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US Annual Retail Trade Survey—2014

Quick Test 7

Alex Outman

TST Footwear-Based dataset for Fall Detection (TST FB4FD)

Ennio Gambi Susanna Spinsante

Test Zika Dataset June 2017

A SAR ship dataset for detection, discrimination and analysis

W. Kleynhans C. P. Schwegmann

IEEE Brain Data Bank Challenge - Berlin Germany

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Melissa Handa

Your Dataset Name

Melissa Handa

16-Week Intervention Trial with Neuroimaging Data

Decoding local field potentials for neural interfaces

Thomas M. Hall Andrew Jackson

Modeling of Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Photovoltaic Systems

M. Istrate I. V. Banu

A Study on Anti-Islanding Detection Algorithms for Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Systems

M. Istrate I. V. Banu

Study on Three-Phase Photovoltaic Systems under Grid Faults

M. Istrate I. V. Banu

Modeling and Simulation of Photovoltaic Arrays in Matlab and Simulink

M. Istrate I. V. Banu


Fast, Scalable Layout Synthesis Supplementary Video

Alan Litteneker Tomer Weiss

Medical records who suffered from hepatitis B

a dataset containing frame images and dense airborne laser scanning point clouds

Member Antonio Maria Garcia Tommaselli

Covering Radius of the Reed-Muller Code RM(3,7) in RM(5,7)

Qichun Wang Gui Li

Web Data Commons - Hyperlink Graphs

VAIS-1000: A Vietnamese Speech Synthesis Corpus

Chi Mai Luong Quoc Truong Do

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  • 2017

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