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Below Forest

Not Passing


title unknown

THREE CATENARY VESSELS (3 pcs) (Bolin Crk Trl)

Untitled (detail)


fifth in series

Slave Quarters (Bellamy Mansion)

from the Oppressive Architecture series



Finding relationships in aesthetic discourse

Bridges (view 1)

Meeting Place: 1 day present

Rosy Retrospection

Nostalgic installation of vignettes inspired by vintage wallpaper, Mid-century idealism and childhood. Storytelling, folklore and politics are combined with a bight happy color pallet for narrative paintings.

Line to map

Mapping a rendered landscape through wire and using a spotlight to cast a drawn shadow revealing elevations of the wire.

Chris' Grass Business

Detail of vinyl for thesis show

vinyl text on glass wall with "Smooch" in the background. Note the backside of "Smooch" is painted florescent pink to reflect off the gallery wall.

Little Monsters no. 3

in·ar·tic·u·late (inärˈtikyələt/) knowl'edge

Untitled, Lady Justice

For about two years I voluntarily worked in the prison with death row inmates. Every visit I would walk to the wing that I was visiting and on the way I would see general population inmates that consisted mostly of black men. Then I would get to death row and I would see the same thing. Out of all the life stories that I would hear from them they all had a similar thread through...

Thanatos Wants a Taco (backside detail)

Comic from the artist's childhood are placed on the backside of "Thanatos Wants a Taco" with a drawing made from overlaying multiple comic pages and tracing them. An open-source 3-D print of an inquisitive onlooker is placed with the work.


In this collaborative painting with my family (wife and four young children), an image is synthesized from intuitive visual conversations. As I work to navigate and negotiate the collaborative relationships, the piece also engages with the concept of wormholes, vectored digital technologies and how we connect through the scale of marks made.

Not part of sale

Dye sublimation on aluminum


Hows it going?

Fine art and architecture - questioning the inherent values behind the use of different materials in creating.

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