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AHRI InterVA-5 Verbal Autopsy Input Indicator data:January 2000 – October 2019

Kobus Herbst, Dickman Gareta, Siyabonga Nxumalo, Sweetness Dube & Thobeka Mngomezulu

ALPHA HIV Incidence and Mortality data, uMkhanyakude, South Africa

Kobus Herbst, Thobeka Mngomezulu, Dickman Gareta, Siyabonga Nxumalo & Sweetness Dube

The H3A Diabetes Study: A multi-centre study of the prevalence and environmental and genetic determinants of type 2 diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa. (Field Data collection 2015-2018)

Ayesha Motala, Clement Adebamowo, Naby Balde, Pontiano Kaleebu, Saidi Kapiga, Naomi Levitt, Mary Mayige, Mark McCarthy, Moffat Nyirenda, Robert Heyderman, John Oli, Charles Rotimi, Manjinder Sandhu, Eugene Sobngwi & Liam Smeeth

DREAMS-Multilevel Baseline

Maryam Shahmanesh

Genomics data collected by DREAMS Nested- and Multilevel HIV Prevention.Version 02

Maryam Shahmanesh

AHRI.Tier.Net.Release 2020-09

Kobus Herbst, Sweetness Dube, Kathy Baisley & Dickman Gareta

AHRI.Core Dataset:Bounded Structures.Release 2020-07

Kobus Herbst, Thobeka Mngomezulu & Dickman Gareta

AHRI.Core Dataset:Member Status Observations.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst, Thobeka Mngomezulu & Dickman Gareta

AHRI.HIS-Admissions.Release 2019-09

Kobus Herbst, Thobeka Mngomezulu & Dickman Gareta

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance 2006.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance 2005.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst

AHRI.PIP.HIV Surveillance 2009.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst

AHRI.Core Dataset:Household Residencies.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst, Thobeka Mngomezulu & Dickman Gareta

AHRI.Core Dataset:Household Head Relationships.Release 2019-07

Kobus Herbst, Thobeka Mngomezulu & Dickman Gareta


Maryam Shahmanesh

DREAMS-Multilevel Follow Up 01

Maryam Shahmanesh

South Africa - AHRI PIP Community Viral Load

Frank Tanser & Till Baernighausen

Vukuzazi Recruitment and Health Camp Data.2021

Emily Wong, Mark Siedner, Thumbi N’dungu, Willem Hanekom & Kobus Herbst

Comparing methods for estimating PCR testing coverage

Elizabeth Chappell, Kobus Herbst, Till Baernighausen, Manisha Yapa & Dickman Gareta

Lending a hand:developing a support structure for young migrants in South Africa and Uganda

Janet Research Seeley

ALPHA Network residency data for uMkhanyakude (AHRI) from January 2000 to December 2020

Kobus Herbst

AHRI.PANGEA 2 Vukuzazi Clinical Meta Data.Release 2019-08

Dickman Gareta, Sweetness Dube & Hope Modise

Multilevel and spatial determinants of multimorbidity and optimal co-care delivery model in South Africa

Thumbi Ndung'u, Mark Siedner & Emily Wong

AHRI Surveillance Episodes 2020.Surveillance Episodes Basic HIV Dataset

Kobus Herbst, Dickman Gareta & Sweetness Dube

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