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Genomics data collected by DREAMS Nested- and Multilevel HIV Prevention

Maryam Shahmanesh

AHRI Surveillance Episodes 2020.Surveillance Episodes Dataset

Kobus Herbst, Dickman Gareta & Sweetness Dube

DREAMS Impact Evaluation Project–Nested Cohort–Standardized and combined dataset for all 3 Rounds

Maryam Shahmanesh

STAR–Sharing of PrEP participant data with the WHO

Maryam Shahmanesh & Pillay Deenan

AHRI.Surveillance Episodes Socio Dem Age Year HIV.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst, Dickman Gareta & Sweetness Dube

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance 2013.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance 2018.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance 2012.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance 2015.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance 2017.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst

Treatment as Prevention ANRS 12249, phase 1

François Dabis, Marie-Louise Newell &
Evaluation of the impact of immediate versus WHO recommendations-guided antiretroviral therapy initiation on HIV incidence: the ANRS 12249 TasP (Treatment as Prevention) trial in Hlabisa sub-district, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

DREAMS Impact Evaluation Project–Nested Cohort–Baseline

Maryam Shahmanesh

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance 2003-4.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst

South Africa - DREAMS Impact Evaluation Project – Nested Cohort – Follow Up Round 01

Maryam Shahmanesh

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance.All.Release 2020-07

Dickman Gareta, Sweetness Dube & Kobus Herbst

AHRI.Core Dataset:Household Memberships.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst, Thobeka Mngomezulu & Dickman Gareta

AHRI.Surveillance Episodes Basic HIV.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst, Dickman Gareta & Sweetness Dube

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance.All.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst

AHRI.ClinicLink Individual Visits:January 2017-June 2020

Kobus Herbst, Mark Siedner & Willem Hanekom

Clinic attendance by sex and HIV status in rural South Africa

Safiyya Randera-Rees, Wende Clarence Safari, Dickman Gareta, Kobus Herbst, Kathy Baisley & Alison D Grant

The H3A Diabetes Study: A multi-centre study of the prevalence and environmental and genetic determinants of type 2 diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa. (Field Data collection 2015-2018)

Eugene Sobngwi, Naby Balde, Moffat Nyirenda, Robert Heyderman, John Oli, Clement Adebamowo, Naomi Levitt, Ayesha Motala†, Mary Mayige, Saidi Kapiga, Pontiano Kaleebu, Manjinder Sandhu, Liam Smeeth, Mark McCarthy, Charles Rotimi, Adebowale Adeyemo, Francis Collins & Patricia Marshall

The impact of COVID-19 on older people in a rural district of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Janet Seeley & Thabang Research Manyaapelo

Isisekelo Sempilo:Endline recruitment of participants

Maryam Shahmanesh

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