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2.4 GHz Indoor Channel Measurements

Mohamed I. AlHajri, Nazar T. Ali & Raed M. Shubair
The frequency domain measurement of the scattering parameter, S21, of the wireless channel was carried out using the ZVB14 Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) from Rhode and Schwartz. The measurement system consists of the VNA, low loss RF cables, and omnidirectional antennas at the transmitter and receiver ends. The transmitter and receiver heights were fixed at 1.5 m. A program script was written for the VNA to measure 10 consecutive sweeps: each sweep contains 601 frequency...

Detection rate and false alarm rate for Pagoda

Yulai Xie
Efficient intrusion detection and analysis of the security landscape in big data environments present challenge for today's users. Intrusion behavior can be described by provenance graphs that record the dependency relationships between intrusion processes and the infected files. Existing intrusion detection methods typically analyze and identify the anomaly either in a single provenance path or the whole provenance graph, neither of which can achieve the benefit on both detection accuracy and detection time. We propose...

STEW: Simultaneous Task EEG Workload Dataset

Wei Lun Lim, Olga Sourina & Lipo Wang
This dataset consists of raw EEG data from 48 subjects who participated in a multitasking workload experiment utilizing the SIMKAP multitasking test. The subjects’ brain activity at rest was also recorded before the test and is included as well. The Emotiv EPOC device, with sampling frequency of 128Hz and 14 channels was used to obtain the data, with 2.5 minutes of EEG recording for each case. Subjects were also asked to rate their perceived mental...

Cellular Data Repository

Stefano Savazzi
This repository contains a data base of Cell Signal Quality samples obtained from 4 COTS cellphones. Data shows the dynamics of the cellular signal, and how these can be affected by the presence of human body nearby.

A Systematic Review of Information Visualization in Building Information Modeling

Paulo Ivson, André Moreira, Francisco Queiroz, Wallas Santos & Waldemar Celes
This dataset contains the results of a systematic literature review of information visualization in Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM employs 3D CAD models as a central knowledge base for large-scale facility design, construction, and operation. For many years now, the construction industry has researched how to best take advantage of this integrated environment. Its growing information complexity calls upon innovative techniques for effective visual analysis and exploration. An important question remains: how to best display...

Interactive Data Exploration in Science - Systematic Mapping Results

Alejandro Alvarez-Ayllon, Manuel Palomo-Duarte & Juan-Manuel Dodero
Here we intend to review the current state of the art of interactive data exploration techniques,and to discover the maturity of the existing solutions. We look for solutions that satisfy three requirements:access to raw data files, stored in a distributed environment, and with a reasonably low latency.Method This work follows the well-defined guidelines for Systematic Mapping Studies, which is well-suited for gathering and classifying available studies.

SySeVR: A Framework for Using Deep Learning to Detect Software Vulnerabilities

Zhen Li, Deqing Zou, Shouhuai Xu, Hai Jin, Yawei Zhu, Zhaoxuan Chen, Sujuan Wang & Jialai Wang
We propose a general framework for using deep learning to detect vulnerabilities, named SySeVR. For evaluate the SySeVR, we collect the Semantics-based Vulnerability Candidate (SeVC) dataset, which contains all kinds of vulnerabilities that are available from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and the Software Assurance Reference Dataset (SARD). At a high level, the Syntax-based Vulnerability Candidate (SyVC) representation corresponds to a piece of code in a program that may be vulnerable based on a syntax...

The training dataset for accelerated machine learning algorithms

Ruixuan Li
A 128-dimensional vector for one document in text format, where each dimension is represented as a single precision floating-point number。

Channel Coding in 5G New Radio: Tutorial Overview and Performance Comparison with 4G LTE

Dennis Hui, Sara Sandberg, Yufei Blankenship, Mattias Andersson & Leefke Grosjean
This data set is for the paper titled: Channel Coding in 5G New RadioTutorial Overivew and Performance Comparison with 4G LTE

ELCI: edge based labeled crack image

Cho Hyunwoo & Yoon Hyuk-Jin
We collected real crack image data to test and analyze the image-based crack detection results. We used 18 images with 1920×1080 resolution sequentially numbered from 1 to 18. And we performed labeling operation to classify the crack image into crack and background regions. online for free use. For the selection of a crack region, we applied a simple rule of extracting a crack edge and selecting the segment matching the true value. The inner region...

A Gradient-Based Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Multiple Cooperative Agents

Zhen Zhang
The dataset contains the simulation results on two stochastic games -- box pushing and distributed sensor network (DSN). The setting of parameters is given in the manuscript named "A Gradient-Based Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Multiple Cooperative Agents".

Millimeter wave multibeam lens antenna dataset

Vedaprabhu Basavarajappa, Alberto Pellon, Ignacio Montesinos-Ortego, Beatriz Bedia Exposito & Lorena Cabria and Jose Basterrechea
The dataset is a collection of the simulated and measured data acquired in the process of design, analysis and measurement of the millimeter wave multibeam waveguide lens antenna. A data matrix of the colected data is presented in .mat format with Matlab compatibility.

