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Not part of sale

Dye sublimation on aluminum

eventually everything becomes: monumentmemorymetaphormyth

exterior detail

Suction (Detail)

Seed 1.15.1

Herd of Left Turns (Video Still)

Iteration/Erasure 001

Heirs to a Flawed Heritage

a revised Confederate Monument


Killing Stills 3

Each of these started as a video still. Using Photoshop I manipulated the stills. Photoshop allows images to be in a space that blurs the boundary between painting and photography. These mediums used to be at odds with each other. Now they can be merged digitally. My intention is to make painterly abstractions that are humorous. Whether clearly funny or not, I set out to create humor by composing the images in a process inspired...

Installation shot, An Index of Walking, Allcott Gallery

Not part of sale

Dye sublimation on aluminum

2018_Anderson (1).pdf

Cover Songs - CCR Kurt

True to the Instincts of their Birth

words from a Confederate Monument in South Carolina

Untitled (three watercolor paintings)


soft sculptures based on the Washington Monument obelisk


As a formal response to the relationship ofreproductive and productive labor, thissculpture umbilically connects the body to theproduct, the origin to the function, and thebodily to its transformation through labor.

Installation shot, Re-Figure, Allcott Gallery

desk (surface detail)

Southern Buick Hardbody

View from the back with both Martian (Shit Sconce) and Rocky Mount Low visible

creatures from the earth made of earthly materials

installation view

39a Clarinet Quintet

Esquisses Hebraiques, Op. 12

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