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Meltwater Meandering Channels on Ice: Centerlines and Images

Roberto Fernandez, Gary Parker & Colin P. Stark
This dataset includes images and extracted centerlines from experiments looking at the formation and evolution of meltwater meandering channels on ice. The laboratory data includes centimeter- and millimeter-scale rivulets. Dataset also includes an image and corresponding centerlines from the Peterman Ice Island. All centerlines were manually digitized in Matlab but no distributable code was developed for the process. Once digitized, centerlines were smoothed and standardized following methods and routines developed by other authors (Zolezzi and...


Xiaoru Dong, Jingyi Xie & Linh Hoang
File Name: Inclusion_Criteria_Annotation.csv Data Preparation: Xiaoru Dong Date of Preparation: 2019-04-04 Data Contributions: Jingyi Xie, Xiaoru Dong, Linh Hoang Data Source: Cochrane systematic reviews published up to January 3, 2018 by 52 different Cochrane groups in 8 Cochrane group networks. Associated Manuscript authors: Xiaoru Dong, Jingyi Xie, Linh Hoang, and Jodi Schneider. Associated Manuscript, Working title: Machine classification of inclusion criteria from Cochrane systematic reviews. Description: The file contains lists of inclusion criteria of Cochrane...

Miscanthus sinensis multi-location trial: phenotypic analysis, genome-wide association, and genomic prediction

Lindsay V. Clark, Maria Stefanie Dwiyanti, Kossonou G. Anzoua, Joe E. Brummer, Bimal Kumar Ghimire, Katarzyna Głowacka, Megan Hall, Kweon Heo, Xiaoli Jin, Alexander E. Lipka, Junhua Peng, Toshihiko Yamada, Ji Hye Yoo, Chang Yeon Yu, Hua Zhao, Stephen P. Long & Erik J. Sacks
This dataset contains genotypic and phenotypic data, R scripts, and the results of analysis pertaining to a multi-location field trial of Miscanthus sinensis. Genome-wide association and genomic prediction were performed for biomass yield and 14 yield-component traits across six field trial locations in Asia and North America, using 46,177 single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers mined from restriction site-associated DNA sequencing (RAD-seq) and 568 M. sinensis accessions. Genomic regions and candidate genes were identified that can be...

PICAN-PI Public Data

Michael Nute, Karthik Yarlagadda & Rebecca Stumpf
This dataset contains all data used in the two studies included in "PICAN-PI..." by Nute, et al, other than the original raw sequences. That includes: 1) Supplementary information for the Manuscript, including all the graphics that were created, 2) 16S Reference Alignment, Phylogeny and Taxonomic Annotation used by SEPP, and 3) Data used in the manuscript as input for the graphics generation (namely, SEPP outputs and sequence multiplicities).

Pastinaca sativa P450s - CYP71AJ4 variants in New Zealand and North America

Anne Cure, Bernarda Calla, May Berenbaum & Mary Schuler
Nucleotide sequences from wild parsnip CYP71AJ4 (angelic in synthase. Genbank EF191021) were obtained by Sanger sequencing. Seeds from individual plants from different populations were harvested to obtain corresponding cDNA. The cDNA was cloned and directly sequenced. Aminoacid translations were obtained using standard codon usage. Alignments of CYP71AJ4 sequences (involved in angular furanocoumarin biosynthesis) with as the reference sequence. Consistent amino acid variabilities were found between some populations. The relationship between sequencing variability and selective pressure...

Trivellone, Valeria; Cao, Yanghui; Blackshear, Millon ; Kim, Chang-Hyun ; Stone, Christopher (2022): FASTA file of the final sequence alignment used in the haplotype analyses of Culex pipiens complex populations collected in south-eastern Illinois (2016-2017). University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Valeria Trivellone, Yanghui Cao, Millon Blackshear, Chang-Hyun Kim & Christopher Stone
The Culex_Trivellone_etal.fas fasta file contains the original final sequence alignment used in the haplotype analyses of Trivellone et al. (Frontiers in Public Health, under review). The 492 sequences (from specimens of Culex pipiens complex collected in different habitat types using a BG-sentinel traps) were aligned using PASTA v1.8.5 under default settings. The final dataset contains 686 positions of the cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) mitochondrial gene. The data analyses are further described in the...


