91 Works

Kiwi Bird

Kiwi Bird

Tube Phantom

Tube phantom


Mold for imaging

Test tube rack holder

Test tube rack holder

Enclosure and Plug

Enclosure and plug

Communication Symbols

Communication symbols for student with significant disabilities

Laser collimator parts

Cylindrical spacer for laser collimator

Mouse femur

Mouse femur models

Brain Scan

Brain scan



Molluscivore Pupfish

This is a 3D model of my study species, the molluscivore pupfish Cyprinodon brontotheroides, created from a microCT scan.

Shelf-like Box

Shelf-Like Box

Yosemite Valley Model

topographic model of Yosemite Valley. Can be downsized a bit to fit if needed.

Protein Ribbon Structure

Protein ribbon structure for teaching

Model of Heart

3D scan/model of heart


Cyprinodon skull

SPIM parts

OpenSPIM parts

Slip Ring Holder

Slip ring holder

Microscope stage insert

Microscope stage insert

Speaker Holder

Speaker holder attaches to desk

Ear Bars

For lab work with mice

Prism Holder

Prism holder

Mathematical Surface

Mathematical surface


Figure 1. Model of post-diagnosis information-seeking behavior

MRI piece

MRI piece

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