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De Novo Design of Peptides that Co-assemble into β-sheet Based Nanofibrils Dataset

Kong M. Wong, Xingqing Xiao, Yiming Wang, Dillon T. Seroski, Renjie Liu, Anant K. Paravastu, Gregory A. Hudalla & Carol K. Hall

A Transfer Learning-Based Framework for Enriching National Household Travel Survey Data with Attitudinal Variables

Aliaksandr Malokin, Patricia Mokhtarian & Giovanni Circella

Leveraging Energy Data for the Benefit of Society and Consumers

Karim Farhat, Milton Mueller, Matt Schaub, Richard A. Simmons & Sharon Murphy

Alpha-Band Activity in Parietofrontal Cortex Predicts Future Availability of Vibrotactile Feedback in Prosthesis Use

John Johnson, Daniele Gavetti De Mari, Harper Doherty, Frank L. Hammond III & Lewis Wheaton

Divergence in Architectural Research

Hayri Dortdivanlioglu & Marisabel Marratt

Programming Mechanics in Knitted Materials, Stitch by Stitch - Code

Krishma Singal, Michael Dimitriyev & Elisabetta A. Matsumoto

Industrial Data and Regional Economic Development Phase 1 Study and Findings

Jennifer Clark, Thomas James Lodatao & Supraja Sudharsan

Weaving Fabrica and Ratiocinatio: An Inquiry into the Knowledge of Architecture in Vitruvian Theory

Hayri Dortdivanlioglu
ConCave Ph.D. Symposium 2020: Divergence in Architectural Research, March 5-6, 2020, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.

Anatomy of a Selectively Coassembled Beta-sheet Peptide Nanofiber Dataset

Kong M. Wong, Qing Shao, Dillon T. Seroski, Yiming Wang, Renjie Liu, Anant K. Paravastu, Gregory A. Hudalla & Carol K. Hall

Assessment of Grid-Scale Energy Storage Scenarios for the Southeast: Benefits, Costs and Implications

Sadegh Vejdan & Santiago Grijalva
The objective of this project is to assess the economic benefits and system impacts for grid-scale energy storage in the Southeast region for informed investment decision-making and policy analysis. Energy storage is a dynamic field exhibiting considerable near term growth. Energy storage systems (ESS) can provide a wide range of services and benefits to the sector’s entire value chain and, are therefore becoming an attractive technology among stakeholders. The present study can prove to be...

Energy Infrastructure and Industrial Data: Between Global Data Policies and an Evolving iIoT Environment

Karim Farhat & Milton Mueller
This paper identifies the factors shaping Industrial Data (ID) use and sharing among Southeastern energy firms. The research questions underlying this study are: 1. What factors affect an energy firm’s decision to use and share ID 2. To what extent does ID use entail strategic or collaborative sharing arrangements with other firms 3. What are the procedures by which these arrangements take shape? Contrary to other research findings, agglomeration economies and locational advantages based on...

Hydrogen Utilization in the Electricity Sector: Opportunities, Issues, and Challenges

Tim Lieuwen, Benjamin L. Emerson, Bobby Noble & Neva Espinoza
This is a modified version of an opinion piece that was featured in Power Engineering

Can You Hear My Heartbeat?: Hearing an Expressive Biosignal Elicits Empathy - Supplementary Data

R. Michael Winters, Grace Leslie & Bruce Walker

Incorporating New Technologies in EEIO Models - Case Study Input Data

Cindy Azuero Pedraza, Valerie Thomas & Wesley Ingwersen

NOx Emissions from Hydrogen-Methane Fuel Blends

Christopher Douglas, Benjamin Emerson, Tim Lieuwen, Tom Martz, Robert Steele & Bobby Noble

Dataset for \"Propulsion cost changes of ultra-lightweight manual wheelchairs after one year of simulated use\"

Jacob Misch & Stephen Sprigle

Comparative study of snake lateral undulation kinematics in model heterogeneous terrain

Perrin Schiebel, Alex Hubbard & Daniel I. Goldman

Programming Mechanics in Knitted Materials, Stitch by Stitch Data

Krishma Singal, Michael Dimitriyev & Elisabetta A. Matsumoto

OSNAP Model Truth Code

Anne-Sophie Fortin, Sudip Majumder, Feili Li & Yao Fu

High Performance (Sub)urbanism

Ellen Dunham-Jones, Tarek Rakha, Joel Jassu, Priyanka Adhikari, Tariq Alshahrani, Karina Vigario Coelho, Sahithi Datla, Olivia Harrell, Jain Pulkit, Ranjitha Jayasimharao, Devaki Kesh, Shima Khodagholi, Athulya Usha Menon, Aayushi Mody, Aishwarya Mohgaonkar, Tanmay Naik, Harshini Ongole, Dishaddra Poddar, Ajay Manjunath Ravindran, Hyowon Son, Karunya Subramanian & Aishwarya Vanmali

Effect of wheels, casters and forks on vibration attenuation and propulsion cost of manual wheelchairs - dataset

Jacob Misch, Yuanning Liu & Stephen Sprigle

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