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Disagreement in Greek news interviews

Apostolos Poulios
This paper applies the conversation analytic approach to a particular type of in­stitutional interaction, the television news interview. It examines fragments from panel interviews which involve two or more interviewees holding opposing posi­tions about certain issues. The aim of the paper is to show the ways in which the sequential analysis proposed by conversation analysts, in combination with the notions of face and politeness, can account for the organization of disagreement between the interviewees as...

Eliciting relative clauses from specifically language impaired and normally developing Greek children

Stavroula Stavrakaki
In this paper, experimental data on the production of relatives, by both SLI chil­dren and their LA counterparts, are presented and discussed. The results show that SLI children have produced incorrect responses most of the times and, es­pecially, simple active sentences with SVO word order, whereas LA controls have exhibited a high level of correct performance. It is suggested that SLI chil­dren have difficulties in producing relative clauses due to a deficit in the oper­ation...

New technology and the investigation of the articulatory process

William J. Hardcastle
Baken, R. J. and Orlikoff, R. F. (2000). Clinical Measurement of Speech and Voice. San Diego: Singular. Ball, M. J. and Code, C. (1997). Instrumental Clinical Phonetics. London: Whurr. Barlow, S. M. with collaborators (1999). Handbook of Clinical Speech Physiology. San Di­ego: Singular. Browman, C. P. and Goldstein, L. (1992). Articulatory Phonology: an overview. Phonetica 49. 155-180. Denes, P. B. and Pinson, Ε. N. (1963). The Speech Chain. Bell Telephone Laboratories. Ellis, L. and Hardcastle,...

Consider sentences reconsidered in the light of Greek evidence

Brian D. Joseph
English sentences such as I consider John smart have long presented analytic ambiguity between a 'small clause' analysis and a 'predication' analysis, and the apparently equivalent sentence-type in Greek, e.g. θεωρώ το Γιάννη έξυπνο pre­sents similar problems. Here it is argued that additional evidence from each lan­guage, involving constructions that are sensitive to the thematicity of an object NP, shows that these superficially similar sentences are actually best treated as being structurally quite different, with...

Consonant production in spontaneous speech: an electropalatographic study

Katerina Nicolaidis
Fluent spontaneous speech is characterised by large temporal and segmental variability resulting from changes in prominence, stress position, word position, word function etc. A variety of connected speech processes may occur including assimilations, deletions, insertions, reductions. Previous research on articulatory variability in spontaneous speech has documented an increase in coarticulation and presence of reduction. This paper aims to investigate tongue-palate contact during the production of /t, d, s, ζ, l, n, k, g/ in Greek...

Coherence relations in discourse and EFL writing

Anna-Maria Hatzitheodorou
Rhetorical Structure Theory (henceforth RST), developed by Mann and Thompson (1988), provides a descriptive framework for discourse analysis that points to and describes the relations between text segments according to their functions. This theory explores coherence relations in a hierarchical fashion, proceeding from the larger to the smaller units in texts. In this paper, we apply the basic tenets of RST to a partial analysis of an argumentative text. Since it claims to provide a...

Prepositional complements in SLA: a preliminary analysis

Maria Bouba
This paper presents part of the results from an experimental study (in progress) which investigates the acquisition of ditransitive verbs by 92 Greek learners of English. The structures tested are ungrammatical sentences which involve the presence of a null/deleted preposition or a null Ρ with a clitic pronoun in four different classes of ditransitive verbs. It was predicted that if different preposi­tions involve different degrees of feature specification, L2 learners will have dif­ficulty to represent...

Lexicography in the 21st century: a revolution waiting to happen

John Ayto
Technological and theoretical advances in the past 25 years are set to transform dictionaries in the next millennium. For example, the increasing use of comput­erized corpora (including spoken corpora) will challenge the model of the lan­guage -to a large extent that of a literary elite- which lexicographers have hitherto taken for granted, and the ever-decreasing gap between editions of dic­tionaries, and the imminent promise of publicly available on-line dictionaries, will call into question traditional criteria...

