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Dataset for \"A hybrid approach for identifying news reprint relation\"

Yin Luo, Fangfang Wang, Jun Chen, Lei Wang & Daniel Dajun Zeng
Detailed Dataset Information StatisticsValues# of original news30# of candidate news25899# of reprinted news (no source label)4234 (537)

Methodology to improve the reliability and reduce the risk of negative economic impacts associated with the failures of industrial products

Carvalho, J. P. A., UTFPR, Modesti, P. H., UTFPR, Rocha, S., UTFPR, Estorilio, C., UTFPR, Santos, B. & UTFPR
Currently, the largest portion of the budget for new releases is intended for incremental product improvements and project reviews [1]. In such reviews, it is necessary to mitigate the risk of serious failure occurrences that nullify the gains expected from the product launch. The FMEA method (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) is the most used method to increase the reliability of the product. However, the FMEA is known as having certain weaknesses. Among them, are...

Handgrip strength and antropometry of a population of Peruvian older adults

Casado FL & Casado-Pena JP
AIM: Population aging is a worldwide phenomenon leading to increased life expectancy without necessarily meaning more years of autonomous life. Frailty is characterized by diminished strength, resistance and physiological function that increase vulnerability leading to dependency and mortality. While frailty diagnoses requires a clinical assessment of the patients overall health including at least five different criteria, the relationship among them it is little explored. Peru´s recent economic and political stability has led to increased life...

Arc Flash Phenomena

This set of data provides test results for designers and facility operators to apply in determining the arc-flash hazard distance and the incident energy to which employees could be exposed during their work on or near electrical equipment.

The simulation data for the paper \"Continuation Power Flow Model of Multi-area AC/DC Interconnected Systems incorporating VSC-MTDC\"

Chong Ding
Simulation test data for the paper "Continuation Power Flow Model of Multi-area AC/DC Interconnected Systemsincorporating VSC-MTDC" are attached. Model M1 refers to the proposed CPF model. The nonlinear constraint equations of the directional trading activepower (DTAP) derived from the bilateral power trading contracts (BPTC) are considered. The security controlbehaviors for power allocation of tie-lines and the switch strategy of VSC controlling modes are also simulatedin this scheme. Model M3 is identical to scheme M1 in...

Sample Dataset for Testing

Alexander Outman
10,000 rows of sample data in four formats (CSV, JSON, XML, XLSX) for testing.


Hua Ding
The original data set is from the official website of NASA, the four bearings operation data of the 2nd in IMS data set were used in article experiment.

Doppler spectrum 5_10_2016

Maria Panfilova
The Doppler spectrum (DS) of the signal backscattered at the low incidence angles from the sea surface was measured by the Ka-band radar in an experiment on a marine oceanographic platform on October 5, 2016. The dependence of DS shift and width on incidence angle and azimuth angle is given.

Bitcoin blockchain structure code

Wei Ren & Xiaohan Hao
Blockchain is a kind of distributed account book. It uses many cryptographic techniques to ensure the data security and not tampered with. In our uploaded dataset file, the block chain structure code is included.

Passive multi-target indoor localization based on maximum likelihood estimation of RFID interference

Meng Liu
Passive multi-target indoor localization is one of the important fields recently and could contribute to many applications including storage management or somatosensory systems. In this paper, a passive multi-target indoor localization system was proposed using ultra-high frequency RFID. The reference tags were placed as UCA to detect the interference of the targets. The signal propagation was analyzed and the channel information of targets was extracted from complicated received signal. To distinguish the coherent signals, maximum...

Nonlinear Boolean functions

WeiGuo Zhang

Malaria Thick Blood Smears

Feng Yang & Stefan Jaeger
This is an example of the thick blood smear image. We have the annotation file for this image with the same file name saved as a txt file.

Towards the \"Aerosol cytometry\" and \"Hydrosol cytometry\" based on laser aerosol spectrometers

Yu.V. Zhulanov, P.Yu. Makaveev & O.V. Gradov
It is possible to construct "aerosol cytometers" based on different types of Zhulanov'slaseraerosol counters | diffusionaerosol spectrometers (DAS) [1-8] and "hydrosol cytometers" based on hydrosol particle counters (adopted for ocean marine, ocean and hydrothermal conditions [9,10]). Such systems can be used for analysis of prebiotic condensation nuclei and self-organization of protobiological structures in aerosols (for example, see [11-17])not only in native / model Earth conditions, but also in extraterrestrial or exobiological conditions, because the first...

Teraohmmeter-assisted measurements of plant leaf resistance. 2. Kinetic registration of plant leaf resistance (10x time-lapse registration)

E.D. Adamovich & O.V. Gradov
Kinetic registration of plant leaf resistance (10x).


Kasra Kassai
Test dataset

Stroboscopic microspectroreflectometry of lens-less on-chip microscope PCB with CCD

O.V. Gradov & P.A. Nasirov
Printed cirquit boards with charge coupled devices for on-chip lensless microscopes may be tested not in wetherometers and under solar simulators, but also under the experimental spectroreflectometric setup based on DATACOLOR 3890 with microphotometric and RS232-port-assisted data transfer into the PC memory.

social network simulation data set

Haiping Huang

SUT-Lips-DB - A database of lips traces

Ewa Ostałowska Dariusz Mrozek

Long-Term Multi-Band Mean-Crossing Rate (LTMBMCR) Feature

Mohammad Rasoul Kahrizi

Software Defect

Arjun Rajpal Ruchika Malhotra


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