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AITSteg: An Innovative Text Steganography Technique for Hidden Transmission of Text Message via Social Media

Milad Taleby Ahvanooey, Qianmu Li, Jun Hou, Hassan Dana Mazraeh & and Jing Zhang
With the popularity of smartphones and widespread use of high-speed Internet, social media has become a vital part of people’s daily life. Currently, text messages are used in many applications, such as mobile chatting, mobile banking, and mobile commerce. However, when we send a text message via short message service (SMS) or social media, the information contained in the text message transmits as a plain text, which exposes it to attacks. In some cases, this...


Roberto Torres

Time Series Nowcasting of Wind Speed using Tree based Ensemble Methods

Parul Arora, Himanshu Kumar & Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi
With the advent of huge data availability and cheap processing power to derive insights from data ,applications of Big Data and Machine Learning are gaining popularity in every industry. Now, Predicting about future is no more an alternate but a necessity to increase efficiency with accurate output. Forecasting for a shorter duration (Nowcasting) fits perfectly in this space to estimate the final production for better planning and control. The ever increasing renewable energy production in...


The Iris flower data set or Fisher's Iris data set is a multivariate data set .The data set consists of 50 samples from each of three species of Iris (Iris setosa, Iris virginica and Iris versicolor). Four features were measured from each sample: the length and the width of the sepals and petals, in centimeters. Based on the combination of these four features, Fisher developed a linear discriminant model to distinguish the species from each...

IoTorii: Beating RPL with simpler routing

Elisa Rojas, Hedayat Hosseini & Carles Gomez and Jeferson Rodrigues Cotrim
RPL is the de-facto IPv6-based routing protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT), where networks are mainly formed by sensors and other low capacity devices. However, RPL lacks scalability and is inefficient in any-to-any communications. In this letter, we present IoTorii, a layer-two hierarchical protocol that creates routes based on a probe frame, instead of the computation of a distance vector protocol, as in RPL. We simulated a proof-of-concept of IoTorii and compared it with...

flutter test data

This file is the low-speed wind tunnel flutter test data of a certain aeroelastic model using in our manuscript titled "Classification of flutter signals based on convolutional neural network and short-time Fourier transform", which is provide from the China Flight Test Establishment.

Cilia Denoising Benchmark Dataset

Amit Suveer, Hrushikesh Garud, Anca Dragomir & Ida-Maria Sintorn
A sample of synthetic noise-free reference image created by combining multiple instances of structurally preserved cilia cross-sections.

DNN Classifier of Wide-angle Retinal Images in Computer-Aided Screening for ROP

Yinsheng Zhang
Background: Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is one of the main causes of childhood blindness. However, insufficient ophthalmologists are qualified for ROP screening. Objective: To evaluate the performance of a deep neural network (DNN) for automated screening of ROP. Methods: The training and test sets came from 420,365 wide-angle retina images from ROP screening. A transfer learning scheme was designed to train the DNN classifier. First, a pre-processing classifier separated unqualified images. Then, pediatric ophthalmologists labeled...

Adaptive Hybrid of Color Doppler and Ultrasound Speckle Image Velocimetry for the Accurate Measurement of Blood Flow

Jun Hong Park
In this study, adaptive hybrid (AH) scheme is proposed to enhance the measurement accuracy of conventional CD method to acquire the 2-dimensional velocity field of blood flows. It can offer the assistance of the velocity field information measured preliminarily using ultrasound speckle image velocimetry (SIV) technique. Consequently, erroneous vectors in the CD results were replaced with the SIV results. The performance of the proposed AH method was validated by varying flow rate and insonation angle....

60GHz Radar database

Amichai Sanderovich, Eran Hof & Evyatar Hemo
This database includes data measured by Qualcomm's 60GHz mmWave Radar.It includes:Gesture recognition data base: data of different gestures (both hand and fingers) sensed by the Radar.Face signature data base: radar face scan data of 206 individuals for face recognition.

Sentence embeddings for document sets in DUC 2002 summarization task

Sandra J. Gutiérrez-Hinojosa, Hiram Calvo, Marco A. Moreno-Armendáriz & Carlos A. Duchanoy
Our calculated embeddings for the DUC 2002 dataset, as well as the different Central Embeddings


Matteo Colli
The dataset is supporting material for Colli et al 2018 paper. The paper describes the results obtained by the application of an innovative environmental monitoring technique able to estimate rainfall intensity in real-time by processing the attenuation of microwave satellite link signal measured by low cost sensors. The satellite used during our work, Turksat 42° E, belong to the plethora of satellites operating for television and radio channel broadcasting. Each sensor exploits off the shelf...

