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Influences of fish on food web structure and function in mountain lakes supplemental data

Thomas Detmer
The associated data sets include information on stable isotopes from organic matter sources in high elevation lakes, the percentage of production assimilated from the different sources of organic matter, and the relationship between different metrics for trophic position and environmental variables.

High-Throughput Single-Organelle Dataset

Daniel Castro & Jonathan Sweedler
The dataset contains the high-throughput matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry XmL files for the atrial gland and red hemiduct of Aplysia californica.

Source data for Kinetic and structural mechanism for DNA unwinding by a non-hexameric helicase

Sean Carney, Wen Ma & Yann Chemla
This dataset includes the source data for Figures 1-4 and supplementary figures 1-10 for the manuscript "Kinetic and structural mechanism for DNA unwinding by a non-hexameric helicase".

Datasets for \"Dense sampling of taxa and characters improves phylogenetic resolution among deltocephaline leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae)\"

Yanghui Cao, Christopher H. Dietrich, James N. Zahniser & Dmitry A. Dmitriev
The following files were used to reconstruct the phylogeny of the leafhopper subfamily Deltocephalinae, using IQ-TREE v1.6.12 and ASTRAL v 4.10.5. Taxon_sampling.csv: contains the sequencing ids (1st column) and the taxonomic information (2nd column) of each sample. Sequencing ids were used in the alignment files and partition files. concatenated_nt.phy: concatenated nucleotide alignment used for the maximum likelihood analysis of Deltocephalinae by IQ-TREE v1.6.12. The file lists the sequences of 163,365 nucleotide positions from 429 genes...

Seven ROSE datasets in high and low fragmentation conditions

Chengze Shen, Minhyuk Park & Tandy Warnow
This is a general description of the datasets included in this upload; details of each dataset can be found in the individual README.txt in each compressed folder. We have: 1. ROSE-HF.tar.gz 2. ROSE-LF.tar.gz HF (high fragmentary): 50% of the sequences are made fragmentary, which have average lengths of 25% of the original lengths with a standard deviation of 60 bp. LF (low fragmentary): 25% of the sequences are made fragmentary, which have average lengths of...

Trelease and Brownfields Woods tree decay dataset

Sierra Perez, James Dalling & Jennifer Fraterrigo
Information on the location, dimensions, time of treefall or death, decay state, wood nutrient, wood pH and wood density data, and soil moisture, slope, distance from forest edge and soil nutrient data associated with the publication "Interspecific wood trait variation predicts decreased carbon residence time in changing forests" authored by Sierra Perez, Jennifer Fraterrigo, and James Dalling. ** Note: Blank cells indicate that no data were collected.

SharpTNI Results

Palash Sashittal & Mohammed El-Kebir
Results generated using SharpTNI on data collected from the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

Frequent pattern subject transactions from the University of Illinois Library (2016 - 2018)

Jim Hahn
The data are provided to illustrate methods in evaluating systematic transactional data reuse in machine learning. A library account-based recommender system was developed using machine learning processing over transactional data of 383,828 transactions (or check-outs) sourced from a large multi-unit research library. The machine learning process utilized the FP-growth algorithm over the subject metadata associated with physical items that were checked-out together in the library. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the results...

State of Illinois - Common Spatial Geodatabase for the Social Sciences

Michael Lotspeich-Yadao
This geodatabase serves two purposes: 1) to provide State of Illinois agencies with a fast resource for the preparation of maps and figures that require the use of shape or line files from federal agencies, the State of Illinois, or the City of Chicago, and 2) as a start for social scientists interested in exploring how geographic information systems (whether this is data visualization or geographically weighted regression) can bring new meaning to the interpretation...

Burton Endo electron micrograph library

Nathan Schroeder
The data are original electron micrographs from the lab of the late Dr. Burt Endo of the USDA. These data were digitized from photographic prints and glass plate negatives at 600 DPI as 16 bit TIFF files. This second version added 10 new ZIP files from the Endo data collection. "Endo folder database.xlsx" is updated to reflect the addition. Information in "ReadmeFile name formatting.docx" remains the same as in V1.


