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Data from: Polynomial-Time Statistical Estimation of Species Trees under Gene Duplication and Loss

Brandon Legried, Erin K. Molloy, Tandy Warnow & Sebastien Roch
This repository includes scripts and datasets for the paper, "Polynomial-Time Statistical Estimation of Species Trees under Gene Duplication and Loss."

Data from \"Identifying Motivations for DAMS Migration: A Survey\"

Ayla Stein & Santi Thompson
These data were collected from a survey focusing on identifying libraries' motivations for transitioning from one digital asset management system (DAMS) to another, in order to provide access to primary source research materials. This file is not the raw data because we removed all of the responses that did not meet the minimum requirements for the survey. Any responses with personally identifiable information were also removed. The second row of the dataset functions as headers...

Global warming effects on nesting in Prothonotary Warblers

Jeffrey Hoover & Wendy Schelsky
Dataset includes temperature data (local average April daily temperatures), first egg dates and reproductive output of Prothonotary Warblers breeding in southernmost Illinois, USA. Also included are arrival dates for warblers returning to breeding grounds from wintering grounds, and global temperature anomaly data for comparison with local temperatures. These data were used in the manuscript entitled "Warmer April Temperatures on Breeding Grounds Promote Earlier Nesting in a Long-Distance Migratory Bird, the Prothonotary Warbler" published in Frontiers...

Feather Louse Orthology set

Robert de Moya
This is the data set associated with the manuscript titled "Extensive host-switching of avian feather lice following the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction event." Included are the gene alignments used for phylogenetic analyses and the cophylogenetic input files.

Data from: Mitochondrial genomes of Columbicola feather lice are highly fragmented, indicating repeated evolution of minicircle-type genomes in parasitic lice

Andrew Sweet, Kevin Johnson & Stephen Cameron
Data files associated with the assembly of mitochondrial minicircles from five species of parasitic lice. This includes data from four species in the genus Columbicola and from the human louse (Pediculus humanus). The files include FASTA sequences for all five species, reference sequences for read mapping approaches, resulting contigs produced by various assembly approaches, and alignments of human louse minicircles mapped to published sequences of the same species.

Experiment and simulation raw data for \"Electrical recognition of the twenty proteinogenic amino acids using an aerolysin nanopore\"

Hadjer Ouldali, Kumar Sarthak, Tobias Ensslen, Fabien Piguet, Philippe Manivet, Juan Pelta, Jan C. Behrends, Aleksei Aksimentiev & Abdelghani Oukhaled
Raw MD simulation trajectory, input and configuration files, SEM current data, and experimental raw data accompanying the publication, "Electrical recognition of the twenty proteinogenic amino acids using an aerolysin nanopore". README.md contains a description of all associated files.

Partial predation of a songbird nest by an Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina)

Todd M. Jones, Thomas J. Benson & Michael P. Ward
Video footage of an Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina) partially predating a Field Sparrow nest (Spizella pusilla) at 0845 h on the 31 of May 2020. Please note that the date on the video footage is incorrect due to user error, but the time is correct.

Phylogenomics of the North American Plecoptera

Eric J. South, Rachel Skinner, R. Edward DeWalt, Boris Kondratieff, Kevin P. Johnson, Mark Davis, Jonathan Lee & Richard Durfee
This dataset contains the amino acid and nucleotide alignments corresponding to the phylogenetic analyses of South et al. 2020 in Systematic Entomology. This dataset also includes the gene trees that were used as input for coalescent analysis in ASTRAL.

Multiple stem and environmental variables dataset

James W. Dalling & Katherine D. Heineman
Data on permanent plots at Fortuna and the Panama Canal Watershed, Republic of Panama, containing counts and percent of trees with one or more multiple stems >10cm diameter, with and without palms. Accompanying environmental data includes elevation, precipitation, soil type and soil chemical variables (pH, total N, NO3, NO4, resin P, mehlich Ca, K and Mg.

