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Melissa Handa

Band-Limited Stokes LDDMM

Monica Hernandez

travel time data

Sheng Jin

TNNLS Test Data


An Exact Expression for the Input Admittance of a Circular Loop Antenna over a Lossy Half-Space

Sameir M. Ali Hamed Osman M. Alsemaid

Projectiles Optimization (PRO) algorithm

Mohammad Rasoul Kahrizi

Activities of Daily Living

Reda Elbasiony Walid Gomaa

Long-Term Multi-Band Mean-Crossing Rate (LTMBMCR) Feature

Mohammad Rasoul Kahrizi

Long-Term Spectral Pseudo-Entropy (LTSPE) Feature

Mohammad Rasoul Kahrizi

The Measurement Coverage for Boolean Tomography with Limited End Monitors

Deze Zeng Shengli Pan

GNSS raw data

ANavS GmbH Patrick Henkel

A Joint Filter Approach for Reliable Power System State Estimation

Zhongjie Wang Yang Yu

Quick Test of Competition Analysis

Alex Outman

HazeRD: an outdoor dataset for dehazing algorithms

Li Ding Yanfu Zhang

Augmenting Data with Semantics for Visualization

Daniel R. Harris

Analysis of Biomedical and Health Technology Trend

Xuhui Chen Jinlong Ji

Costas arrays and enumeration to order 1030

James K Beard

IEEE Brain Data Bank Competition

Joaquin Anguera


Citation dynamics of individual papers of several journals

Yan Chen Xuanyu Cao

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  • 2017

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