Zika Virus Data Competition Test

Test Abstract

Videomicroscopic Semi-Shadow Visualization of LoC-Si (Lab-on-a-Chip_[based_on]_Silicone) Test Structures using Binocular Stereoscopic Microscope and Indirect Angular Illumination Scheme (BSI-IAIS)

Zaytsev Yu., Shevchenko D. & Gradov O.
Videomicroscopic Semi-Shadow Visualization of LoC-Si (Lab-on-a-Chip_[based_on]_Silicone) test structures from Institute of Molecular Electronics (D. Shevchenko; founder of Scientific and Production Association "Microbiotechniques" Ltd.) and Russian Academy of Sciences (INEPCP RAS; ICP RAS) Vis. Tech.: MBS-10 Binocular Stereoscopic Microscope; Indirect Angular Illumination. Found.: Initiative project (D. Shevchenko, O. Gradov; 2015-2016) Fab.: JSC “Voskhod” KRLZ* * JSC “Voskhod”-KRLZ practices vacuum electron-beam and magnetron spattering techniques for the deposition of thin dielectric, resistant and metal films. JSC “Voskhod”...


Ma Boyuan
Simulation and measurement results of "Investigation on Bent Dielectric Resonator Antennas with Conformal Ground Plane". Configurations can be found in the paper.

Condition Monitoring for Handpumps - vibration data

H. Greeff, A. Manandhar, P. Thomson, R. Hope & D.A. Clifton
Vibration data collected from handpump handles in Kwale, Kenya.

Large-scale Genetic Exploration of Genome-wide Models: an Application to Human Cancer Metabolism

Youssef Hamadi, Claudio Angione, Hillel Kugler, Christoph Wintersteiger & Boyan Yordanov
Computational modelling of metabolic processes has proven to be a useful approach to formulate our knowledge and improve our understanding of core biochemical systems that are crucial to maintain cellular functions. Recently, it has become evident that metabolism is not only responsible for generating the required energy and controlling the abundance of metabolites within a cell, but also has an important role in and influence on cellular fate specification. Toward understanding the broader role of...

OSS Event occurrences and related terms

Siim Karus
Data from 17 open source software projects was analysed with DWT in order to find similar sequences of values of metrics extracted from revision control systems. The dates for stages and cycles for the projects are listed as well as the terms used in different time periods. The dataset is used to indentify topic flows in the cycles determined by DWT analysis of the source code.

Sample data obtained from experimental tests

José María Rodríguez Corral, Iván Ruíz-Rube, Antón Civit Balcells, José Miguel Mota-Macías & Arturo Morgado-Estévez and Juan Manuel Dodero
Once the three courses for the three learning scenarios - C# OOP programming, Sphero Edu visual programming and VEDILS authoring tool - were taught, the three student groups were asked to indicate using a scale between one and four - to avoid the selection of neutral options - their perception of the clarity and the interest of the exposition (CL and IT indicators), as well as the time spent studying the course contents (ST indicator)....

Time required for Applying AES Encryption and Lempel Ziv Compression on Hospital data

Souvick Das, Novarun Deb, Agostino Coresi & Nabendu Chaki
We apply the AES Encryption algorithm and the Lempel Ziv(LZ) Compression algorithms on each data record and record the times. Then we apply combinations of AES and LZ on the data records - namely AES(LZ()) and LZ(AES()). We record the 4 times and derive scatter plots.

The Effect of Walking Incline and Speed on Human Leg Kinematics, Kinetics, and EMG

K. Embry, D. Villarreal, R. Macaluso & R. Gregg
This dataset contains leg joint kinematics, kinetics, and EMG activity from an experimental protocol approved by the Institutional Review Board at the University of Texas at Dallas. Ten able-bodied subjects walked at steady speeds and inclines on a Bertec instrumented treadmill for one minute per trial. Each subject walked at every combination of the speeds 0.8 m/s, 1.0 m/s, and 1.2 m/s and inclines from -10 degrees to +10 degrees at 2.5 degree increments, for...

Novel context-aware network traffic classification based on a machine learning approach

Ahmed Saeed & Mario Kolberg
The dataset was constructed by capturing real-time background traffic of 9 applications. The 9 applications represent different types of network behaviour in the background, for high level of networkinteraction; we have considered video and voice calls of Skype and Google Hangouts. For the varied level of interactions Facebook and Gmail been chosen, for Gmail, emails were received at random instances. And tagged posts were received at random instances for Facebook as updates. NSS and NSC...

Fringe Disappearance in Self-Mixing Interferometry Laser Sensors: Model and Application to the Absolute Distance Measurement Scheme

Mengkoung Veng, Julien Perchoux & Francis Bony
The fringes disappearance phenomenon in the self-mixing interferometry occurs whenever the external round-trip phase at free-running state is modulated by either external modulation such as external cavity length changes or internal modulation when the laser injection current is modulated with a high back-scattered light power. This phenomenon has been observed by many authors for harmonic motion or vibration application, and more recently in the case of the absolute distance measurement scheme when the laser injection...

Average-Value Modeling of Dual-Control High-Speed Response Brushless Exciters for Synchronous Generators

Jonas Kristiansen Nøland
This dataset could be used to reproduce the results of the AVM model proposed in the paper "Unified Modeling and Analysis of the Dual-Control High-Speed Response Brushless Excitation System of Synchronous Generators".

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