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Geothermal and GroundWater database (GGW)

The GGW database is operated and maintained by the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS Science). It contains geochemical (chemistry and sampling), hydrological, geological and/or geophysical information for Sites (Features) in New Zealand. Included in the database are the datasets for the National Groundwater Monitoring Programme (NGMP) and Wairaikei Analytical, Recording, Thermo Dynamic System (WARTS) projects maintained and operated by GNS Science. The database design was adapted for New Zealand from Australian Standards.

Database of site metadata for GeoNet strong motion stations

The New Zealand Strong-Motion Database provides a wealth of new strong-motion data for engineering applications. In order to utilise these data in ground motion prediction, characterisation of key site parameters at each of the ~497 past and present GeoNet strong motion stations represented in the database is required. Here, we present the compilation of a complete set of site metadata for the New Zealand database, including four key parameters: i) NZS1170.5 site subsoil classification, ii)...

Gravity survey data

A catalogue of over 40,000 gravity survey observations in New Zealand, including free air, Bouguer and isostatic gravity anomalies has been assembled. These data have been assembled from survey measurements mostly made by Geophysics Division, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, (now GNS Science) since the 1940s using a variety of meters. Some gravity data has been contributed by petroleum explorers and universities. In 2004 all data were uniformly reprocessed using GNS Science software and...

A 3D gas hydrate model of the southern Hikurangi Margin

Karsten F Kroeger, Gareth J Crutchley, Richard L Kellett & P Barnes
This dataset contains underlying data and results of 3D gas hydrate modelling at the southern Hikurangi Margin using PetroMod™ software and accompanies a manuscript published in the Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems journal (DOI10.1029/2019GC008275). The model integrates thermal and microbial gas generation, migration and hydrate formation. Modelling these processes has improved the understanding of factors controlling hydrate distribution. Three spatial trends of concentrated hydrate occurrence are predicted. The first trend (I) is aligned with the principal deformation...

Seismic Array HiKurangi Experiment (SAHKE) data

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This is the data collected by a major controlled-source and passive seismic imaging experiment, the Seismic Array HiKurangi Experiment (SAHKE). The SAHKE project was designed to investigate the physical parameters controlling locking at the plate boundary beneath the southern North Island and characterise slip processes in a major segment of the Hikurangi system. The components of data were acquired between November 2009 and April 2010 by GNS Science, Victoria University of Wellington, and Earthquake Research...

Crowdsourced data management at GNS Science

National Seismic Digital Waveform Collection

New Zealand Paleoseismic Site Database

Definitive 1-minute Apia (API) data

2019 Definitive 1-minute Scott Base (SBA) data

Tanja Petersen &

2017 Definitive 1-minute Scott Base (SBA) data

Tanja Petersen &

2017 Definitive 1-minute Eyrewell (EYR) data

, Tanja Petersen & Graeme Plank

2014 Definitive 1-minute Scott Base (SBA) data

Tanja Petersen &

GeoNet dataset Structural Array

Historic Geological Map Archive

Geological Map of New Zealand

Material Science Data Resource

NZL GNS GM3 Eastern Canterbury Geomorphology

Preliminary 1-second and 1-minute Apia (API) data


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