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Geological Map of New Zealand 1:250 000

David W. Heron
This dataset contains a digital representation of a geological map of mainland New Zealand and the Chatham Islands, suitable for use in specific Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, specifically ArcGIS and QGIS. The first edition digital geological map was released in 2014 and was built from 21 GIS-based versions of the 1:250 000 geological maps published under the "QMAP" (for "Quarter-million MAP") project between 1996-2010. In 2018 the digital data was extensively revised and international...

Geological map of the Napier-Hastings urban area [map]

Julie M. Lee, John G. Begg & Kyle J. Bland

Initial GeoNet Landslide response report: Priscilla Crescent landslide, 2014

Chris I. Massey & Nick D. Perrin
The purpose of this initial GeoNet landslide response report is to provide the preliminary results of walkover surveys of a landslide that occurred at the corner of Priscilla Crescent and Breton Grove in Kingston on the morning of 1 June 2013. Please note that the information contained in this report is preliminary in nature and based on limited data. This information is intended to aid Wellington City Council manage the emergency situation immediately after the...

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