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100 word blurb final project idst 190

The Division (Group 13) Scene 10: We were motivated to make this scene because in El Norte, Enrique decided to leave for Chicago and pursue a new career to make more money rather than be with his sister, Rosa, in her last moments. This scene made Enrique seem like a traitor in some ways to Rosa, who prioritized him as her brother. Our point in this scene is that the worker shows Enrique that family...


42x48" oil and acrylic on canvas 2019

BP Queen

30x40" oil, acrylic, and chunky glitter on canvas 2019

Tangerine Lament

36x48" acrylic and spray paint on canvas 2020

Cactus Cooler/December Sunlight

36x48" acrylic and spray paint on canvas 2020

Movie Blurb

Our most impactful scene in the movie was arguably Rosa’s death. Although El Norte and Diarios de Motocicleta are two different films, they share similar concepts that relate to Latin American struggles. I used the ending music from Diarios de Motocicleta simultaneously with Rosa’s dying words, while flashing back through Rosa and Enrique’s memories. I thought that this scene created a heavy emotional response in the viewer, and also mirrored the concept of a disappointing...

Movie Project Blurb

I decided to analyze the “Segunda Escena.” In this scene, Rosa is in the hospital after getting sick of a disease. She survives the disease, which is a plot twist to the original film, “El Norte,” in which Rosa dies. We decided to do this because we wanted to keep some of the same elements from the movie, but we wanted a happy ending instead of a tragic one. We incorporated information about the massacres...

Blurb, Lucas Heilig, 12/3/19

Esta imagen es un ejemplo de manifestantes que se oponen la construcción y el poder del gobierno. Están usando la voz para protestar todo que el gobierno esta haciendo. Usamos la imagen porque es una representación de la lucha que muchos ciudadanos enfrentan cada día. En Sudamerica, el gobierno es opresivo y no presta atención a la situación de la gente. Muchas personas tienen cuentos de relativos or amigos que desaparecieron. El gobierno trabaja encima...

#INLSmakes: 'Tinker Table' lesson plans

In collaboration with NC State's Makerspace, we have created documentation and instructions for activities to be used in their Tinker Table. Tinker Table is a low-tech/no-tech introduction to making, makerspaces, and their tools using short hands-on lessons to encourage curiosity and engagement of patrons.

Infographic for increasing naloxone access

Infographic to accompany policy brief

Personal blurb and still

In our film, we included a scene in which Che returns from his journey only to tell his parents that he is leaving. They urge him to safely pursue a medical career, but he has made up his mind. Because of our lectures in class, we were able to create a backdrop of turmoil as the US and the United Fruit Company took advantage of Latin America’s economy. We created this scene to show the...

Rosé All Day

46x52" oil and acrylic on canvas 2018

Viva Tempe

30x40" acrylic on canvas 2018

Blue Moon Friday

36x48" acrylic and chunky glitter on canvas 2019

Florizona Gothic

36x48" oil on canvas 2019

Annual Speech and Hearing Sciences Student Research Day

Annual Occupational Therapy Student Poster Day

Una Mezcla de Historias de Latin America: Grupo 16 The Bus Scene- El Norte

We chose to film this scene to show the journey of Rosa and Enrique on the bus in Mexico. This is a vital part of the movie, and shows the gruesome journey that they have to go through as immigrants, and speaks to a larger narrative regarding the hardships of having to find a new home. We adapted the scene to the environment that we had, creating the bus illusion using the benches as seats,...

IDST 190-007: La División Movie Blurb

The attached images are from Scene Ten in Grupo 13’s film, La División. In this scene, Trabajador #2 tells Enrique, “Tu familia es la cosa más importante en tu vida. Creo que puedes sacar un trabajo como este en Los Ángeles, pero a pesar de todo, tu necesitas estar con su hermana. Familia es amor.” We wanted to create a scene that would prompt Enrique to realize the importance of family and that would depict...

UC Berkeley Maker Kit Curriculums and Advertisements

, &
UC Berkeley's Moffitt Makerspace would like to attract more students to the space. We have created curriculums for portable makerspace kits, which are designed for use in UC Berkeley residence halls and tabling events hosted by the Moffitt Makerspace. Advertisements were also created to accompany the kits, which are in the form of business cards (for the kits), an e-flyer (for emails), and flyers (for posting around campus). Included here are three folders: Advertisements, Curriculums,...

Fleeing the Guatemalan Army

From the film El Norte, Rosa and Enrique experience the story of an immigrant in search for a better life and overcoming cultural differences. In our movie one of our scenes is Rosa and Enrique talking about fleeing Guatemala. Enrique says that the Guatemalan army wants them dead. This scene relates to the theme of belonging as Enrique and Rosa are not welcomed in their own country. As a result, they go to the United...

La Divisiòn, Rosa Hangs Her Artwork

Belonging is a central theme to the IDST 190 course and the original film, “El Norte.” Rosa and Enrique consistently feel as if they are outcasts, unable to find “home” anywhere. And while we keep this consistent in our rendition, we alter the ending. In place of Rosa’s death, we tell the story of her recovery and path to finding belonging within a local art community. Here she is able to express her emotions through...

Party for Two

36x48" oil on canvas 2019

West Elm/Business Bitch

36x48" oil, acrylic, and chunky glitter on canvas 2018

Basement Apartment Hottie

30x30" oil on canvas 2020

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