CSEM, TOPAS and Echo Sounder survey of the Southern Hikurangi Margin 1st – 13th November: RV Tangaroa TAN2012 voyage report

Peter Kannberg, Karsten F. Kroeger, Ingo A. Pecher, Chris Armerding, Jake Perez, Suzi Woelz, Chris Ray, Roz King, Laurenz Boettger, Francesco Turco & Tayla Hill
The TAN2012 voyage took place between the 1st and 13th of November 2020 aboard RV Tangaroa. Controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) data, multibeam bathymetry, single beam echo sounder, water column and TOPAS sub-bottom profile data were collected at the southern end of the Hikurangi subduction margin. CSEM profiles were collected along existing regional 2D reflection seismic lines to characterise and quantify gas and gas hydrate accumulations in the sub-seafloor. Multibeam bathymetry and water column data, as...

Registration Year

  • 2021

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  • University of Auckland
  • GNS Science