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3-D Attenuation Model of Sierra Negra Volcano, Galapagos

Rebecca Rodd

Notated FY 2013-2018 USFWS Species Listing Work Plan

Todd BenDor

Metabolite data of mouse hearts in the early stages of the cardiac fuel switch

Jonathan Schisler

Community Advantage Panel Survey

Roberto Quercia

Metabolomics datasets from CHIP null mice with pressure overload

Jonathan Schisler

DENR Nutrient Management Plan--Filelist and Attributes Legend

This document acts as a legend for the Filelist and Attributes table listing permitted swine facilities from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources from 2014.

Duplin county HUC12s data

Contains data for HUC12s (watershed boundaries) in Duplin county in csv format.

Duplin county sprayfield data

Contains data for Duplin county sprayfields in csv format.

Spreadsheet of Data

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is a fat tissue present in most mammals, which is specialized in non-shivering thermogenesis. Thermogenic activity in BAT is commonly detected by PET/CT imaging with 18F-FDG, a glucose analog, in both rodents and humans. Increased uptake of the 18F-FDG within regions of BAT is interpreted as an indicator of increased thermogenic activity within the tissue. Despite its prevalence, recent studies have begun to question the use of 18F-FDG PET/CT for the...

Session Laws Passed by the North Carolina General Assembly During 1866/67-1967 (plain text format) version 1

Matt Jansen, Neil Byers, Amanda Henley, Rucha Dalwadi & Lorin Bruckner
This corpus was created for a text analysis project called On the Books: Jim Crow and Algorithms of Resistance. On the Books focused specifically on the laws passed during the Jim Crow Era, which is defined for this project as the period between Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement (1866-1967). This dataset contains 96 text files, one for each volume in the corpus, in a plain text format. This work is licensed under a Creative...

DOE Project Data Archive

This is the data archive for the DOE project. It is fully public accessible. For questions please contact Jason Surratt: surratt@unc.edu.

Animal 770

Animal 770. Male, WT, Set 2 (w/ NE).

Data for Open Access Patterns in Emerging Scholars’ Journal Choice: A Bibliometric Analysis

This bibliometric analysis of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill research provides a case study for tenure-track faculty’s open access publishing action. Looking specifically at the publications of 300 tenure-track assistant professors and instructors, this study creates a series of quantitative information visualizations to see researcher publishing trends leading up to tenure review. It identifies the proportion of assistant professors publishing open access, breaks down the top departments, and shows how open access has...

Langa 18-39y Diet Survey: Taxed and Untaxed Beverages Replication Dataset

Michael Essman

Walker et al, Lab Animal publication - survey data

This national survey aimed to identify how biomedical researchers using vertebrate animals viewed issues of significance for translational science including oversight and public engagement and to analyze how researcher characteristics and animal model choice correlate with those views. Responses from 1,187 researchers showed awareness of, and concerns about, problems of translation, reproducibility, and rigor. Surveyed scientists were nevertheless optimistic about the value of animal studies, favorable about research oversight, and reported openness with nonscientists in...

Kuo 2014 genetics data sets

Jeff J. Sekelsky

Data sharing for masters theses appendix data

As new practices become established procedures, we must amend policies and guidelines to expand to fit these new norms. Data sharing is now becoming an expectation in scientific research. This paper will survey the landscape of data sharing policy from funders, publishers, and universities and will take from those policies to suggest changes the UNC SILS master’s paper/project policy to include a data sharing component, namely, a data management plan and a data availability statement....

Exploring Devolved Decision Authority in Performance Management Regimes: Data Set

According to performance management doctrine, successful performance management requires devolved decision authority—that is, meaningful decision authority must be placed in the hands of managers at the program level, where those best equipped with insights can make needed changes. Using both perceptual and objective information on decision authority in 62 select U.S. city and county governments, the authors find a positive relationship between devolved decision authority and reported performance management success—especially when managers both have and...

Animal 704 w/ NE

Animal 704. Male, KO, Set 2 (w/ NE).

Animal 704 w/o NE

Animal 704. Male, KO, Set 2 (w/o NE).

Animal 706 w/ NE

Animal 706. Male, KO, Set 2 (w/ NE).

Animal 706 w/o NE

Animal 706. Male, KO, Set 2 (w/o NE).

AFM data for Dynamic MutS-MuL complexes compact mismatched DNA

DNA mismatch repair (MMR) corrects errors that occur during DNA replication. In humans, mutations in the proteins MutS and MutL that initiate MMR cause Lynch Syndrome, the most common hereditary cancer. MutSα surveils the DNA, and upon recognition of a replication error, it undergoes ATP-dependent conformational changes and recruits MutLα. Subsequently PCNA activates MutL to nick the error-containing strand to allow excision and resynthesis. The structure-function properties of these obligate MutS-MutL complexes remain mostly unexplored...

Duplin county catchment data

Contains data for Duplin county catchments in csv format.

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