Microclimatic Temperature and Vegetation Structure in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Samuel Stickley & Jennifer Fraterrigo
This dataset consists of microclimatic temperature and vegetation structure maps at a 3-meter spatial resolution across the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Included are raster models for sub-canopy, near-surface, minimum and maximum temperature averaged across the study period, season, and month during the growing season months of March through November from 2006-2010. Also available are the topographic and vegetation inputs developed for the microclimate models, including LiDAR-derived vegetation height, LiDAR-derived vegetation structure within four height...

Simulation Data for JUMPER: Discontinuous Transcript Assembly in SARS-CoV-2

Palash Sashittal, Chuanyi Zhang & Mohammed El-Kebir
This data contains bam files and transcripts in the simulated instances generated for the paper 'JUMPER: Discontinuous Transcript Assembly in SARS-CoV-2' submitted for RECOMB 2021. The folder 'bam' contained the simulated bam files aligned using STAR wile the reads were generated using the method polyester Note: in the readme file, close to the end of the document, please ignore this sentence: 'Those files can be opened by using [name of software].'

Multi-scale CyberGIS Analytics for Detecting Spatiotemporal Patterns of COVID-19

Fangzheng Lyu, Jeon-Young Kang, Shaohua Wang, Su Han, Zhiyu Li, Shaowen Wang & Anand Padmanabhan
This dataset contains all the code, notebooks, datasets used in the study conducted for the research publication titled "Multi-scale CyberGIS Analytics for Detecting Spatiotemporal Patterns of COVID-19 Data". Specifically, this package include the artifacts used to conduct spatial-temporal analysis with space time kernel density estimation (STKDE) using COVID-19 data, which should help readers to reproduce some of the analysis and learn about the methods that were conducted in the associated book chapter. ## What’s inside...

Multi-State Survey of State Opportunity Zones Laws (Last Updated Jan. 14, 2022)

Michelle Layser
This dataset provides a 50-state (and DC) survey of state-level Opportunity Zones laws, including summaries of states' Opportunity Zone tax preferences, supplemental tax preferences, and approach to Opportunity Zones conformity. Data was last updated on January 14, 2022.

Data for Anomalous density fluctuations in a strange metal

Peter Abbamonte
This is the complete dataset for the "Anomalous density fluctuations in a strange metal" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences publication (https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1721495115). This is an integration of the Zenodo dataset which includes raw M-EELS data. METHODOLOGICAL INFORMATION 1. Description of methods used for collection/generation of data: Data have been collected with a M-EELS instrument and according to the data acquisition protocol described in the original PNAS publication and in SciPost Phys. 3, 026 (2017)...

RaDICaL: A Synchronized FMCW Radar, Depth, IMU and RGB Camera Data Dataset with Low-Level FMCW Radar Signals (ROS bag format)

Teck Yian Lim, Spencer Abraham Markowitz & Minh Do
This dataset consists of raw ADC readings from a 3 transmitter 4 receiver 77GHz FMCW radar, together with synchronized RGB camera and depth (active stereo) measurements. The data is grouped into 4 distinct radar configurations: - "indoor" configuration with range <14m - "30m" with range <38m - "50m" with range <63m - "high_res" with doppler resolution of 0.043m/s # Related code https://github.com/moodoki/radical_sdk # Hardware Project Page https://publish.illinois.edu/radicaldata

Data for: Higher-order interaction between species inhibits bacterial invasion of a phototroph-predator microbial community

Harry (Avery) Mickalide & Seppe Kuehn
These are abundance dynamics data and simulations for the paper "Higher-order interaction between species inhibits bacterial invasion of a phototroph-predator microbial community". In this V2, data were converted in Python, in addition to MATLAB and more information on how to work with the data was included in the Readme.

Spatial accessibility of COVID-19 healthcare resources in Illinois, USA

Jeon-Young Kang, Alexander Michels, Fangzheng Lyu, Shaohua Wang, Nelson Agbodo, Vincent L Freeman, Shaowen Wang & Padmanabhan Anand
This dataset contains all the code, notebooks, datasets used in the study conducted to measure the spatial accessibility of COVID-19 healthcare resources with a particular focus on Illinois, USA. Specifically, the dataset measures spatial access for people to hospitals and ICU beds in Illinois. The spatial accessibility is measured by the use of an enhanced two-step floating catchment area (E2FCA) method (Luo & Qi, 2009), which is an outcome of interactions between demands (i.e, #...

