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Non-Uniform Reflectarrays with Symbolic Regression

Mehmet Ali Belen Peyman Mahouti

Isotropic Surface Remeshing without Large and Small Angles

Dong-Ming Yan Yiqun Wang


Fursov Vladimir Nikolaevich Ershov Bogdan Anatolievich

Machine Learning: A Science Mapping Analysis

Gustavo Ramirez-Gonzalez Juan Rincon-Patino

Photoacoustic Source Detection and Reflection Artifact Removal Enabled by Deep Learning

Austin Reiter Derek Allman

Integrity Coded Databases - Protecting Data Integrity for Outsourced Databases

Hung-Min Sun Jyh-Haw Yeh

Tourists Reviews Dataset

Muhammad Usman Muhammad Afzaal

QRNG Machine Learning

Jing Yan Haw Nhan Duy Truong

Revolution in software engineering

Mohsen Pirnajmeddin

IEEE Brain Data Bank Hackathon at COMPSAC Conference

J. Boccanfuso J.A. Anguera

Water Dispenser Maintenance Dataset

Zuoxu Wang Pai Zheng

Peak power generated through the combustion reaction of propane

Stephane Gaubert Giuseppe C. Calafiore

another quick test

Alex Outman

Data4TTMF_A Triple Trustworthiness Measurement Frame for Knowledge Graphs

Shengbin JIA
There are no explicit labelled errors in FB15K. Considering the experience that most errors in real-world KG derive from the misunderstanding between similar entities, we consider the methods described in paper "DoesWilliamShakespeareREALLYWrite Hamlet? Knowledge Representation Learning with Confidence" to generate fake triples as negative examples automatically with less human annotation. Three kinds of fake triples may be constructed for each true triple: one by replacing head entity, one by replacing relationship, and one by replacing...

Annotations for Body Organ Localization based on MICCAI LiTS Dataset

Xu, Bo Liu & Fugen Zhou
We build a set of annotations based on the MICCAI Liver Tumor Segmentation (LiTS) challenge dataset for evaluating methods on organ localization. Bounding boxes of 9 body organs are included in these annotations: heart, left lung, right lung, liver, left kidney, right kidney, bladder, left femoral head and right femoral head.The MICCAI Liver Tumor Segmentation (LiTS) challenge dataset is an ongoing benchmark for evaluating algorithms on liver and liver lesion segmentation. It consists of 201...

A Novel SOI-LDMOSFET With Superior Electrical Performances

Mohammadreza Ghamkhar
In this paper, a novel silicon-on-insulator (SOI) lateral-double-diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (LDMOSFET) is presented. Changing charge distribution leads to lower electric field crowding and increased breakdown voltage (VBR). For modifying charge distribution, a metal region (COLUMN) and an air layer inside the transistor are utilized. On the other the floating-body effect and impact ionization generate excess holes that are amplified by the parasitic bipolar junction transistor (BJT) in SOI-LDMOSFET that degrade the transistor performance. For...

AMBA ASB Waveforms

Ankit Berde
No image data available.


Xueqing Liu & Michael S. Shur
The file is for an improved compact SPICE model validated for the terahertz frequency range in a large dynamic range. The model validationwas done by comparing the simulation results with the analytical THz detection theory and with the measured data for the 130 nm InGaAs/AlGaAs HFETs. The modeling results are in good agreement with the analytical THz detection theory and with the measured sub-THz response dependence on the bias, power, and polarization. Italso demonstrates the...

Forklift Positioning System for Pallet Tracking in Industrial Environments

Valentin Barral Vales, Pedro Suarez Casal, Carlos J. Escudero & Jose A. Garcia Naya
This repository contains ROS bags with measurements related to the article "Forklift Positioning System for PalletTracking in Industrial Environments". The dataset includes measurements from UWB tags, IMU, Magnetometer and Px4Flow simulated in Gazebo. Also includes the position estimations calculated using the algorithm described in the related paper.

2D Resource Allocation

Lei You, Qi Liao, Nikolaos Pappas & Di Yuan
This is the dataset for the paper "Resource Optimization with Flexible Numerology and Frame Structure for Heterogeneous Services".

cervigram image dataset

Zijie Yue, Shuai Ding, Weidong Zhao & Jie Ma
Each case contains 5 sequential pictures of an acetic-white test with sequence markers, one picture photographed using a green lens and one picture photographed after applying a compound iodine solution.

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