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Letter to Dr. N.S. Davis

Letter expressing approval of proposed standardization of medical education.

Suggested Clothing and Equipment List

A suggested list of clothing and personal equipment for officers on active duty, compiled by Charles G. Hutter, Colonel, M.C., instructor.

Items Purchased for the Laboratory

Nurses Curses

Letter to Michael L. Mason from Frederic Besley

Entertainment Given by U.S. Army Base Hospital 12

Compelling Evidence: New Tools and Methods for Aligning Collections with the Research Mission

Joelen Pastva, Bart Davis, Karen E Gutzman, Ramune K. Kubilius & Aaron Sorensen
Accepted manuscript version of article published on January 17, 2020 in The Serials Librarian. Based on a presentation at the NASIG 2019 annual conference, presented on June 8, 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Down the rabbit hole we go again (the 19th Health Sciences Lively Lunchtime discussion): Developments 2018-2019

Ramune K. Kubilius
A handout prepared for and presented in synopsis during a brief (traditional) annual update of interesting and noteworthy trends in the health publishing and health information sectors that occurred or were noticed since the 2018 Health Sciences Lively Lunch at the Charleston Conference: Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition. (19th Lively Lunch took place on Thursday, November 7, 2019 in Charleston, SC).

Caryl Ernest Cameron

Frederick William Fitz

John Raymond Laadt

Robert Burns Lewis

Robert Burns Lewis

Activities of the Operating Room, July 1943

Activities of the Operating Room, February 1945

Number of surgeries performed and anesthesia provided during February 1945

Blood transfusion

Treatment of shock

Methods and procedures for treating traumatic shock.

Care of the mouth

Roentgenological Service

The Roentgenological Service provides both diagnostic radiography and x-ray therapy services.

Supplementary Table 1

Rachel Bulbul Kadakia


Marilyn C Cornelis
Bitter alcoholic beverages based on touchscreen questionnaire at assessment center visit, without adjusting for BMI


Marilyn C Cornelis
A list of datasets in the Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) of Bitter and Sweet Beverage Consumption collection and additional information about the datasets.


Marilyn C Cornelis
Coffee based on touchscreen questionnaire at assessment center visit, adjusting for BMI

12th General Hospital final report. Tumors

Blackwell Markham

12th General Hospital final report. Injuries to the spine and spinal cord

John Martin

12th General Hospital final report. E.N.T. wards

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