Hanau Felix, Rost Hannes & Idoia Ochoa
This data set contains mass spectrometry data used for the publication "mspack: efficient lossless and lossy mass spectrometry data compression".

Data from: Accurate Large-scale Phylogeny-Aware Alignment using BAli-Phy

Maya Gupta, Paul Zaharias & Tandy Warnow
This repository includes scripts and datasets for the paper, "Accurate Large-scale Phylogeny-Aware Alignment using BAli-Phy" submitted to Bioinformatics.

Machine learning enabled phenotyping for GWAS and TWAS of WUE traits in 869 field-grown sorghum accessions

John Ferguson, Samuel Fernandes, Brandon Monier, Nathan Miller, Dylan Allen, Anna Dmitrieva, Peter Schmuker, Roberto Lozano, Ravi Valluru, Edward Buckler, Michael Gore, Patrick Brown, Edgar Spalding & Andrew Leakey
This dataset contains the images of a photoperiod sensitive sorghum accession population used for a GWAS/TWAS study of leaf traits related to water use efficiency in 2016 and 2017. *Note: new in this second version is that JPG images outputted from the nms files were added Accessions_2016.zip and Accessions_2017.zip: contain raw images produced by Optical Topometer (nms files) for all sorghum accessions. Images can be opened with Nanofocus μsurf analysis extended software (Oberhausen,Germany). Accessions_2016_jpg.zip and...

Data For: Iron redox reactions can drive microtopographic variation in upland soil carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions

Alexander Krichels
These files contain the data presented in the manuscript entitles "Iron redox reactions can drive microtopographic variation in upland soil carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions".

Multi-State Survey of State Opportunity Zones Laws (Last Updated Jan. 14, 2022)

Michelle Layser
This dataset provides a 50-state (and DC) survey of state-level Opportunity Zones laws, including summaries of states' Opportunity Zone tax preferences, supplemental tax preferences, and approach to Opportunity Zones conformity. Data was last updated on January 14, 2022.

Data for Assessing Marginal Land Availability Based on Land Use Change Information in the Contiguous United States

Chongya Jiang, Kaiyu Guan, Madhu Khanna, Luoye Chen & Jian Peng
The availability of economically marginal land for energy crops is identified using the Cropland Data Layer and other soil, wind, climate data resources. All data are recognized on a 30m spatial resolution across the continental United States.

Data for Formation and impact of nanoscopic oriented phase domains in electrochemical crystalline electrodes

Wenxiang Chen, Xun Zhan, Renliang Yuan, Saran Pidaparthy, Adrian Xiao Bin Yong, Hyosung An, Zhichu Tang, Kaijun Yin, Arghya Patra, Heonjae Jeong, Cheng Zhang, Kim Ta, Zachary Riedel, Ryan Stephens, Daniel Shoemaker, Hong Yang, Andrew Gewirth, Paul Braun, Elif Ertekin, Jian-Min Zuo & Qian Chen
These datasets are for the four-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy (4D-STEM) and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) experiments for cathode nanoparticles at different cutoff voltages and in different electrolytes. The raw 4D-STEM experiment datasets were collected by TEM image & analysis software (FEI) and were saved as SER files. The raw 4D-STEM datasets of SER files can be opened and viewed in MATLAB using our analysis software package of imToolBox available at https://github.com/flysteven/imToolBox. The raw...

Trivellone, Valeria; Cao, Yanghui; Blackshear, Millon ; Kim, Chang-Hyun ; Stone, Christopher (2022): FASTA file of the final sequence alignment used in the haplotype analyses of Culex pipiens complex populations collected in south-eastern Illinois (2016-2017). University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Valeria Trivellone, Yanghui Cao, Millon Blackshear, Chang-Hyun Kim & Christopher Stone
The Culex_Trivellone_etal.fas fasta file contains the original final sequence alignment used in the haplotype analyses of Trivellone et al. (Frontiers in Public Health, under review). The 492 sequences (from specimens of Culex pipiens complex collected in different habitat types using a BG-sentinel traps) were aligned using PASTA v1.8.5 under default settings. The final dataset contains 686 positions of the cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) mitochondrial gene. The data analyses are further described in the...

