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Library Publishing Services: Survey Data on User Studies Practices

Daniel G. Tracy
This data set includes survey responses collected during 2015 from academic libraries with library publishing services. Each institution responded to questions related to its use of user studies or information about readers in order to shape digital publication design, formats, and interfaces. Survey data was supplemented with institutional categories to facilitate comparison across institutional types.

Version values for DataCite dataset records

Elizabeth Wickes
This dataset was extracted from a set of metadata files harvested from the DataCite metadata store (https://search.datacite.org/ui) during December 2015. Metadata records for items with a resourceType of dataset were collected. 1,647,949 total records were collected. This dataset contains three files: 1) readme.txt: A readme file. 2) version-results.csv: A CSV file containing three columns: DOI, DOI prefix, and version text contents 3) version-counts.csv: A CSV file containing counts for unique version text content values.

Language values for DataCite dataset records

Elizabeth Wickes
This dataset was extracted from a set of metadata files harvested from the DataCite metadata store (http://search.datacite.org/ui) during December 2015. Metadata records for items with a resourceType of dataset were collected. 1,647,949 total records were collected. This dataset contains four files: 1) readme.txt: a readme file. 2) language-results.csv: A CSV file containing three columns: DOI, DOI prefix, and language text contents 3) language-counts.csv: A CSV file containing counts for unique language text content values. 4)...


Patrick Brown


Patrick Brown


Patrick Brown

Model dataset for the Wax Lake delta

Qian Zhang & Chunyan Li
This dataset is the numerical simulation data of the computational study of the cold front-related hydrodynamics in the Wax Lake delta. The numerical model used is ECOM-si.


Patrick Brown

Datasets for modeling collaborative formation and collaborative \"success\"

Brent D. Fegley
These datasets represent first-time collaborations between first and last authors (with mutually exclusive publication histories) on papers with 2 to 5 authors in years [1988,2009] in PubMed. Each record of each dataset captures aspects of the similarity, nearness, and complementarity between two authors about the paper marking the formation of their collaboration.


Patrick Brown

Bathymetry data of the Wax Lake delta (late 2012)

Qian Zhang & Chunyan Li
This dataset is the field measurements of water depth at the Wax Lake delta conducted in late 2012.

DEM of the Great Unconformity, USA cratonic platform

Stephen Marshak, Stefanie Domrois, Curtis Abert & Timothy Larson
These show the topography and relief of the Precambrian surface of the Cratonic Platform of the United States.

CRMS Renewals by Year

John Wilkin
Copyright Review Management System renewals by year, data from Table 2 of the article "How Large is the ‘Public Domain’? A comparative Analysis of Ringer’s 1961 Copyright Renewal Study and HathiTrust CRMS Data."

Tweet volumes in American cities

Alexander Jones Gross, Dhiraj Murthy & Lav R. Varshney
This dataset enumerates the number of geocoded tweets captured in geographic rectangular bounding boxes around the metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) defined for 49 American cities, during a four-week period in 2012 (between April and June), through the Twitter Streaming API. More information on MSA definitions: https://www.census.gov/population/metro/


Patrick Brown

LIDAR data for the Wax Lake delta

Qian Zhang, Li Chunyan & Dewitt Braud
This dataset is about a topographic LIDAR survey (saved in “waxlake-lidar.img”) that was conducted over the Wax Lake delta, between longitudes −91.5848 to −91.292 degrees, and latitudes 29.3647 to 29.6466 degrees. Different from other elevation data, the positive value in the LIDAR data indicates land elevation, while the zero value implies riverbed without identifying specific water depth.

Phylogenetic Analysis of the NRPS AmbE Condensation Domains for the L-2-amino-4-methoxy-trans-3-butenoic acid (AMB) Biosynthetic Pathway in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Heidi Imker
This dataset contains the protein sequences and trees used to compare Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetase (NRPS) condensation domains in the AMB gene cluster and was used to create figure S1 in Rojas et al. 2015. Instead of having to collect representative sequences independently, this set of condensation domain sequences may serve as a quick reference set for coarse classification of condensation domains.

Simulation data and processed outputs for \"Mass Transport and Turbulence in Gravitationally Unstable Disk Galaxies. II: The Effects of Star Formation Feedback\"

Nathan Goldbaum
This dataset contains three isolated galaxy simulations produced by the Enzo adaptive mesh refinement hydrodynamics code. Each simulations consists of 600 discrete snapshots, written at intervals of 1 million years in simulation time. The simulations include a live N-body dark matter halo and stellar disk, as well as a gaseous disk computed an an adaptively refined mesh. Physical processes in the simulation include self-gravity, cooling (including cooling due to metal line emission), hydrodynamics, star formation,...

API analysis of the Minrva mobile app (May 2015 – December 2015)

James Hahn
Files in this dataset represent an investigation into use of the Library mobile app Minrva during the months of May 2015 through December 2015. During this time interval 45,975 API hits were recorded by the Minrva web server. The dataset included herein is an analysis of the following: 1) a delineation of API hits to mobile app modules use in the Minrva app by month, 2) a general analysis of Minrva app downloads to module...

Supporting data processing scripts and example data for Peru AIDData analysis

Elizabeth Wickes & Katia Nakamura
Scripts and example data for AIDData (aiddata.org) processing in support of forthcoming Nakamura dissertation. This dataset includes two sets of scripts and example data files from an aiddata.org data dump. Fuller documentation about the functionality for these scripts is within the readme file. Additional background information and description of usage will be in the forthcoming Nakamura dissertation (link will be added when available). Data originally supplied by Nakamura. Python code and this readme file created...

BIBFRAME Transformation Data

Qiang Jin, James Hahn & Gretchen Croll
These data are the result of a multi-step process aimed at enriching BIBFRAME RDF with linked data. The process takes in an initial MARC XML file, transforms it to BIBFRAME RDF/XML, and then four separate python files corresponding to the BIBFRAME 1.0 model (Work, Instance, Annotation, and Authority) are run over the BIBFRAME RDF/XML output. The input and outputs of each step are included in this data set. Input file types include the CSV; MARC...

New York City Hourly Traffic Estimates (2010-2013)

Brian Donovan, Alec Mori, Nimit Agrawal, Yalan Meng, Jong Lee & Daniel Work
This dataset contains hourly traffic estimates (speeds) for individual links of the New York City road network for the years 2010-2013, estimated from New York City Taxis.

Meterology and ocean data collected at LSU WAVCIS Lab

Qian Zhang & Chunyan Li
This dataset includes both meteorology and oceanography data collected at stations (CSI03, CSI06, and CSI09) near the Gulf of Mexico from the LSU WAVCIS (Waves-Current-Surge Information System) lab. The associated data analysis visualization is also saved in separate directories.


Patrick Brown

Sequencing data for motility selection experiments

David T. Fraebel & Seppe Kuehn
BAM files for founding strain (MG1655-motile) as well as evolved strains from replicate motility selection experiments in low-viscosity agar plates containing either rich medium (LB) or minimal medium (M63+0.18mM galactose)

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