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DataSet for paper

Hui Liu Guangjie Li


Fursov Vladimir Nikolaevich Ershov Bogdan Anatolievich

Robust Machine Learning for Encrypted Traffic Classification

Yehonatan Zion Amit Dvir

Videos of Hand Trajectory Gestures From WristCam

Honghao Lv Feiyu Chen

ISRMyo-I: A database for sEMG-based hand gesture recognition

Dalin Zhou Yinfeng Fang

RSSI-Based Indoor Localization with the Internet of Things

Petros Spachos Sebastian Sadowski

Body position data with accelerometer sensor

Paul D. Rosero-Montalv

IEEE-Study of Zika Protein Sequence

RSSI-Based Techniques for Location Based Services with the Internet of Things

Sebastian Sadowski & Petros Spachos
This RSSI Dataset is a comprehensive set of Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) readings gathered from within three different types of scenarios. Three wireless technologies were used which consisted of:WiFi (IEEE 802.11n 2.4GHz band)Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) andZigbee (IEEE 802.15.4)For the experimentation, the equipment utilized consisted of Raspberry Pi 3 Model Bs, Gimbal Series 10 Beacons, and Series 2 Xbees with Arduino Uno microcontrollers.

Precise Displacement Estimation from Time-differenced Carrier Phase to Improve PDR Performance

Xianlu Tao, Xiaohong Zhang, Feng Zhu, Fuhong Wang & and Weizhen Teng
Because of the demand for seamless indoor and outdoor positioning of mass market applications, several simple and efficient pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) systems have been introduced. However, the performance of PDR system would significantly decrease with the increase of recursion time, due to the influence of sensors and model error. This paper discusses the overview of pedestrian navigation system and the implementation of key techniques of PDR, then proposes an improved PDR system with precise...

AMBA ASB Waveforms

Ankit Berde
AMBA specification defines protocol for Bus Architecture for data and control signals intercommunication among processors, memory and controller interfaces. Within a high-performance embedded system, multiple processors are fused to meet the specification of the design. Thus, a fitting Bus Architecture is to be implemented for efficient inter-communication of processors. Advanced System Bus is one such flavour of AMBA transfer protocols, designed for provision of communication of a modular system. This paper outlines the implementation of...

River Ter

Remei Cal, Miguel Sainz & Josep Vehi
The experimental dataset involves the interval values for the bed slope (m/m) measured with a theodolite, the river flow rate (m^3/s), and the average surface velocity (m/s) from the Ter River (Spain).

Example Dataset of Exercise Analysis and Forecasting

Chengcheng Guo
This data set is an example data set for the data set used in the experiment of the paper "A Multilevel Analysis and Hybrid Forecasting Algorithm for Long Short-term Step Data". It contains two parts of hourly step data and daily step data, each with 500 rows of data. The data has been desensitized. A complete data set can be added depending on the review condition.

PROCON dataset

Ritu Kapur & Balwinder Sodhi
The database contains PROCON metrics values extracted from more than 30400 source code files (with 14950 bug reports) of GitHub repository. PROCON metrcs capture the properties (viz. depth, length and count) associated with the occurrences of various programming constructs used in a source code. PROCON metrics are capable of being deployed for both, Object Oriented(OO) languages (such as C++, Java etc.) and structured programming languages (such as C). PROCON metrics have been proved to outperform...

An Investigation of the Scalability of a 3D Stacked Hybrid P/N Layer and Vertical Gate SOI Junctionless FET

Cheng-Kuei Lee, Sen Yin, Jin-Yu Zhang & Zuo-Chang Ye and Yan Wang
This research examined the electrical characteristicsof a conventional junctionless silicon-on-insulator (SOI-JL) and aSOI hybrid P/N fin channel JL thin film transistor (SOI-H-JL)using a simulation with gate lengths from 60 nm to 10 nm. Theinterface location of the SOI-H-JL has a depletion region of aparallel channel, which influences the effective thickness of thechannel. The threshold voltage can be adjusted by changing theconcentration of the substrate. Better electrical characteristicsand higher transconductance can be obtained under the shortchannel...

Satellite communication signal

Youyang Li
This data set is the data of the downlink signals of the high-orbit maritime communication satellite.

Cervical cell images

Biao Li
This dataset is for the paper titled: Segmentation of Cervical Cell Images based on Generative Adversarial Networks. The dataset is used to train and test the Cell-GAN, a generative adversarial network. After training, the Cell-GAN is able to generate a complete single-cell image which has the similar contour to the cell to be segmented.



mmWave measurement program

Chiu Chun Chan, Ferdi Kurnia & Akram Hourani
The fifth-generation cellular networks (5G)has been proposed as a solution for the accelerating growth in data traffic. As part of 5G, millimetre-wave (mmWave) is suggested as one of the potential spectrum candidates due to the vastly available bandwidth. Accordingly, both indoor and outdoor propagation measurements on mmWave have been widely conducted over the recent years. These field measurements were heavily dependent on utilizing expensive channel-sounders and tools. In this paper, we propose an affordable and...

People with different BMI (Age, Width, Height)

Washington Velasquez
The Dataset people.csv is used to evaluate different BMI and the result is a dataset with the fields of the image.

Vehicle driving behavior

Yong Zhang & Yaohua Guo
The data format is described as follows:Event: {‘acc’: array([[x_axis], [y_axis], [z_axis], ‘gyr’,array([x_axis], [y_axis], [z_axis], ‘label’: No ]No =1 means acceleration.No =2 means normal driving.No =3 means collision.No =4 means left turn.No =5 means right turn.

Implementation of VOR receiver with the RTL-SDR

R. Mello
A VOR receiver based on Software-Defined Radio is presented. Experiments showed that the system indicated the radials of the VOR station of São José dos Campos with an average error rate of less than 1% and a standard deviation of less than 2.14% in relation to those calculated cartographically. The results suggest that low volume and weight SDR-based VOR receivers can be developed with processing on microcontrollers or FPGAs to equip drones that need to...

In-vivo Force Sensing during Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy Vaginal Vault Manipulation

J. De Smet, J. Deprest, A. Thys & E. Vander Poorten
Objective: During laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy vaginal vault prolapse is repaired by restoring the anatomical state ofthe vagina with a surgical mesh. A vaginal manipulator is placed inside the vagina to provide proper exposure to the surgeon forfixation of the mesh on the vaginal surface and vault by laparoscopy. Vaginal vault manipulation is done manually by an assistantand long operation times lead to fatigue and inconsistent application of tensioning forces. This work describes a novel force sensordesigned...

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