Developing student's autonomy in an ESP reading class

Smaragda Christidou-Kiosseoglou
This article describes a step-by-step procedure for designing an ESP reading course for Biology students. The design included a skills-based approach fo­cusing on training students in developing reference and reading skills and a semi-autonomous classroom-based learning program which aimed to encourage students to be autonomous. The students selected their own authentic reading material to work on. An adaptation of the 'standard exercise' proposed by Scott et al. (1984) was used as a tool for text...

Another look at incorporation in Modern Greek: the case of quantifying adverbs

Maria Dimitrakopoulou
This paper investigates Adverb Incorporation in Modern Greek, focussing on the combination of verbs with a certain class of adverbs, namely the quantifiers 'poli', 'kala' and 'para- '. The syntactic and semantic properties of the compounds are discussed with the aim of providing a syntactic account of their derivation. It is argued that the syntactic processes are activated due to focus properties and structural deficiency of the adverbs in question.

The internal structure of English pronouns

Phoevos Panagiotidis
The following points are to be argued for in this paper: Pronouns are not dangling Ds without lexical complements. The locus of Gender is N. Lack of descriptive content of Ν triggers pronominal interpretation. N features, when present, are not interpretable on Determiners. There seems to be a correlation between uninterpretability of Ν features and lack of lexically specified denotation. In English, 1st and 2nd pronouns are Ds, 3rd person ones are Ν to D...

Η ακλισία στην κοινή νεοελληνική

Μ. Σετάτος
(no abstract available)

Multimedia Βάσεις Δεδομένων: Σχεδιασμός, χρήσεις και εφαρμογές τους στην ανάπτυξη γλωσσικών προγραμμάτων

Παναγιώτης Δ. Αρβανίτης
Η ανάγκη εκμάθησης περισσοτέρων της μιας ξένης γλώσσας που επιβάλλεται από τις συνεχείς κοινωνικές αλλαγές σε τοπικό, εθνικό και διεθνές επίπεδο καθώς και στην αγορά εργασίας, καθιστούν τη χρήση των νέων τεχνολογικών δυνατοτήτων και μέσων -ιδιαίτερα των διαλογικών πολυμέσων- σημαντική. Η παρούσα ανακοίνωση προτίθεται: α. να καταγράψει την ανάγκη ανάπτυξης σύγχρονων εργαλείων ελέγχου, αποθήκευσης, διαχείρισης και μετάδοσης της "γλωσσικής πληροφορίας", όπως είναι οι Multimedia Βάσεις Δεδομένων, που μπορούν να υποστηρίξουν γλωσσικά προγράμματα. β. να περιγράψει...

The Dartmouth Method of ELT and the Greek EFL teacher

Elizabeth Mela-Athanasopoulou
This paper is a response to the Dartmouth Method of ELT (known as the J. Rassias method: H.H. Stern, 1983:475) designed and conducted by John Rassias in a series of innovative and interactive workshops held in Constantinople (12-15 November 1997), with teachers of English at both High School and University level. The spirit and substance of this article originates primarily from the discussions I had with Professor Rassias after the workshops. I will argue, in...

Phonological awareness skills: internal structure and hierarchy

S. Padeliadu, V. Kotoulas & G. Botsas
The goal of this study was the examination of the internal structure of phonological awareness skills in the Greek language. A total number of 104 children participated in the study. All of them were first graders. Data collection took place during the first two weeks of the academic year 1997-8, in order to avoid the effects of reading instruction. The data collection instrument included thirteen exercises, of multiple items. A quantitative analysis of the data...

Testing Oral Proficiency in Greek as a Foreign Language

Pavlos Pavlou
The increased interest in learning Greek as a Foreign Language (GFL) has brought with it the need of standardised tests in Greek in all skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and at all levels. This paper proposes a SOPI (Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview) as an appropriate instrument for testing oral proficiency in GFL. The structure, the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed SOPI is described and discussed. Moreover, the proposed SOPI is compared with the Oral...

