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Efficient numerical methods for modern computing systems

Erik Schnetter

Time symmetry in operational theories

Lucien Hardy
The standard operational probabilistic framework (within which Quantum Theory can be formulated) is time asymmetric.  This is clear because the conditions on allowed operations include a time asymmetric causality condition.  This causality condition enforces that future choices do not influence past events.  To formulate operational theories in a time symmetric way I modify the basic notion of an operation allowing classical incomes as well as classical outcomes.  I provide a new time symmetric causality condition...

DESI: the next-generation galaxy mapping project

Dustin Lang
I will describe the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), an instrument currently being built to carry out a large galaxy redshift survey.  DESI is the next step beyond the SDSS and BOSS surveys, mapping over 30 million galaxies.  I will focus in particular on the amazing engineering challenges of the DESI instrument itself, which includes a 5,000-robot army and 250 kilometers of fiber optics.  I will conclude by briefly describing the work I am personally...

Generalizations of Quantum Theory

Lucien Hardy, Rafael Sorkin, Wayne Myrvold, Howard Barnum, Joe Henson & Markus M├╝ller

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