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Scripts for large-scale analysis of Bacillus bacterial genomes

Elizabeth Shank

Literal Text Analysis for Overdose Deaths

This statistical program and Excel file were developed to leverage the literal text on death certificates to identify and enhance the examination of the specific drugs and combinations involved in overdose deaths. This literal text search methodology can be integrated into ongoing overdose surveillance across states and jurisdictions in order to inform targeted overdose prevention efforts.


R Script for Open Access Patterns in Emerging Scholars’ Journal Choice: A Bibliometric Analysis

This bibliometric analysis of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill research provides a case study for tenure-track faculty’s open access publishing action. Looking specifically at the publications of 300 tenure-track assistant professors and instructors, this study creates a series of quantitative information visualizations to see researcher publishing trends leading up to tenure review. It identifies the proportion of assistant professors publishing open access, breaks down the top departments, and shows how open access has...

Python code for MME calculations

Python code for calculating daily MME

Compilation of calderas in western US

Compilation of caldera rim locations for supervolcanoes in the western United States. Data were digitized from literature and are presented here as a shapefile. References refer to those listed in manuscript Rosera and Coleman (submitted to Geophysical Research Letters.

SAS Code for calculating MME

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