LF-module-assisted analog lab-on-a-chip measurements with R- (650 nm), G- (532 nm), B- (405 nm) laser sources for analog lens-less microscopy setups

Nasirov P.A. & Gradov O.V.
LF-module-assisted analog lab-on-a-chip measurements with R- (650 nm), G- (532 nm), B- (405 nm) laser sources 00:59 - Wavelenth: 650 nm (laser diode);01:25 - Wavelenth: 405 nm (DPSSL);01:43 - Wavelenth: 532 nm (DPSSSL); Acknowledgements:“Development of the novel physical methods for complex biomedical diagnostics based on position-sensitive mapping with the angular resolution at the tissue and cellular levels using analytical labs-on-a-chip” (RFBR grant # 16-32-00914) [6 838,27 $ per year];“Lab-on-a-chip development for personalized diagnostics” (FASIE grant...

Mechanocardiograms with ECG reference

Matti Kaisti, Mojtaba Jafari Tadi, Olli Lahdenoja, Tero Hurnanen, Mikko Pänkäälä & Tero Koivisto
For a detailed describtion of this dataset see accompanying publication "Stand-alone Heartbeat Detection in Multidimensional Mechanocardiograms" by Kaisti M., et al. IEEE Sensors 2018This datasets consists of 29 mechanocardiogram recordings with ECG reference from healthy subjects in supine position. All data were recorded with sensors attached to the sternum using double-sided tape. Mechanocardigrams incude 3-axis accelorometer signals (seismocardiograms) and 3-axis gyroscope signals (gyrocardiograms) . Data files are saved in a TXT-format.

Verifying whether extremely large integer guarantees Collatz conjecture (can return to 1 finally)

Wei Ren
Currently, the largest integer being verified for Collatz conjecture is about 2^60 . To verify whether extremely large integers such as 2^{100000}-1 can return 1, we design a new algorithm. This dedicated algorithm can change numerical computation into bit or charter computation, hence, original dynamics for extremely large integer without upper bound can be computed. By this algorithm, we thus design computer program that can output original dynamics for extremely large integers without upper-bound such...

Data used in PackageRank: Ranking Software Packages for Maintenance based on Multilayer Software Networks

Weifeng Pan, Zijiang Yang, Hua Ming, Carl K. Chang & and Bi Chen
The whole data set will be published after the acceptance of our paper via the same url as shown in the paper. When using PackageRank software to analyze our data set, please do not change the name of the .net files. The .net file has the following format:Node count: *Vertices count Node List: number "node name"EX: 1 "org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.optional.sitraka" Arc List:node1 node2 weightEX: 1 2 3Meaning: from node 1 to node 2 with weight 3

Reliability paremeters for UHVDC

Yuting Hua
Reliability paremeters for UHVDC

ANiTH: A Novel Intelligent Text Hiding Technique for Detecting Spurious Information on Social Media

Milad Taleby Ahvanooey & and Qianmu Li
Digital Watermarking is required in digital media where access to sensitive information has to be protected against malicious attacks. Since the digital text is one of most widely used digital media on the Internet, the significant part of Web sites, social media, articles, eBooks, and so on is only plain text. Thus, copyrights protection of plaintexts is still a remaining issue that must be improved to provide proof of ownership and obtain desirable accuracy of...



Xuzhou HYSPEX dataset

WangXue, Wu Fuyu & Tan Kun
The Xuzhou dataset was collected by an airborne HYSPEX hyperspectral camera over the Xuzhou peri-urban site in November 2014. This dataset consists of 500 × 260 pixels, with a very high spatial resolution of 0.73 m/pixel. The number of spectral bands used in the experiment was 436, after removing the noisy bands ranging from 415 nm to 2508 nm. The scene is peri-urban and is characterized by nine categories, including crops, vegetation, man-made structures, and...

Elliptic Curve Lightweight Cryptography: a Survey

Carlos Andres Lara-Nino, Arturo Diaz-Perez & Miguel Morales-Sandoval
This dataset provides the source data for the figures and tables found in the paper "Elliptic Curve Lightweight Cryptography: a Survey."

web hosting providers monitoring data

Natallia Rice
This dataset contains the information about 305 shared web hosting providers, their uptime, response time, number of servers and sites for the period of the previous 3 months (08/14/2018 – 11/11/018).


Hua Ding
The original data set is from the official website of NASA, the four bearings operation data of the 2nd in IMS data set were used in article experiment.

One Pass Evaluation and Area-Under-the-Curve Tracking results of the proposed tracker on OTB2015 dataset

Wuwei Wang
The bounding boxes of "Robust Visual Tracking Based on Adaptive Extraction and Enhancement of Correlation Filter" tracker on the whole OTB-2015 dataset.

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