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Pieter Pauw, Davide Cassanmagnano, Kennedy Mbeva, Jonas Hein, Alejandro Guarín, Clara Brandi, Thomas Bock, Joana Helms, Alina Zalewski, Ezra Frommé, Anika Lindener & Dilsham Muhammada
The NDC Explorer is an online tool to analyse and compare both countries' INDCs and NDCs. It is based solely on information in these documents. The NDC Explorer has two aims. First, it provides a neutral, sophisticated and user-friendly lens to analyse and compare both qualitative and quantitative (I)NDC content. The NDC Explorer is a crucial first step for the objective of the NDC Partnership. This partnership aims to achieve: Enhanced visibility and access to...

Constellations of State Fragility-csv-1.0.0

Jörn Grävingholt, Sebastian Ziaja, Constantin Ruhe, Patrick Fink, Merle Kreibaum & Christopher Wingens
Constellations of State Fragility provides an empirical typology of states from a fragility perspective. It uses global data from 2005-2013 to identify typical constellations of state fragility. State fragility is defined as deficiencies in one or more of three core functions of the state. These functions include state authority, state capacity and state legitimacy. Authority refers to the state’s ability to control violence. Capacity refers to the state’s ability to provide basic public services. Legitimacy...

Constellations of State Fragility-csv-2.0.0

Sebastian Ziaja & Jörn Grävingholt

E-Government and Democracy in Botswana: observational and experimental evidence on the effects of e-government usage on political attitudes (Appendix)

Jana Bante, Felix Helmig, Lara Prasad, Lea Deborah Scheu, Jean Christoph Seipel, Helge Senkpiel, Markus Geray, Armin Von Schiller, David Sebudubudu & Sebastian Ziaja
E- Government and Democracy in Botswana. Observational and experimental evidence on the effects of e-government usage on political attitudes. Online Appendix. Appendix A: Regression results of the observational analysis; Appendix B: Survey design; Appendix C: Questionnaire

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