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Numerical Assessment of Smart Spring to Attenuate Structural Vibrations

Marcelo Braga Dos Santos

Conditional self-adaptive modal control of discrete structures

Didier Rémond

Energy Pumping in Acoustics: Analytical and Numerical Developments

Arnaud Rolland

Vibration control of electronic boards using active and semiadaptive modal control

Baptiste Chomette

Dynamic behavior model of a high speed vibatory drilling system

Fabien Forestier

Argumentary Duffing oscillators - Stable-regime probability.

Daniel Cintra

On the influence of geometry updating on modal correlation of brake components.

Bruno França De Paula

Full-field measurements for the mechanics of micrometer-sized structures

Fabien Amiot
As micromachined commercial products with mechanical features today exploit only the integration capabilities microfabrication technologies allow (for mass-production of reliable products), there is room for innovative products making the most of micrometer-sized objects, which are very specific from the mechanical point of view for two reasons:1) Their surface/volume ratio is much larger than for the objects mechanical engineers are used to deal with. The consequence is that strong surface couplings have been evidenced, translating changes...

Damping wave propagation in periodic composite panels

Equivalent Damping Modeling In the Framework of SmEdA

Ha Dong Hwang

Modal active control of composite structure using identification techniques

Simon Chesné

Detection of gearbox rattle noise in run-up conditions

Sophie Baudin

Effects of temperature on the impedance of piezoelectric actuators used for SHM

Etienne Balmes

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