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Enhancing the Visibility and Impact of Your Research

Karen E Gutzman
Presentation given on October 20, 2015 for the Multidisciplinary Mentored Career Development Program (KL2) Scholar Orientation Bootcamp

Gestational age specific birth weight curve for Asian Indian Newborns

Jagjit Singh Teji & Kamal Eldeirawi

Heavier babies are born in the North

Jagjit Singh Teji

Has Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) made a difference on the Apgar score at 5 minutes in the last 30 years?

Jagjit Singh Teji

One (Online) Site: A New Paradigm for MLA Concurrent Session Planning?

Ramune Karolina Kubilius & Melissa Rethlefsen
Kubilius RK and Rethlefsen ML. "One (Online) Site: A New Paradigm for MLA Concurrent Session Planning?". Poster Presentation, Medical Library Association annual meeting, Boston, MA, May 2013 and Midwest Chapter / MLA annual meeting, East Peoria, IL, October 2013.

Promoting Special Collections with a Medical School’s Sesquicentennial Celebration

James Shedlock & Ronald H Sims

Comparison of range-of-motion and variability in upper body movements between transradial prosthesis users and able-bodied controls when executing goal-oriented tasks

Matthew Justin Major, Rebecca Stine, Craig W Heckathorne, Stefania Fatone & Steven A Gard

Exploring the History of Medicine, Or exploring five thousand years of medical history in five weeks, 2012. Part I

Ronald H Sims
Part 1 of a 5 part seminar offered as an elective to the Feinberg School of Medicine M1 and M2 classes in 2012.

Exploring the History of Medicine, Or five thousand years of medical history in five years, 2012. Part V

Ronald H Sims
Part 5 of a 5 part seminar offered as an elective to the Feinberg School of Medicine M1 and M2 classes.

Beyond an Apple A Day: Finding Reliable Health Information Online

Karen E Gutzman

Daniel Hale Williams, MD: His Legacy of African American Interns at Provident Hospital...the Northwestern Experience

Ronald H Sims
Presentation given at: Celebrating the Legacy of Provident Hospital and Training School Half-Day Conference at Chicago State University, February 8, 2013.

Developing Standards for Sequencing Methods Reporting

Pamela L Shaw
A poster created for the Medical Library Association annual conference in 2012.

Neonatal mortality rate in the last 25 years due to congenital heart disease (CHD)

Jagjit Singh Teji & Shivani G. Patel

A journal article tag suite (JATS) extension to support NISO's recommended practices for online supplemental journal article materials : Spring project report, August 5, 2013

Karen E Gutzman
This report describes a special project to conform the Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) with a NISO recommended practice for Supplemental Journal Article Materials.

From talking dogs to personalized medicine: The weird and wonderful history of inheritance and pharmacogenomics from pups to people

Pamela L Shaw
A presentation made at the Medical Library Association annual conference in May 2015. The topic was the importance of the dog as a model in inheritance and disease.

Adopting and implementing an open access policy: the library's role

Susan J Wishnetsky & Brian Kern
Recording of presentation by Brian Kern at the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) 2013 conference, June 6-9, 2013 in Buffalo, New York.

Photograph of a Sinhalese ola written in Pali ca. 1760 CE (open)

James B Brucker

The New NIH Biosketch

Karen E Gutzman

Core Informatics Competencies for Clinical and Translational Science Trainees

Justin B Starren

National Library of Medicine 2nd Year Associate Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis

Karen E Gutzman
Presentation to the librarians of the Arizona Health Sciences Library of the University of Arizona on March 24, 2014 on reflections from the 2nd year of the National Library of Medicine's Associate Fellowship program.

Disciplinary Perceptions of Data and Data Management Practices

Pamela L Shaw & Cunera M Buys
Poster presented at the Medical Library Association 2015 annual conference. Poster was created from data collected in a survey of Northwestern University researchers from all disciplines across all schools in early 2015.

When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It (15th Annual Health Sciences Lively Lunch): Developments 2014-2015

Ramune Karolina Kubilius
Handout prepared for and presented in synopsis during a brief (traditional) annual update of interesting and noteworthy trends in the health publishing and health information sectors that occurred or were noticed since the 2014 Health Sciences Lively Lunch at the Charleston Conference: Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition. (15th Lively Lunch took place on Friday, November 6, 2015 in Charleston, SC).

Apoptosis Induced by Granzyme B-Glycosaminoglycan Complexes: Implications for Granule-Mediated Apoptosis In Vivo

John P Galvin, Christopher J Froelich, Baikun Wang, Liesbeth H. A. Spaeny-Dekking, Prem K Seth & C. EriK Hack

Woman's Medical School at Northwestern University, 1870-1902 (3)

Ronald H Sims
Third of a series of Galter Health Sciences Library posters featured as an adjunct to the U.S. National Library of Medicine's traveling exhibit, Changing the face of Medicine - Celebrating America's Women Physicians. [on display at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, Lurie Medical Research Building, Chicago, IL from December 9, 2009-January 3, 2010].

Stuart Rich, M.D., Curriculum Vitae

Stuart Rich MD

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