Chiral Assemblies of Pinwheel Superlattices on Substrates

Shan Zhou, Jiahui Li, Jun Lu, Haihua Liu, Ji-Young Kim, Ahyoung Kim, Lehan Yao, Chang Liu, Chang Qian, Zachary D. Hood, Xiaoying Lin, Wenxiang Chen, Thomas E. Gage, Ilke Arslan, Alex Travesset, Kai Sun, Nicholas A. Kotov & Qian Chen
This dataset is the raw data including SEM, TEM, PINEM images and FDTD simulation as well as pairwise interaction calculation results.

Data files for phylogenetic analysis of Typhlocybinae (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)

Bin Yan, Christopher Dietrich, Xiaofei Yu, Renhuai Dai & Yang Maofa
The files are plain text and contain the original data used in phylogenetic analyses of of Typhlocybinae (Bin, Dietrich, Yu, Meng, Dai and Yang 2022: Ecology & Evolution, in press). The three files with extension .phy are text files with aligned DNA sequences in the standard PHYLIP format and correspond to Matrix 1 (amino acid alignment), Matrix 2 (nucleotide alignment of first two codon positions of protein-coding genes) and Matrix 3 (nucleotide alignment of protein-coding...

Raw data and code for the paper: Do Nearctic hover flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) engage in long-distance migration? An assessment of evidence and mechanisms

Scott Clem, Keith Hobson & Alexandra Harmon-Threatt
This dataset is for the publication "Do Nearctic hover flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) engage in long-distance migration? An assessment of evidence and mechanisms." It consists of 11 Excel spreadsheets and 4 R scripts which correspond to the analyses which were conducted. Paper abstract: Long-distance insect migration is poorly understood despite its tremendous ecological and economic importance. As a group, Nearctic hover flies (Diptera: Syrphidae: Syrphinae), which are crucial pollinators as adults and biological control agents as...


Gillian Chu & Tandy Warnow
Provides RNASim-VS2 datasets used in Gillian's Master's thesis.


Thomas Detmer
Data characterize zooplankton in Shelbyville Reservoir, Illinois, United States of America. Zooplankton were sampled with a conical zooplankton net (0.5m diameter mouth) when water was deeper than 2 m and by grab sample when water was shallower. Zooplankton samples were concentrated and subsampled with a Hensen-Stempel pipette following protocols described in Detmer et al. (2019). Zooplankton were identified to the lowest feasible taxonomic unit according to Pennak (1989) and Thorp and Covich (2001) and were...

Farmers’ knowledge, attitudes, and prevention practices regarding ticks and tickborne diseases in Illinois

Sulagna Chakraborty, Teresa Steckler, Peg Gronemeyer, Nohra Mateus-Pinilla & Rebecca Smith
An online and paper knowledge, attitudes, and practices survey on ticks and tick-borne diseases (TBD) was distributed to farmers in Illinois during summer 2020 to spring 2022 (paper version titled Final Draft Farmer KAP_v.SoftCopy_Revised.docx). These are the raw data associated with that survey and the survey questions used (FarmerTickKAPdata.csv, data dictionary in Data Description.docx). We have added calculated values (columns 286 to end, code for calculation in FarmerKAPvariableCalculation.R), including: the tick knowledge score, TBD knowledge...

Model Code and Data for \"Assessing the Efficiency Implications of Renewable Fuel Policy Design in the United States\"

Jia Zhong & Madhu Khanna
This dataset contains model code (including input data) to replicate the outcomes for "Assessing the Efficiency Implications of Renewable Fuel Policy Design in the United States". The model consists of: (1) The replication codes and data for the model. To run the model, using GAMS to run the "Models.gms" file.

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