StyleGAN2 trained on MR brain and face images: network weights

Varun A. Kelkar & Mark A. Anastasio
This repository contains the weights for two StyleGAN2 networks trained on two composite T1 and T2 weighted open-source brain MR image datasets, and one StyleGAN2 network trained on the Flickr Face HQ image dataset. Example images sampled from the respective StyleGANs are also included. The datasets themselves are not included in this repository. The weights are stored as `.pkl` files. The code and instructions to load and use the weights can be found at https://github.com/comp-imaging-sci/pic-recon...

White and Red Sorghum as Primary Carbohydrate Sources in Extruded Diets of Felines

Maria Cattai de Godoy
- The research objectives were to evaluate the effect of dietary supplementation of white (WSH) and red (RSH) sorghum grains on gastrointestinal health of felines through the determination of apparent total tract macronutrient digestibility (ATTD), fecal characteristics, fermentative end-products, and microbiota, compared with a traditional corn-based diet (Control).
- Nine, intact, male domestic shorthaired cats (average age: 0.8 ± 0.00 yr; average weight: 4.5 ± 0.23 kg) were used in a triplicated 3 × 3...

Miscanthus grass as a novel functional fiber source in extruded feline diets

Maria Cattai de Godoy
- The aim of this research was to evaluate the novel dietary fiber source, miscanthus grass, in comparison to traditional fiber sources, and their effects on the microbiota of healthy adult cats. Four dietary treatments, cellulose (CO), miscanthus grass fiber (MF), a blend of miscanthus fiber and tomato pomace (MF+TP), or beet pulp (BP) were evaluated.

- The study was conducted using a completely randomized design with twenty-eight neutered adult, domesticated shorthair cats (19 females and...

Data for Conservation Tillage Mitigates Drought Induced Soybean Yield Losses in the US Corn Belt

Bowen Chen, Benjamin Gramig & Seong Yun
Data files and R code to replicate the econometric analysis in the journal article: B Chen, BM Gramig and SD Yun. “Conservation Tillage Mitigates Drought Induced Soybean Yield Losses in the US Corn Belt.” Q Open. https://doi.org/10.1093/qopen/qoab007

Source data for Kinetic and structural mechanism for DNA unwinding by a non-hexameric helicase

Sean Carney, Wen Ma & Yann Chemla
This dataset includes the source data for Figures 1-4 and supplementary figures 1-10 for the manuscript "Kinetic and structural mechanism for DNA unwinding by a non-hexameric helicase".

Massive Distributed Microphone Array Dataset

Ryan M. Corey, Matthew D. Skarha & Andrew C. Singer
Large, distributed microphone arrays could offer dramatic advantages for audio source separation, spatial audio capture, and human and machine listening applications. This dataset contains acoustic measurements and speech recordings from 10 loudspeakers and 160 microphones spread throughout a large, reverberant conference room. The distributed microphone system contains two types of array: four wearable microphone arrays of 16 sensors each placed near the ears and across the upper body, and twelve tabletop arrays of 8 microphones...

High-Throughput Single-Organelle Dataset

Daniel Castro & Jonathan Sweedler
The dataset contains the high-throughput matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry XmL files for the atrial gland and red hemiduct of Aplysia californica.

Trelease and Brownfields Woods tree decay dataset

Sierra Perez, James Dalling & Jennifer Fraterrigo
Information on the location, dimensions, time of treefall or death, decay state, wood nutrient, wood pH and wood density data, and soil moisture, slope, distance from forest edge and soil nutrient data associated with the publication "Interspecific wood trait variation predicts decreased carbon residence time in changing forests" authored by Sierra Perez, Jennifer Fraterrigo, and James Dalling. ** Note: Blank cells indicate that no data were collected.

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