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West Elm/Business Bitch

36x48" oil, acrylic, and chunky glitter on canvas 2018

Basement Apartment Hottie

30x30" oil on canvas 2020


30x48" oil on canvas 2019

Tempe Rococo

36x48" acrylic and spray paint on canvas 2020

High Life

36x48" acrylic and spray paint on canvas 2020

Detention Scene of El Norte: Las Esporas de Salvacion

This scene shows two RAs bursting into the lounge in Hojo and detaining Arturo and his friend for violating quiet hours. It was inspired by the tyrannical governments in some Latin American countries that abuse their power by oppressing, degrading, and enacting violence upon their citizens. The RAs specifically represent the unjust government officials in Guatemala, as depicted in El Norte, and them capturing Arturo and his friend refers to Arturo’s death in El Norte...

IDST 190 Individual Film Blurb - Group 15: Èxito en El Norte- Enrique's Success

The scene where Enrique comes home from work and tells his hypothetical wife Emily and children that he has been promoted and receives a dinner celebration is a critical scene. This scene was created to portray the success that immigrants strive to achieve upon arriving and integrating in the U.S. and aimed to highlight that success and belonging is attainable and well deserved. In the film we included the book La Frontera to address the...

IDST 190-007 Individual Blurb Group 13: Cuarta Escena

In the actual film, El Norte, Rosa dies after complications due to a rat bite, but in our movie, Rosa survives because Enrique left for Chicago in order to work and earn money for her treatment. In this scene, Rosa is staring at a picture of a framed (the frame was created at BEAM) picture of her and Enrique very sadly after her best friend, Nacha has just informed her that Enrique has left to...

Blurb for Un Camino Diferente

As a whole, the process of creating this film was very rewarding. The scene I will be reflecting on is the last scene of the film where Ernesto and Chichina reunite. As one of the main authors of the script, I came up with the idea of an alternate ending to the Motorcycle Diaries. After watching the original film, I was unhappy that Ernesto and Chichina never ended up together at the end. Therefore, this...

Diarios de la Bicicleta

Diarios de la Bicicleta Ernesto y Alberto en El Centro Hispano This still from our film Diarios de la Bicicleta depicts the workers from El Centro Hispano explaining to Ernesto and Alberto their mission statement as a non-profit center that supports and advocates for equality and inclusion of Latinos in the triangle area. We came up with this idea because, in the original film, Ernesto and Alberto encounter and learn about marginalized communities and organizations...

100 word Blurb-Experiencing Latin America Movie Project

In the last scene of our movie I took Carter to the Old Well where he had a superconscious experience upon drinking the water from the well, much like the movie from which we based our film, El Abrazo de la Serpiente. We created this scene because the legend says that the well water had abilities to give students a 4.0 GPA. Our movie changed from black and white to color as in the movie...

Blurb for IDST 190 Movie-Making Project

This scene that I have chosen depicts all of the characters walking to the Union to enjoy Alpine Bagel together. We included this scene to show the unity that the characters found - though they come from diverse backgrounds and groups on campus, they were able to become friends and learn from one another’s experiences. This scene is a new interpretation of The Motorcycle Diaries as it represents a university with a “capital U” just...

El Abrazo De Los Otros Reflection

Scene Title: Analysis of Other People’s Prejudice. I think that the word prejudice perfectly describes the attitude that the other students had towards the premed student. This was a theme throughout the movie El Abrazo De La Serpiente. The ethnographer and botanist who came to the Columbian Amazon had a preconceived idea of what these people were like and they often times treated their way of doing things as “wrong” although they were just different....

Film blurb

El Museo del Sur The scene I will be writing the blurb on is the scene where Rosa is speaking with her brother about her dreams of competing in the worldwide art competition, but that she must be a U.S. citizen. This scene would be titled, “Mi Sueño Artistico”. This scene was created to give an initial twist to the plot of El Norte. The scene gives a new interpretation of the film ​El Norte....

\"Museo del Sur\" Movie Blurb

“Meeting el coyote” in Museo del Sur movie created by Group 12. I chose this scene because it shows a real event that many immigrants encounter when crossing borders and highlights the great danger it can cause. Many immigrants chose to pay a “coyote” a person who helps people cross the border through many different ways and paths, instead of risking crossing by themselves and being caught by ICE. This is a new interpretation because...

Olivia Rojas Blurb for IDST 190-007

My Video Blurb Document

Metal Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Poly(Vinyl Ether)s with Desirable Properties

Polymer tacticity has a profound influence on macroscopic material properties, including the thermal, mechanical, and optical behavior of a material. Despite advancements in coordination-insertion polymerization methods used for the synthesis of stereoregular poly(alpha-olefin)s, polar isotactic polymers have remained a challenging synthetic target. This research contributes to our lab's approach to synthesize a unique class of polar, semi-crystalline thermoplastics through stereoselective cationic polymerization. Through exploiting the chirality of bio-derived vinyl ether monomers, we strive to achieve...

El Papel

We named our movie “El Papel” which is a twist to the movie “El Norte” where the main character goes to North Campus in order to turn her paper in on time. While brainstorming for the video project, we chose the scene that was about the patrolmen searching the restaurant that Enrique was serving in, and had to flee since he was an immigrant. We connected that scene to the undergraduate library at midnight when...

IDST 190 07 Blurb

This scene is from our movie “El Papel”, which features 2 protestants who are against racism and violence. This scene is our interpretation of the protests such as the “Brazilian 2015 National Black Women’s March” and the “Free choice or Poverty Alleviation”, which was discussed in class. Although not as violent as the protests in Latin America, both protests are explicitly fighting against inequality and bias towards women of color and the unjust forced sterilization...

IDST 190 Movie Project Group 4, Scene 1 Blurb

We were prompted to create the first scene because we wanted to explain how Chelsea thought of the idea to go on the Bicycle Diaries. We also wanted to incorporate Che’s writings because we needed to include this for the rubric, which we did by having Chelsea read it out to Alberta because she was enjoying Che’s points and felt it applied to UNC Chapel Hill. This is a slightly new interpretation of the film:...

IDST Movie Blurb

A short paragraph describing a scene from my group's movie.

#INLSmakes: Makerspace Entrance and Findability Ideas

, &
The Hanes makerspace (BeAM) is located in the basement of Hanes Art Center. The BeAM at Hanes is one of four makerspaces at UNC and offers a variety of equipment and resources, but its location makes it difficult for new users to find. The sign for the makerspace outside of the art center is flush against the wall above the door, and it isn’t very noticeable from a distance. The door leads to an empty,...

Lonely Weekend

42x48" acrylic on canvas 2018

Blue Morpho (After Courbet)

36x48" acrylic, chunky glitter, and spray paint on canvas 2020

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