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Data for: Anthophilous hover flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) may visually discriminate neonicotinoid insecticides in sucrose solution: a choice experiment

Scott Clem, Taylor Sparbanie, Alec Luro & Alexandra Harmon-Threatt
These data were collected for an experiment examining effects of neonicotinoid (clothianidin) presence on hover fly (Diptera: Syrphidae) behavior. Hover flies of two species (Eristalis arbustorum and Toxomerus marginatus) were offered a choice to feed on artificial flowers laced with sucrose solution that was either contaminated (CLO) or not contaminated (CON) with clothianidin. Two different concentrations of clothianidin in 0.5 M sucrose solution were tested: 2.5 ppb and 150 ppb. We conducted four sets of...

Data and code for: Photosynthesis in the fleeting shadows: An overlooked opportunity for increasing crop productivity?

Yu Wang, Steven J. Burgess, Elsa de Becker & Stephen P. Long
This dynamic photosynthesis model of soybean canopy is developed by Yu Wang (yuwangcn@illinois.edu), IGB, University of Illinois. If you want to know more details, please check the following publication Yu Wang, Steven J. Burgess, Elsa de Becker, Stephen P. Long. Photosynthesis in the fleeting shadows: An overlooked opportunity for increasing crop productivity? The Plant Journal.

Dataset for \"Channel Activation of CHSH Nonlocality\"

Yujie Zhang, Rodrigo Araiza Bravo, Eric Chitambar & Virginia Lorenz
This dataset provides the raw data, code and related figures for the paper, "Channel Activation of CHSH Nonlocality"

NEXUS data file for phylogenetic analysis of Deltocephalinae (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)

James Zahniser & Christopher Dietrich
The Delt_Comb.NEX text file contains the original data used in the phylogenetic analyses of Zahniser & Dietrich, 2013 (European Journal of Taxonomy, 45: 1-211). The text file is marked up according to the standard NEXUS format commonly used by various phylogenetic analysis software packages. The file will be parsed automatically by a variety of programs that recognize NEXUS as a standard bioinformatics file format. The first nine lines of the file indicate the file type...

XSEDE: Allocations Awards for the NSF Cyberinfrastructure Portfolio, 2004-2019

The XSEDE program manages the database of allocation awards for the portfolio of advanced research computing resources funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The database holds data for allocation awards dating to the start of the TeraGrid program in 2004 to present, with awards continuing through the end of the second XSEDE award in 2021. The project data include lead researcher and affiliation, title and abstract, field of science, and the start and end...

Heteroptera Transcriptome Set

Robert de Moya
These are the alignments of transcriptome data used for the analysis of members of Heteroptera. This dataset is analyzed in "Deep instability in the phylogenetic backbone of Heteroptera is only partly overcome by transcriptome-based phylogenomics" published in Insect Systematics and Diversity.

Dramatic long-term restoration of an oak woodland due to multiple, sustained management treatments

Stephen Packard & Greg Spyreas
A 30 year record of the vegetation in sample plots in a woodland in the Chicago area. The changes in these plots over time show how ecological restoration can yield dramatic results.

BEPAM Model Code and CABBI Simulation Results for \"Assessing the Returns to Land and Greenhouse Gas Savings from Producing Energy Crops on Conservation Reserve Program Land\"

Luoye Chen, Elena Blanc-Betes, Tara Hudiburg, Daniel Hellerstein, Steven Wallander, Evan DeLucia & Madhu Khanna
This dataset contains BEPAM model code and input data to the replicate the results for "Assessing the Returns to Land and Greenhouse Gas Savings from Producing Energy Crops on Conservation Reserve Program Land." The dataset consists of: (1) The replication codes and data for the BEPAM model. The code file is named as output_0213-2020_Complete_daycent-agversion-[rental payment level]%_[biomass price].gms. (BEPAM-CRP model-Sep2020.zip) (2) Simulation results from the BEPAM model (BEPAM_Simulation_Results.csv) * Item (1) is in GAMS format. Item...

Gardner Midwest Lyme Invasion Data 102818

Allison Gardner & Brian Allan
These data obtained from the peer-reviewed literature and a public database depict the geographic expansion of the black-legged tick (Ixodes scapularis) and human cases of Lyme disease in the midwestern U.S.