Η έννοια της ισοδυναμίας στη μεταφραστική διαδικασία

Σίμος Π. Γραμμενίδης
Στόχος της εργασίας είναι ο ορισμός με γλωσσολογικά κριτήρια της έννοιας της ισοδυναμίας μέσα στη μεταφραστική διαδικασία. Στην προσπάθεια αυτή μελετάται ο τρόπος απόδοσης διάφορων γραμματικών κατηγοριών της ελληνικής, αγγλικής και γαλλικής γλώσσας (γραμματικοί χρόνοι, πρόσωπο). Από τη μελέτη επιβεβαιώνεται καταρχήν η αναγκαιότητα ένταξης της ισοδυναμίας σ'ένα ευρύτερο θεωρητικό πλαίσιο το οποίο δεν επικεντρώνει το ενδιαφέρον του στα γλωσσικά στοιχεία αυτά καθευατά, αλλά στις συνθήκες χρήσης τους. Το τελικό συμπέρασμα είναι ότι, καθώς η σημασία...

The Role of the Audiovisual Mode in the Choice between Subtitling and Revoicing

Fotios Karamitroglou
The immense importance of audiovisual media in our everyday lives can hardly be doubted. As a result, an investigation into the norms that govern audiovisual translation comes as a natural demand. The choice of the language transfer method to be followed for all foreign products in all country/culture settings seems to be one governed and dictated by norms and conventions that are specifically related to each of the hosting audiovisual mode: the motivations that guide...

Γλωσσολογικές διαστάσεις στην κοινωνιολογική ποιητική του Bakhtin

Στέλιος Παπαθανασίου
Η αντίθεση του Mikhail Bakhtin προς τις πάσης φύσεως διχοτομίες που χαρακτηρίζουν τη θεωρία του Ferdinand de Sanssure (ομιλία - γλώσσα, συγχρονία - διαχρονία) αποτελεί την αφετηρία της κριτικής του, η οποία με ένα συστηματικό και εξαιρετικά διαυγή τρόπο προχωρεί στην απόρριψή τους ως ακραίων παραδειγμάτων ορθολογιστικού δυαδισμού. Κατά τη γνώμη του εισηγητή, οι γλωσσολογικές θέσεις που αναπτύσσονται στο βιβλίο του Valentin Volosinov Marxism and the Philosophy of Language τροφοδοτούν αδιαλείπτως τη σκέψη του Bakhtin,...

Ελληνόφωνες Εστίες στο Λίβανο και στη Συρία - Διαπιστώσεις πρώτης επιτόπιας έρευνας και σκέψεις για την ελληνόφωνη εκπαίδευση στη Μέση Ανατολή

Ρούλα Τσοκαλίδου & Κατερίνα Πλασταρά
Στο πρόγραμμα της Χαρτογράφησης των Εστιών Εκμάθησης και Διδασκαλίας των Ν.Ε. στην Ελλάδα και στο εξωτερικό τον Κέντρου Ελληνικής Γλώσσας εντάσσεται η προκείμενη έρευνα σχετικά με τις ελληνόφωνες εστίες στον Λίβανοκαι στη Συρία. Ο ελληνισμός του Λιβάνου και της Συρίας παρουσιάζει ιδιαίτερο ενδιαφέρον λόγω της πολιτιστικής, κοινωνικής και θρησκευτικής σύνθεσης των χωρών αυτών. Η επιτόπια έρευνα στις ελληνόφωνες εστίες του Λιβάνου και της Συρίας μας οδήγησε στη διερεύνηση της σχέσης μεταξύ της εθνοτικής ταυτότητας, της...

Testing to Operational Standards: The Example of the Military

Anthony Bastow
(no abstract available)

Classroom Research in Second Language Learning on the Effects of Different Types of Form-Focused Instruction: The ʻInput Processingʼ Type

Alessandro Benati
(no abstract available)

Personality Identification in the Process of Speech Communication

Penka Ilieva-Baltova
(no abstract available)

Focusing on Research in Second Language Teaching

Vassiliki Kapralou & Elena Papadaki
(no abstract avaialble)

Grammar, Convention, and Language Learning

Francis Y. Lin
(no abstract available)

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