjusted odds ratio for ASD comparing asthmagen-exposed to unexposed...

Early Gesture and Vocabulary Development in Infant Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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This study examined longitudinal growth in gestures and words in infants at heightened (HR) vs. low risk (LR) for ASD. The MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory was administered monthly from 8 to 14 months and at 18 and 24 months to caregivers of 14 HR infants diagnosed with ASD (HR-ASD), 27 HR infants with language delay (HR-LD), 51 HR infants with no diagnosis (HR-ND), and 28 LR infants. Few differences were obtained between LR and HR-ND...

IgG4 autoantibodies are inhibitory in the autoimmune disease bullous pemphigoid

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The IgG4 subclass of antibodies exhibits unique characteristics that suggest it may function in an immunoregulatory capacity. The inhibitory function of IgG4 has been well documented in allergic disease by the demonstration of IgG4 blocking antibodies, but similar functions have not been explored in autoimmune disease. Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is a subepidermal autoimmune blistering disease characterized by autoantibodies directed against BP180 and an inflammatory infiltrate including eosinophils and neutrophils. Animal models have revealed that the...

Bradycardia as a Marker of Chronic Cocaine Use: A Novel Cardiovascular Finding

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Few studies have examined the effects of chronic cocaine use on the resting surface electrocardiogram (ECG) between exposures to cocaine.

Imaging and simulation of Achilles tendon dynamics: Implications for walking performance in the elderly

The Achilles tendon (AT) is a complex structure, consisting of distinct fascicle bundles arising from each triceps surae muscle that may act as mechanically independent structures. Advances in tissue imaging are rapidly accelerating our understanding of the complexities of functional Achilles tendon behavior, with potentially important implications for musculoskeletal injury and performance. In this overview of our recent contributions to these efforts, we present the results of complementary experimental and computational approaches to investigate AT...

Mechanical strength of aneurysmatic and dissected human thoracic aortas at different shear loading modes

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Rupture of aneurysms and acute dissection of the thoracic aorta are life-threatening events which affect tens of thousands of people per year. The underlying mechanisms remain unclear and the aortic wall is known to lose its structural integrity, which in turn affects its mechanical response to the loading conditions. Hence, research on such aortic diseases is an important area in biomechanics. The present study investigates the mechanical properties of aneurysmatic and dissected human thoracic aortas...

Pilot clinical study to assess caries lesion activity using quantitative light-induced fluorescence during dehydration

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This study aimed to evaluate the ability of quantitative light-induced fluorescence (QLF) to assess caries lesion activity using visual examination (VE) as the gold standard. Twenty-four visible white spot lesions on buccal surfaces were examined from 23 children, ages 9 to 14 years. At baseline, the surface was hydrated with water, and thereafter, it was dehydrated with continuous compressed air during image acquisition. QLF images were acquired at 0 (baseline), 5, and 15 s. QLF...

Practical designs for Phase I combination studies in oncology

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Phase I trials evaluating the safety of multi-drug combinations are becoming more common in oncology. Despite the emergence of novel methodology in the area, it is rare that innovative approaches are used in practice. In this article, we review three methods for Phase I combination studies that are easy to understand and straightforward to implement. We demonstrate the operating characteristics of the designs through illustration in a single trial, as well as through extensive simulation...

Sensitivity analysis for missing outcomes in time-to-event data with covariate adjustment

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Covariate-adjusted sensitivity analyses is proposed for missing time-to-event outcomes. The method invokes multiple imputation (MI) for the missing failure times under a variety of specifications regarding the post-withdrawal tendency for having the event of interest. With a clinical trial example, we compared methods of covariance analyses for time-to-event data, i.e., the multivariable Cox proportional hazards model and non-parametric ANCOVA, and then illustrated how to incorporate these methods into the proposed sensitivity analysis for covariate adjustment....

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