Mixing Data for Three Small Confluences in East Central Illinois

Bruce Rhoads, Quinn Lewis, Alexander Sukhodolov & George Constantinescu
This data set includes information used to determine patterns of mixing at three small confluences in East Central Illinois based on differences in the temperature or turbidity of the two confluent flows.

Data from: Supertree-like methods for genome-scale species tree estimation

Erin K. Molloy
This repository includes scripts and datasets for Chapter 6 of my PhD dissertation, " Supertree-like methods for genome-scale species tree estimation," that had not been published previously. This chapter is based on the article: Molloy, E.K. and Warnow, T. "FastMulRFS: Fast and accurate species tree estimation under generic gene duplication and loss models." Bioinformatics, In press. https://doi.org/10.1093/bioinformatics/btaa444. The results presented in my PhD dissertation differ from those in the Bioinformatics article, because I re-estimated species...

The matrix of influence coefficients due to pyramidal distribution on an overlapping hexagonal grid

Yaswanth Sai Jetti & Alison C. Dunn
This data set is a matrix of values. The element in the row "i" and the column "j" denotes the influence of hexagonal pyramidal distribution at node "i" on the node "j". The size of the matrix is 16641x16641. This matrix corresponds to a 129x129 grid. Influence coefficient matrix on a smaller grid can be obtained by appropriately choosing the elements from the bigger matrix.

Expert-based measures of human impact to vegetation- Bibliographic analysis

Jack Zinnen, Greg Spyreas, László Erdős, Christian Berg & Jeffrey Matthews
These are text files downloaded from the Web of Science for the bibliographic analyses found in Zinnen et al. (2020) in Applied Vegetation Science. They represent the papers and reference lists from six expert-based indicator systems: Floristic Quality Assessment, hemeroby, naturalness indicator values (& social behaviors), Ellenberg indicator values, grassland utilization values, and urbanity indicator values. To examine data, download VOSviewer and see instructrions from van Eck & Waltman (2019) for how to upload data....

KEEI Kauffman Entrepreneurship Education Inventory Four Year Colleges 2015

This dataset is a snapshot of the presence and structure of entrepreneurship education in U.S. four-year colleges and universities in 2015, including co-curricular activities and related infrastructure. Public, private not-for-profit and for-profit institutions are included, as are specialized four-year institutions. The dataset provides insight into the presence of entrepreneurship education both within business units and in other units of college campuses. Entrepreneurship is defined broadly, to include small business management and related career-focused options.

Data from: Mitochondrial genomes of Columbicola feather lice are highly fragmented, indicating repeated evolution of minicircle-type genomes in parasitic lice

Andrew Sweet, Kevin Johnson & Stephen Cameron
Data files associated with the assembly of mitochondrial minicircles from five species of parasitic lice. This includes data from four species in the genus Columbicola and from the human louse (Pediculus humanus). The files include FASTA sequences for all five species, reference sequences for read mapping approaches, resulting contigs produced by various assembly approaches, and alignments of human louse minicircles mapped to published sequences of the same species.

KEEI Kauffman Entrepreneurship Education Inventory Two Year Colleges 2015

This dataset inventories the availability of entrepreneurship and small business education, including co-curricular opportunities, in two-year colleges in the United States. The inventory provides a snapshot of activities at more than 1,650 public, not-for-profit, and private for-profit institutions, in 2014.

Land productivity and land availability for growing bioenergy crop in the Contiguous US. Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation (CABBI)

Pan Yang, Qiankun Zhao & Ximing Cai
The dataset consists of two types of data: the estimate of land productivity (the maximum productivity, MP) and the estimate of land that has low productivity for any major crops planted in the Contiguous United States and then may be available for growing bioenergy crops (the marginal land, ML). All data items are in GeoTiff format, under the World Geodetic System (WGS) 84 project, and with a resolution of 0.0020810045 degree (~250 m). The MP...

Data for: Effects of an invasive perennial forb on gross soil nitrogen cycling and nitrous oxide fluxes

Evan Portier, Whendee Silver & Wendy H. Yang
This dataset includes data on soil properties, soil N pools, and soil N fluxes presented in the manuscript, "Effects of an invasive perennial forb on gross soil nitrogen cycling and nitrous oxide fluxes," submitted to Ecology for peer-reviewed publication. Please refer to that publication for details about methodologies used to generate these data and for the experimental design.

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