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Auckland water outage scenario

NJ Smith, JH Kim & GW McDonald
This report describes the first infrastructure outage tested by the research team. The infrastructure outage is a hypothetical scenario of a significant interruption in water supply for the Auckland region. The water outage scenario was developed in conjunction with Watercare Services Ltd. (Watercare), an Auckland Council-Controlled Organisation responsible for water service provision, and is considered a plausible, but very unlikely scenario, for the Auckland region. The scenario is fully outlined in the ERI Science Report...

U-Th-Ra analyses of samples from the 2016 drill core of the Rangitoto lava field: Devora report

Lucy McGee
A recent drill core into the western flank of Rangitoto volcano in the Auckland Volcanic Field (AVF) found possible evidence that its eruptive history may have begun as long ago as 6000 years BP (Linnell et al. 2016). This evidence was in the form of a layer of fossiliferous sedimentary material that returned radiocarbon ages of 650–7400 years between basaltic lavas. The potential longevity of Rangitoto volcano was addressed with the analysis of U-Th-Ra isotopes...

Machine learning for decision support systems

Rob Buxton, Yannik Behr, Craig A. Miller & Annemarie Christophersen
In early 2020 the GNS Executive Management Team made available $500k of SSIF funding to support Data Science research. The newly formed Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics team proposed several research projects that could utilise the funding and provide useful research outputs within the challenging timeframe available (to June 2020). Two of the supported projects had a strong volcanic hazard theme. The project discussed herein covers two main streams of research. Firstly, the investigation of...

National Paleontological Collection (NPC)

New Zealand continuous GNSS network RINEX

Geothermal surface features database


Landslides and debris flows in the Tasman District caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Gita, 20-21 February, 2018

Brenda J. Rosser, Jon M. Carey, Katie E. Jones, Dougal B. Townsend & J. F. Crouch
Ex-Tropical Cyclone Gita hit New Zealand on 20–21 February 2018, bringing heavy rain and high winds to much of the country. The heaviest rainfall occurred in the Tasman District where more than 230 mm of rain fell in 18 hours triggering extensive shallow landslides and debris flows. The Takaka Hill Road was closed by 16 slips, which impacted the road for the following year. The most intense rainfall (78 mm/hr) occurred over a 3-hour period...

Tsunami Scenario Database

Elevation Modelling Grids

Geological model of South Dunedin

Phil J. Glassey, David J. Barrell, Belinda Smith-Lyttle, S Hornblow & B Mackay
The South Dunedin suburb of Dunedin city lies on a coastal plain, which was a salt marsh prior to urban development, that began in 1840. Now one of the more densely populated areas in New Zealand, South Dunedin is within 2 m of current sea level, has groundwater close to the surface and is vulnerable to flood hazards that are expected to be worsened by sea-level rise. In addition, soft sediments that underlie much of...

New Zealand Geodetic Seafloor Data

Geothermal GIS datasets

Tsunami travel time estimates for local sources for Porirua and Kapiti Coast suburbs

Xiaoming Wang, Biljana Lukovic, Christof Mueller, David W. Heron & William L. Power
In local fault source tsunami events, the effectiveness of self-evacuation planning is constrained by two pieces of timing information: the tsunami travel (arrival) time estimate and evacuation travel time estimate. This study estimates travel times of tsunami from local active fault sources to coastal suburbs of Porirua and Kāpiti Coast in the Greater Wellington region of New Zealand. The estimates include the arrivals of 1.0 m tsunami elevation above local ambient sea condition, i.e. the...

Average coseimic slip profiles

Kiran K.S. Thingbaijam, Russ J. Van Dissen, B. E. Shaw & Matt C. Gerstenberger
Despite the potential impact on earthquake rupture forecasts for seismic hazard analysis, derivation of applicable average coseismic slip profiles has received relatively limited attention. Here, we present improved insight using a set of rupture models of past earthquakes. We find that along-strike slip profiles are well approximated by a power-of-sine function with index = 1/2 (i.e. sinesqrt function), corroborating Biasi and Weldon (2006). However, elongated ruptures (with aspect ratios >5.0) have a flatter profile. Additionally,...

Discussion paper of Building Act and Resource Management Act tensions and issues

J Carter, R Evans, B Belgrave, F Beck & K Cook
This report provides a review of how the Building Act 2004 (the Building Act) and the Resource Management Act 1991 (the RMA) work in practise with regard to the management of or response to natural hazards and natural hazard risk. The report reflects an initial high-level scan of potential issues and opportunities and potential overlaps and tensions between the two Acts. (The authors)

National Tsunami Hazard Model - 2013

New Zealand Active Fault Model

Bathymetric map of Lake Rotomahana

Cornel E. J. de Ronde, Fabio Caratori Tontini, S. L. Walker & Jenny Black
This map poster shows a detailed map of the lake floor of Lake Rotomahana at a scale of 1:11 000. As well as the main bathymetric map, there are three smaller maps and two seismic cross sections. These smaller maps show magnetic and heatflow data, and show several hundred locations where plumes of gas bubbles have been recorded. This map shows lake floor features and other subtleties that have not been seen for more than...

RGMAD Archive 1930-1958 Era

2015 Definitive 1-minute Eyrewell (EYR) data

, Tanja Petersen & Graeme Plank

2016 Definitive 1-minute Scott Base (SBA) data

Tanja Petersen &

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