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Robinson Honors Fellowship 2019: Laura Wilder

During the summer of 2019, I researched lace making in Burano, Italy, specifically the changes to the art form and trade between the 17th and 20th centuries and the effects of these changes on the artists and the industry itself.

Carolina Blue Fellowship Video: Jack Jameson

Video recap of Jack Jameson's Carolina Blue Fellowship experience.

Implications of Text and Visuals in Late Medieval Paris: A Case Study of the Danse Macabre in the Cemetery of the Holy Innocents

Presentation on Danse Macabre research and my experiences in France and Germany as a 2019 Robinson Honors Fellow. A visual and textual analysis of the Danse Macabre as it once existed in the Cemetery of the Holy Innocents in Paris, France.

Burch Experience 2019: The Power of Technology in Aiding Refugees

This project was conducted the summer of 2019 in Paris, France, by Elisa Kadackal. It follows her research regarding the ways technology can be paired with social good to aid refugee and migrant communities. Working with Shifra, a non-profit with ties to UNC's Gilling's School of Public Health, as well as the non-profit Techfugees, she explored the intersections of public health and technology to facilitate the creation of a web-app that might provide greater access...

Carolina Blue Honors Fellowship 2019-- Virginia Caudill

As a recipient of the Carolina Blue Honors Fellowship for 2019, Virginia Caudill traveled to Stellenbosch, South Africa, to work with Stillwater Sports as their marketing and events intern.

Otra Vez: Once again, from the Beginning

My 2019 Burch Fellowship took me to the heart of Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA. Throughout the summer, I worked with The Immigrant Story, a nonprofit storytelling organization which specializes in narrating stories about immigrants. Immigration is a touchstone in politics right now. With such high tensions in the media, I was set on changing that negative narrative surrounding incoming immigrants. I spent the summer immersing myself into the lives of immigrant families. I...

Carolina Blue Honors Fellowship

A video summary of my experience as a 2019 Carolina Blue Honors Fellowship. I traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa and worked for Levergy as an intern.

Exploring the Historical Roots of Mental Institutions

Summer 2019, London and Paris Banu spent her summer visiting historical mental institutions in England and France to conduct a comparison of the physical space of the institutions. She analyzed the architectural design of those institutions in relation to the confinement of psychiatric patients and compare how the decisions made in designing the institutions reflect the historic cultural values surrounding the needs of psychiatric patients in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Gender and Development in Yangon, Myanmar

This is a video depicting my Burch Fellowship project in Yangon, Myanmar in summer 2019. I spent three months working at the Asia Foundation, where I developed gender mainstreaming programs and conducted research on gender disparities in experience of international development.

Ellie Rudd Carolina Blue Fellowship

A video outlining my 2019 summer marketing internship through the Carolina Blue Fellowship with Playmakers Sponsorship in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Klaus Mayr Burch 2019 Video

This is a video by Klaus Mayr of his 2019 Burch Fellowship.

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